HN1F Chapter 76: Nobody’s Leaving!

Um… Science?

“Who else is there?” Lin Feng calmly asked.

The cultivators of the Yu clan and the House of the Marquis of Xuanji all stared at the War God Golem in terror. They subconsciously shook their heads and stepped backwards, afraid of themselves becoming the next target.

Lin Feng slightly knit his brows. With a thought the War God Golem roared at the sky. Its roar harbored endless mana and formed invisible ripples that spread out everywhere, knocking its opponents down like bowling pins.

The sound waves spread to the distant skyline. The air in the sky shook, revealing Monk Hui Kong’s shocked face.

Lin Feng laughed coldly saying: “Want to hide at the side to seize an opportunity?”

“Those who had their eyes on my disciples, don’t think of leaving today.”

The War God Golem growled, its legs exerted force again and created a deep pit in the ground while its body shot straight like a cannon towards Hui Kong who was hiding in the air.

Hui Kong’s face paled and he wanted to use the escape technique of the Garuda Windsurfing Technique to escape.

If he is allowed to use the escape technique, he will instantly skyrocket away and flee hundreds of kilometers away. Even the War God Golem can’t catch up to him.

But the War God Golem’s explosive power is too strong. Its short distance dashing speed is shockingly fast, virtually passing through over a thousand meters of space in a flash. It charged in front of Hui Kong like instantaneous teleportation.

And at this time, Hui Kong had yet to use his escape technique.

Too fast, the War God Golem’s speed is honestly too fast. Hui Kong’s escaped technique can be used with a single thought, but he still didn’t have enough time!

Hui Kong shouted with open eyes: “Buddha is merciful.”

If he can’t dodge it than he won’t . While buddhist light flashed, the garuda spread its wings releasing a deafening cry, setting off a powerful storm that seemed to want to tear asunder the sky.

With the spreading of the garuda’s wings, countless blades of light shot towards the War God Golem.

Unfortunately, it’s all useless!

The armor over the War God Golem’s body was already dyed in a red light. Its final bit of strength burst forth, forcing its way through the light storm attack. Its arms spread open and directly embraced Hui Kong whose eyes seemed to be about to pop from anger.

Being tightly constricted by the War God Golem’s iron cast arms, Hui Kong was unable to move. He couldn’t even circulate his mana and he was directly captured alive.

The three aurous core stage cultivators on scene today who wanted to do harm to Lin Feng and his disciples, two of them died and one of them was captured. Nobody escaped.

Lin Feng shook the Black Cloud Flag and put away the War God Golem and Hui Kong.

Taking back the Black Cloud Flag, Lin Feng did not say anything. He stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the sky in the other direction.

A wave of laughter travelled over from the sky: “Nice skills fellow daoist, you let me see a good show!”

The clouds spread apart, revealing Master Pubei’s figure. Behind him was also following a couple of people. They are clearly the executive level of the Eternal Dao Sect.

Lin Feng said coolly: “You’ve watched enough fellow daoist, what do you have to say showing yourself now?”

Mount Heng has already become the Eternal Dao Sect’s territory, the battle nearby naturally startled Master Pubei. He rushed over here a long time ago and silently observed at the side.

He didn’t have any interest in Tao Er, all of his attention was on Lin Feng.

Unfortunately Lin Feng himself did not do anything, he just sent out a golem that destroyed everyone.

“That golem may be powerful, but it can only bluster around in front of aurous core stage cultivators. It is nothing to me.” Master Pubei thought: “But this daoist is truly a bit enigmatic. I have nothing against him and even owe him a small favor.”

“This person is not to be made an enemy of.”

The group of Eternal Dao Sect cultivators behind him all looked at Lin Feng with wary expressions. The two aurous core stage cultivators among them felt unsettled in their hearts: “What a domineering golem. If I were to face it I would probably also suffer the fate of death. With such a golem, isn’t the master even stronger?”

“How come I have never heard of such a person before?”

The couple of foundation establishment stage cultivators looked at Lin Feng and the War God Golem, they showed faint expressions of fear.

Master Pubei still hadn’t made up his mind on whether or not to make an enemy of Lin Feng. He restrained his arrogant behaviour a lot and smiled peacefully saying: “The chief culprit has already been exterminated by fellow daoist, allow me to take care of these remaining small fries. They are causing trouble on my Eternal Dao Sect’s territory, I have unshirkable responsibility.” (TL: Yes, I know it’s contradictory.)

Lin Feng sneered in his heart. His words sound good and he appears to be helping Lin Feng, but isn’t he actually just doing it for himself?

The Eternal Dao Sect is located at the southern border of the Eternal Dao Sect. In the first place they aren’t afraid of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s House of the Marquis of Xuanji. If the Marquis of Xuanji dares to come to the Qin Dynasty, there will naturally be bit shots of the Qin Dynasty coming forward.

As for the Yu clan, that’s even less of a problem. For the Eternal Dao Sect, displeasing the Yu clan not only isn’t a bad thing, they could instead even benefit from it.

The southern border is the sphere of influence of the Huo clan, one of the four great clans of the Great Qin Dynasty. The Huo clan has always been on bad terms with the Yu clan, their relationship is that of nearly mortal enemies.

If the Eternal Dao Sect hands over these members of the Yu clan, it is instantly a great merit and they will obtain the regard of the big boss of the area. This is greatly advantageous to the Eternal Dao Sect’s further development.

Master Pubei this old monster has some fine calculations.

But Lin Feng doesn’t plan on stopping him and instead made use of the opportunity to agree. An extra person to help himself split the attention of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji and the Yu clan, what is there to be against?

Seeing Lin Feng agree, Master Pubei laughed out loud. He ordered the experts of the Eternal Dao Sect behind him: “Go capture them all.”

Lin Feng arrived beside Xiao Yan and lifted up the feeble black-clothed youth.

Xiao Yan grinned: “Master, I saw it all, great fight!”

Lin Feng touched his bones. There were many places that were broken and Xiao Yan trembled in pain.

“Little Yan, you’re good, very good.” Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath: “No need to worry, Master will definitely heal you. It will not hold up the fight between you and Murong Yanran.”

Xiao Yan grinned with pain: “You have to keep your word Master, or else when the time comes I won’t only be shaming myself, but also you Master.”

At this time Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian also walked over. The two people had heavy expressions and Xiao Budian’s eyes were even a little red: “Eldest Apprentice-Brother…”

Strictly speaking, the enemies who came forward today were here for him and Zhu Yi. This all had nothing to do with Xiao Yan, but in the end it was Xiao Yan who suffered.

Xiao Yan gave a crooked smiled: “Since you guys call me Eldest Apprentice-Brother, I have to do my utter best to protect your guys.”

“Just like Master said, in regular families the older brother must protect his younger siblings, not to mention us?”

Xiao Yan turned his gaze to Lin Feng’s back, looking at Wang Lin who was a bit at a loss. He said with a smile: “Yo, you are Master’s newest disciple?”

Witnessing everything that happened before, Wang Lin was feeling an upsurge of emotions right now and he still hadn’t completely calmed down.

Lin Feng himself didn’t do anything. Just sending out a golem he beat the crap out of three great aurous core stage cultivators.

In front of Lin Feng, Master Pubei who moved a mountain to destroy the protective formation and nearly single-handedly exterminated the Mount Heng School also didn’t have his previous domineering arrogance.

Seeing Lin Feng go on a killing spree for his disciple and seeing Xiao Yan who ended up gravely injured for his two junior apprentice-brothers, Wang Lin suddenly felt a warm feeling surge in his heart.

He bowed respectfully to Xiao Yan. This bow was more sincere than all of the bows that he did before in the Mount Heng School.

“Greetings Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

The four apprentice-brothers all greeted each other while Lin Feng pondered in his heart: “Xiao Yan’s injury is too severe. If he isn’t properly taken care of his body will become crippled.”

He suddenly thought of the pill recipe for the Great Thunder Revival Pill that he obtained half a year ago after killing Hui Ku that big monk.

The Great Thunder Revival Pill, The Great Thunder Monastery’s world famous healing panacea. It has a miraculous effect in healing the damaged body. It can revive the dead and regrow limbs. (TL: Does not actually revive the dead, just an expression.)

Lin Feng sighed and thought: “Looks like it’s time to learn alchemy.” Spreading the Black Cloud Flag, he wrapped up his four disciple and flew into the air.

In the meantime, the thought lingering in the minds of the other Eternal Dao Sect cultivators was: “If only I had a master like that too.”

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