HN1F Chapter 98: Reversing Life and Death, Turning the World Upside Down

Chinese song of the day. Original Version. This is serious stuff, but I obviously can’t help laughing. Changed “Yin-Yang Life & Death Formation” to “Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation”, “aura/air of death” to “death energy”. I changed Eternal River to Ganges because at first I thought there’s no way in hell he’s talking about the Ganges River and the words also meant Eternal River. But then there was mention of sacred water or something and my google search told me the Ganges River is a super sacred river (and super polluted) so I changed it to Ganges.

Outside of the lone mountain, Wicked controlled the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation with a calm face. But no matter how you looked at it, his calm expression carried a tone of callousness and bloodlust.

Far away, the massive black sword tip charged straight down and was already touching the peak of the lone mountain.

Violent killing intent and death energy filled the atmosphere. The entire surrounding of the lone mountain seemed to have been enveloped by a mass of black air. Ordinary creatures would instantly have their lives taken upon coming in contact with this black air and die.

Facing such heavy death energy, even those Shenwu Army cultivators behind Wicked had a look of fear.

Suddenly a small dot of light flew out from the belly of the lone mountain, landing in the air above the mountain peak.

Wicked focused his eyes. Not waiting for him to react, the dot of light rapidly expanded. Countless beams of light wove together in a remarkable and strange pattern, forming a strange design in the air.

That was a profound formation. Its size was incredibly big, not only did it surpass the area of the lone mountain, it even included the surrounding desert around the lone mountain. The edge of it spread to the vast marsh around the area.

The 3000 Shenwu Army cultivators involuntarily raised their heads looking over. Above their heads, the incredibly massive formation enveloped the surrounding hundred kilometers of land.

The formation flashed with light and slowly came down. It landed on the ground and disappeared in an instant as though it sank underground.

One Shenwu Army cultivator touched his body. The beams of light that just formed the formation just passed through his body like that and then landed in the ground beneath his feet.

The formation was just a fleeting glimpse. Appearing in a rush and then disappearing in a rush as if it never existed before.

In front of the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation Wicked smiled coldly: “Do you only know how to play petty tricks? Then go die.”

“The army has sealed the surrounding space. Regardless if it’s those Snowgale scum or that young daoist before, they all can’t escape from the area of this mountain. You guys, all have to die!”

Wicked guided his sword and his mana once again increased!

The rock at the peak of the mountain already had countless fissures cut into it from the sharp sword energy. Being pushed by the black sword tip right now, it instantly fell apart. The entire mountain peak crumbled and was about to completely collapse.

Countless mud and sand surrounded the outside of the black sword aura, still striving to wear down the massive sword’s power and slow down the massive sword’s momentum of descent.

But no matter how you looked at it, it appeared so feeble and in vain.

In the belly of the mountain, Yue Hongyan and co all looked at Lin Feng in great disappointment. One person couldn’t bear the enormous pressure and roared at Lin Feng: “A little trick like a distraction, this is your ability?”

The black-clothed man stopped him. He glanced at Kang Nanhua and then looked at Lin Feng: “Mister Kang really was wrong about you. Since you don’t have such ability, why put on an act?”

Yue Hongyan waved her hand in irritation: “Saying this stuff now is useless. Let’s go, how can we just sit back and do nothing?”

Lin Feng turned a deaf ear to them and instead slightly closed his eyes in a relaxed demeanor, pinching his fingers together and calculating.

He was waiting.

Outside of the mountain, Wicked was also waiting, waiting for the instant when his sword force reached it’s peak.

At this time, the mana of the 3000 Shenwu Army cultivators was already pushed to the limits. Such an immense amount of mana gathered together and under Wicked’s guidance, steadily mixed into the dark clouds in the sky, There it was transformed to demonic sword aura with monstrous killing intent.

“Going against the heavens, annihilating all life!”

Light surged in Wicked’s eyes. He flew up into the air and flew straight into the dark clouds that were the source of the sword aura, disappearing out of sight.

But following Wicked himself entering into the dark clouds, the pitch-black sword aura’s violent demonic energy once again soared to a new level.

The pitch-black sword aura bared countless thin cracks like spider webs. The inside of the cracks were bright red like blood and the demonic energy shook the world!

These cracks appeared but the sword aura did not have signs of breaking down. Instead it became increasingly more vicious and its power was even more condensed and powerful.

Wicked’s voice filled with killing intent travelled over from the clouds: “Now is the time!”

Before his voice had died away, the pitch-black sword aura covered with blood streaks suddenly flashed with a red light!

The next instant, the mud and sand surrounding the sword aura suddenly crumbled.

The Ganges Quicksand Formation, broken!

The peak of the mountain came crashing down.

The upper part of the mountainside turned into countless broken rocks, rumbling and rolling down.

In the belly of the mountain, it was like the sky was falling and the earth was opening up. The earth shook and the mountain swayed, it was like the apocalypse had arrived!

Yue Hongyan and co were either alarmed or paled with fear.

At this moment, Lin Feng’s closed eyes suddenly opened.

“Now is the time!”

The killing intent and death energy in the enemy’s attack has already reached its peak, this is the moment!

Lin Feng placed his hands in front of his chest and constantly changed spell signs. One after another commands were transmitted to the Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation that was already prepared.

“Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation, open!”

“The six paths of creation and perishment, the transformation of life and death, rise!”

The massive formation that had originally disappeared suddenly lit up at this moment. Limitless light shot up into the sky and illuminated everybody’s astonished faces.

If you looked down from an extremely high place, you would be able to see that with the lone mountain as the center, a massive formation lit up on the ground. Countless beams of light outlined one after another profound patterns.

These patterns gathered together and formed a massive distinct black and white pattern that enveloped the surrounding hundred kilometers of ground around the lone mountain.

The massive formation slowly rose up and stopped the descending black-blood greatsword in the air.

An amazing scene occurred. Inside of the massive formation, the black and white extremes slowly turned and were actually constantly wearing down and devouring the black-blood greatsword that landed on it.

Upon landing in the black and white extremes, the killing intent sword energy that tears the sky and splits the ground, slaughtering all life vanished out of sight.

There was no earthshaking collision or confrontation. Wicked’s Heaven Defying Sword released by drawing support from the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation set up by 3000 cultivators, just silently disappeared like that within the massive formation.

“What is that?” Inside of the Shenwu Army’s battle formation, somebody exclaimed and pointed at the ground in front.

The other people did not pay attention to him. It’s not that they didn’t hear him, but that everybody was all stupefied by the scene before their eyes.

Right in the area that was enveloped by the massive formation’s light, the surface that was originally desert and marsh was actually covered by a patch of green.

Countless fresh green grass and blooming flowers actually emerged from the mud and yellow sand one after another, turning this place into a sea of flowers.

Exuberant vitality, lush greenery and a strong breath of life, it formed a sharp contrast with the killing intent and death energy still constantly raging in the air.

Just as though two completely opposite worlds.

Worlds of life and death.

And the dividing line of the two worlds was precisely that massive formation in the air.

This formation continuously converted the killing intent and death energy Wicked was releasing into vital energy.

The stronger his death energy, the more powerful the formation instead grew.

The lone mountain was already completely split open. The people in the belly of the mountain all blankly looked at the scene in the sky. Numerous people kneeled on the ground and humbly thanked the blessings of the gods.

Yue Hongyan and co all looked at Lin Feng in shock, none of them could speak.

Lin Feng’s voice travelled out from the massive formation. His voice was calm and was clearly transmitted to the ears of everyone present. Both the Shenwu Army and the Society of the Strong Gale could clearly hear his voice.

“I originally did not want meddle in the matter between you guys. For the cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale, the people in the mountain are your family, but do the 3000 Shenwu soldiers outside of the mountain not too have family?”

“But, Wicked, you are atrocious and ruthless. You pursue matters to the brutal end. You forced my hand.”

The dark clouds in the sky were already about to be fully cleared, revealing Wicked’s incredibly dark face. For the first time his cold face displayed a manic, bloodthirsty expression: “Deceiving brat, I beat the crap out of you before and you actually still dare to show your face now?”

“Then I’ll cut you into a million pieces and see if you still dare to be arrogant!”

Wicked howled and his sword force once and strengthened.

But no matter how hard he tried, he could not do anything to the Yin-Yan Creation & Perishment Formation. On the contrary, the more force he applied, the stronger the Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation’s power became.

The Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality’s power of destruction and death were steadily being converted to life energy.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently: “You seek death yourself, I shall grant your wish.”

His two hands once again changed spell signs.

“The six paths of creation and perishment, the transformation of Heaven and Earth, rise!”

The life energy in the Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation was all assimilated into the formation. The formation radiated with light and an enormous force overturning the universe suddenly burst forth.

For a moment, the 3000 Shenwu Army cultivators within the formation felt like all of the space before them flipped over. The sky was constantly collapsing and came crashing down straight towards their heads.

While the earth beneath their feet was constantly rioting. Mud and sand rolled up, blotting out the sky and covering the sun, wanting to completely bury them.

The great apocalyptic change to the world made the entire Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation instantly fall apart. The 3000 cultivators all covered their heads and ran, but how could they escape from the assault of the Ying-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation’s power?

The sky, the previously ethereal and lofty sky was overturning.

The earth, the earth that previously carried the weight of all was roaring!

The entire world turned upside and nobody could stop it!

3000 people, 3000 cultivators were all buried in the vast marsh.

Wicked’s eyes were bloodshot and he howled. The mana that was gathered before still hadn’t dissipated, it converged at the tip of his sword into a point of red light of utter bloody rage and pointed straight at the center of the Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation.

As though the Milky Way came cascading downward, a sword flashing a red light as dark as blood shot out!

Lin Feng took a step forward and had already assimilated with the Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation. His ice-cold voice travelled out from the formation.

“Those who kill will always be killed by others.”

“The six paths of creation and perishment, the transformation of life and death, turn!”

The black and white extremes of the formation directly reversed. Mass amounts of life energy were converted to monstrous death energy and dyed the sky black.

The massive black sword tip the size of a small mountain once again appeared. But this time it peeked out from Lin Feng’s Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation!

Wicked was so angered his eyes seemed about to pop out, he watched helplessly as the massive black sword whistled and shot towards him.

The red sword light collided with the massive black sword in mid air.

There was only one outcome for it.


Red light scattered all over the sky, illuminating Wicked’s face of despair.

The massive black sword pierced straight through Wicked who was in the air. The massive sword tip was countless times bigger than Wicked’s body, but it accurately pierced Wicked’s body.

All of the power, without any waste, exploded in Wicked’s body.

Endless black light exploded in the air, exploding, exploding and exploding again!

General Wicked, bloodthirsty and cruel, walking the path of murder, enjoying  listening those slain praise him before death.

He also only had one outcome.


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