HN1F Chapter 82: When the Master has Something to do, the Disciple does the Work

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In the Celestial Heart Flame Furnace, the Fury Flames of Acala and the pill furnace heart flames burned together. Lin Feng carefully controlled the power of the fire. When the time arrived he drew his mana and withdrew the Fury Flames of Acala.

With the disappearance of the Fury Flames of Acala, the pill furnace heart flames also instantly extinguished with it.

Opening the pill furnace, the scent of sandalwood immediately greeted the nostrils. Golden buddhist light surged in the furnace and inside of the grey furnace ashes quietly lay a whole eight red pills the size of a dragon eye.

Inside of the room, master and disciple sucked their noses together. Just smelling this medicinal fragrance made their entire bodies feel well.

Xiao Yan inhaled a breath of medicinal fragrance. It was wrapped up by his own mana and spiritual energy and then circulated in his body. Where he was injured there was actually a numb feeling and the injury even seemed to be slowly healing.

“Success!” Lin Feng relaxed his mind: “The Great Thunder Revival Pill, reviving the dead and regenerating limbs. It has a miraculous effect in healing the damaged body, it is true to its name.”

Xiao Yan swallowed one Great Thunder Revival Pill and diligently circulated his mana to dissolve and guide the medicine to heal his injuries.

Seeing Xiao Yan gradually reach a meditative state and that the pill was already starting to take effect, Lin Feng relaxed his heart.

He turned his head towards Xiao Budian and asked: “Where’s that black metal greatsword your eldest apprentice-brother obtained? Bring it over for me to see.”

Xiao Budian carried over the black metal greatsword. Lin Feng grabbed the sword handle and immediately felt his hand sink down. Lin Feng was secretly surprised: “What material is this made of? It’s actually this heavy.” Even stranger is that once the black metal greatsword was in his hand, Lin Feng’s mana circulation slowed down.

Lin Feng was greatly surprised: “It truly does have something special about it.” Thinking for a moment, he separated a sliver of his consciousness attempting to probe the black metal greatsword.

What entered into his eyes was a pitch-black void, quiet and soundless but making people’s hearts jump.

A silent supreme fear and supreme horror filled Lin Feng’s mind, as if he was in the lowest level of purgatory.


His vision was completely filled by a purple-blue sea of fire. The purple-blue demon fire that suddenly appeared was like an unparalleled tyrant who was suddenly roused from his sleep, releasing a terrifying roar.

The void was torn into broken fragments. The air seemed to be trembling without stop, releasing crackling sounds of explosions.

The purple fire burned strongly, flickering with an ominous dark blue light. A powerful will was harbored within it, merciless slaughter completely crushed the wills of all surrounding life!

Blue light flickered in the sea of fire, five words of light faintly surfaced and pulsed.

Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil!

There was an instant where Lin Feng felt that even his mind had completely stopped. The purple demon fire roared and surged towards him, wanting to destroy and devour not only this sliver of consciousness, but also Lin Feng as a whole.

Lin Feng was startled and he hurriedly retracted his mind and mana. Opening his eyes, the black metal greatsword grasped in his hand looked completely ordinary, as if the terrifying scene before was just an illusion.

“Purple-blue fire, Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil… Purple-blue fire.” Lin Feng searched in the system for a moment and then involuntarily gasped. He twisted his head looking towards Xiao Yan who was still meditating and absorbing the medical effect of the Great Thunder Revival Pill.

This little guy truly is a main character level little beast.

Radiant Evil of Purgatory, ranked as one of the seven great true flames of the world. It originates from the Radiant Evil True Flame in Purgatory and is endlessly powerful.

Besides burning fiercely and endlessly, the seven great true flames also have a myriad of magical effects. But in terms of pure destructive power, the Radiant Evil of Purgatory can be called the king of all flames, even the other six great true flames need to give it a wide berth!

This is an apocalyptic supreme demon fire, even the laws of the universe are wary of it and suppressed it at the lowest level of hell. It can not easily surface in the world.

Lin Feng shook his head and laughed helplessly in his heart: “Man, this is probably Xiao Yan’s fated treasure? That’s why I say I also want to get a marriage annulment…”

When Xiao Yan absorbed all of the medicine and woke up from his meditative state, Lin Feng handed the Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil over to Xiao Yan and told him the information of the Radiant Evil of Purgatory along with it.

Xiao Yan was stupefied from listening. Zhu Yi and the other two also had their mouths wide open, blankly staring at the completely unassuming and bulky looking black metal greatsword in Xiao Yan’s hand.

“Haha, jackpot!” Xiao Yan who reacted over was overjoyed, the excitement in his heart was written all over his face.

Xiao Budian shouted: “Eldest Apprentice-Brother, me and Second Apprentice-Brother both pitched in for the pills to buy the sword, we’ve also go a share in the thing!”

Xiao Yan glared at him: “I’ll return your pills to you tomorrow.”

Xiao Budian made a ruckus in discontent, Wang Lin had a face of admiration and a radiant light also flickered in Zhu Yi’s eyes.

At the side, Lin Feng looked at Xiao Yan who was in high spirits at the side, he thought: “Looks like this kid really has a connection with fire. The king of fire, maybe this is his path of fate? If that’s so, the other six true flames…”

Thinking here, Lin Feng also drooled in his heart. He hurriedly pulled himself together and said to Xiao Yan: “Little Yan, I’ve already heard the situation from your junior apprentice-brothers about you triggering the power in the sword before. At the moment it looks like your current cultivation level is not yet sufficient to control this demon sword.”

Xiao Yan’s face was dejected and he nodded his head. This is the reality, he has to accept it.

Lin Feng continued saying: “This is your destined good fortune, continue to carry this sword with you. Consider it as for self-defense, although unless absolutely necessary do not carelessly use it.” Pausing for a moment, Lin Feng’s expression became serious: “The Radiant Evil of Purgatory is ranked as one of the seven great true flames. Its domineering power knows no bounds and it is very profound, it can even be considered a form of life that possesses self-awareness.”

“Your cultivation level has yet to reach a sufficient level. By blindly controlling the true flame, the final result could very likely be not the person controlling the flame, but the flame controlling the person, turning you into a fire slave who has lost his self conscious. You must beware!”

Xiao Yan straightened his expression and said respectfully: “As Master teaches.”

Lin Feng nodded his head and observed Xiao Yan’s complexion. Even though it was still a bit pale from loss of blood and qi, all of his injuries have amazingly already fully healed. He just has to rest for a few days and he can immediately recover back to normal. The Great Thunder Revival Pill’s healing effect towards bodily injuries truly lives up to its name.

“Xiao Yan’s injury has already recovered, the matter of completing the side quests can also be brought forward. Earning the rewards to exchange for dao techniques and then completing the main quest.” Lin Feng pondered, but how can he complete both of the two side quests within the allotted time?

Does he have to make a choice?

Lin Feng looked at his four disciples who were playing together and hanging around the Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil. A thought suddenly appeared in his heart.

“I remember that there are still some explanations for the disciple system that I haven’t closely looked at yet.” Lin Feng hurriedly entered into the disciple system.

Reading the couple of explanations for the disciple system one by one, Lin Feng instantly laughed when he saw one of them.

When the master has something to do, the disciple does the work.

The host’s disciples can take the place of the host to complete the side quests issued by the system. The quest time-limit and conditions do not change. When the quest is successfully completed, the host will obtain the quest rewards as normal.

Lin Feng took out the Flowing Wind Sigil and said smilingly towards Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian: “Even though you guys suffered a bit, you three did well this time. You guys already have the ability to stand on your own, but you guys still require training.”

“I just so happen to have something for you guys to go do, just consider it as training.”

Lin Feng handed the Flowing Wind Sigil over to Zhu Yi: “This Flowing Wind Sigil can let you guys ride on the wind. 5000 kilometers west from here there is a great intersecting mountain range. At the eastern foothill of the mountain range there is a lake called the Wind & Thunder Sea.”

“There is a Thunder Element Sigil that is a pair with this Flowing Wind Sigil. I discovered that the Thunder Element Sigil is right in the Wind & Thunder Sea in the great intersecting mountain range.” Lin Feng looked at Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian: “You three go together and retrieve that Thunder Element Sigil. Take care of each other on the road and be alert. If you guys can’t find the sigil don’t feel dejected, take care of safety.”

Xiao Yan and the other two looked at each other, a light of excitement was revealed in all of their eyes.

Before Lin Feng wasn’t around and they took the liberty of leaving Mount Heng and going to Chuzhou City. In the end they nearly suffered big time.

But young people are always full of drive. Suffering once is not enough to wear away their courage and daring spirits. Instead the three people were all filled with strength, determined that this time they will definitely succeed splendidly.

The road may be far and they don’t have the Black Cloud Flag, but with the Flowing Wind Sigil as transportation, at the very least the journey won’t be a problem.

Lin Feng also respectively handed the storage bags of Hui Kong, Hui Ku and Elder Vulture over to the three of them. With the storage bag that has opened up an independent space, it is easy for Xiao Yan to carry the Tyrant Sword of Radiant Evil again.

When he wants to train himself he can travel while carrying the big sword. When he doesn’t want to carry it anymore he can directly throw it into the storage bag. Due to being in an independent space, no weight can be felt at all so he doesn’t need to miserably carry it around the whole time anymore.

Sending away Xiao Yan and the other two, Lin Feng turned around looking towards Wang Lin beside him.

Wang Lin was also eagerly staring at his master.

Lin Feng smiled: “Wang Lin, you just entered under my teaching. For this period of time follow beside me and learn dao techniques. Right now I also have a place to go so you also have the opportunity to hone yourself by following me.”

Finishing speaking, Lin Feng waved the Black Cloud Flag. He wrapped up himself and Wang Lin and flew towards the Ancient Word Marsh in the far east.

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