HN1F Chapter 73: Master Isn’t Home: Surrounded by Enemies

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Tao Er stood on the spot unmoving while the group of cultivators of the house of the Marquis behind him surrounded them.

Zhu Yi and his two apprentice-brothers stood side-by-side. Zhu Yi laughed a bit helplessly: “Looks like now it’s me who’s dragged you guys down first.”

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian both laughed without care.

Tao Er who was originally standing still on the spot suddenly lifted his eyelids. A strong light suddenly surged in his originally muddy old eyes: “A remnant of the Buddhist sect?”

Tao Er’s eyes were like lightning, looking towards the depths of the mountain.

In the mountain, a grey-clothed person wearing a straw hat on his head slowly walked out. Taking off the straw hat, he revealed a shiny bald head. Seeing this, Xiao Yan and co. were all dazed. The person is precisely the grey-clothed monk who stopped them in the city square of Chuzhou.

The three apprentice-brothers exchanged gazes and all felt ashamed in their hearts. No matter how foolish they are, they know now that this monk has probably been following behind them the entire time.

The grey-clothed monk brought his hands together: “I am Hui Kong of the Great Thunder Monastery, greetings Mister Tao Er.”

Tao Er started to laugh: “You were fully aware that I was here and you still dared to show yourself?”

The grey-clothed monk, Hui Kong, calmly said: “I want to chase back the sariras of my sect elders. Even if it is a mountain of swords and a sea of flames or infernal hell in front of me, I will still plough forward without fear.”

Tao Er retracted his smile and nodded his head: “If that’s so then enter early into the cycle of reincarnation and go follow your sect elders.”

Finishing speaking, he rose up his fists and the mana in his entire body surged. It actually manifested a might vajra apparition in the air, staring at Hui Kong with a fierce visage. A powerful mental pressure spread throughout the entire area.

Zhu Yi and the other two are not his target objectives, but facing Tao Er right now they all had a feeling like their bodies couldn’t move.

The domineering strength of this skinny old man before them was completely displayed in this one move. Infinite power exploded out from his skinny and small body.

Zhu Yi thought: “No wonder Huang San is so polite in front of him. He is not respecting the elderly, he is afraid, afraid of Tao Er’s strength that is above his!”

“Dragon Elephant Vajra Fist!”

Hui Kong’s eyes suddenly opened wide, anger appeared in his eyes for the first time.

Because this martial skill that Tao Er is using right now is precisely the Great Thunder Monastery’s secret Buddhist guardian skill that once shook the heavens.

Tao Er laughed leisurely: “That’s right, this is precisely Dragon Elephant Vajra Fist.”

“When the Marquis lead his army and exterminated the Great Thunder Monastery, he collected your dao techniques and skills as spoils of war and rewarded them to all of the soldiers who participated in the battle. This humble one only obtained the fist manual for this Dragon Elephant Vajra Fist. But after dozens of years of hard training I’ve finally obtained some mastery.”

“You seem to be very discontent?  The monks of the Great Thunder Monastery befogged the minds of the people, endangering the country and were rightly exterminated. But your dao techniques and skills should not have been buried along with it. They should be learned and used by more suitable people.” Tao Er spoke with fervor and assurance: “The monks who practised the dao techniques and skills committed evil, but the dao techniques and skills themselves do not have any fault.”

Hui Kong stared straight at Tao Er and then inhaled a deep breath: “Today I will exterminate you first, in the future I will definitely find Zhu Hongwu that evil dog to settle things!”

Finishing speaking, he brought his palms together. Boundless golden buddhist light illuminated the surrounding dozens of kilometers of forest.

In the golden light, a ferocious and dignified aura burst forth from within. The light figure of a garuda flashed faintly within. It spread open its two wings, bringing up a strong gale and blowing everybody off balance. Numerous ancient, towering trees were blown down by the strong wind.

“Garuda Blade!” Hui Kong chanted a buddhist prayer in a low voice. The garuda in the buddhist light shook its wings. Ten of thousands of blades of light shot towards Tao Er like a storm. It was like a heavy, golden rain had covered the entire mountain!

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian exchanged gazes and whispered: “He’s even stronger than that big monk using the sariras from before.”

Xiao Budian nodded his head: “He’s the same as that old geezer of the Blaze Sword Sect, they’re both aurous core stage cultivators!”

Facing the torrential golden light storm, Tao Er leisurely threw a punch at the light storm. He used the might of the vajra incarnate repressing evil to face it head on. The indomitable punch of extreme strength was as if it wanted to shatter the space that Hui Kong occupied.

The light storm rained on Tao Er’s body and constantly exploded. But Tao Er was as if he had become the incarnation of a vajra, crossing the sea of suffering and as steady as a mountain. Powering forward and punching towards Hui Kong.

In everyone’s eyes, Hui Kong seemed to have become a demonic clown about to have his body obliterated by this punch and sent into the cycle of reincarnation.

Hui Kong’s expression slightly paled, he knows that he is no match for Tao Er.

As an aurous core stage cultivator, this Tao Er has completely abandoned spells and instead trained his body and martial skills to the limits of his current cultivation level.

Spells and martial skills are all abilities. Martial skills are not as rich and varied as spells, but once cultivated to a certain degree, they also possess great power that can move the mountains and seas.

They are even more powerful in close-quarters combat.

Hui Kong inhaled a deep breath. The garuda apparition in the golden light fused as one with his body and then he turned into a beam of light, fleeing hundreds of kilometers away in an instant and escaping Tao Er’s attack range.

Tao Er sighed: “The Garuda Windsurfing Technique? Looks like I can’t kill you today.” Hui Kong left without any delay, he did not drag his feet at all. His Garuda Windsurfing Technique is the Great Thunder Monastery’s strongest escape technique, travelling hundreds of kilometers in an instant. Tao Er’s cultivation level may be higher than his, but he cannot catch up to him.

But like this, them three apprentice-brothers are now in trouble.

After driving away Hui Kong, Tao Er turned his head and smiled saying: “Okay then, take me to go find that demon who deluded you Young Master Yi. After killing him I can take you back to Tianjing to report to the Marquis.”

Xiao Yan and co’s expression slightly paled. If possible, they would immediately take Tao Er to go see their Master and then let their Master beat the crap out of Tao Er. But right now their Master is in closed-door training. If they bring Tao Er over and disturb their Master, that would be bad.

The three people had the same thoughts, they all bit their teeth not speaking.

Tao Er just wanted to say something when he suddenly furrowed his brows: “Why are there so many outsiders today?”

“Mister Tao Er’s words are not right. If you really want to say, this place is our Great Qin Dynasty’s territory. You all come from far away, you guys are the true guests.” A group of people walked out from the forest, the leader is precisely the member of the main branch of the Yu clan, Yu Tian.

Sensing the mana fluctuations from the confrontation between Hui Kong and Tao Er and having a target, the people of the Yu clan instantly rushed over.

Tao Er did not pay any heed to Yu Tian. His gaze fell upon the body of the plain faced Elder Yue being carried at the very back of the group: “Is it Daoist Master Shan Yue?”

At this time Elder Yue did not rest with his eyes close. He stood up staring at Tao Er and slightly nodded his head: “Mister Tao Er of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji? Greetings.”

Tao Er said: “I am unworthy.” Only now did he turn his gaze towards Yu Tian: “What is Young Master Yu here for?”

Yu Tian’s gaze fell upon Xiao Budian. He asked the elder beside him: “Are you certain it’s this little brat?” The elder nodded his head very certainly.

“I am here today from this little brat.” Yu Tian said: “What about you, Mister Tao Er?”

Tao Er looked at Zhu Yi and said directly: “I am here to find our family’s Young Master Yi. I don’t need anyone else, you can take them all away. But I need to first find out the whereabouts of their Master and go get rid of that person.”

Yu Tian stared at Xiao Budian, a trace of cruelty flashed by in his eyes: “Oh, you even found a master? Then there is indeed a need to get rid of him. Does Mister Two know where that person is?”

Tao Er shook his head. This time he placed his sights on Xiao Yan who hasn’t been focused on much this whole time: “Naturally it is difficult for me to force Young Master Yi. That kid is yours so I won’t care about him either.”

“This black-clothed kid doesn’t have any use. I’ll pry open his mouth and get the answers from him.”

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