HN1F: Chapter 51: Bullying With Numbers

Here’s a Chinese song I really like. 一次就好 by 杨宗纬.


With a wave of Lin Feng’s hand, golden light flickered and enveloped the entire tunnel.

Everybody was stunned and they all suddenly smelt the faint scent of sandalwood enter their nostrils. Their vision was filled with dazzling golden light and waves of buddhist chanting entered into their ears as if it came from the distant horizon, but also seemingly rising up from the depths of their hearts.

Accompanying the buddhist chanting was Lin Feng’s calm voice: “Zhu Hongwu may be Zhu Yi’s blood relative, but not for a single day has he conducted his responsibilities of teaching him. He only uses etiquette and rules to bound his body and mind, satisfying his own selfish desires and desire for control. He is a shame as a father and a husband, he has no right to interfere with Zhu Yi choosing the path he wants to walk.”

“Zhu Yi is the son of an old friend of mine, regardless of whether or not he becomes my disciple today I will not sit still and watch others suppress his development.”

“This child’s own path will be chosen by himself and he alone will be responsible for it.”

Lin Feng’s calm and indifferent, yet also powerful words fell into Zhu Yi’s ears. Even Zhu Yi who’s always had a strong will felt a wave of warm soothingness in his heart, a lot of the indignation stuck in his heart for many years also disappeared.

The face of the middle-aged man in a body of purple fine-clothes was as cold as ice, he shouted out: “Die zealot!” Waving his two hands, nine rings of light flew out and headed straight for Lin Feng.

Zhu Yi has seen the fine-clothed middle-aged man strike out before. He knows that the people trapped by the rings of light will be unable to move and can only wait to be captured. Seeing him use the same trick to fight Lin Feng he couldn’t help but speak out to warn him: “Hurry up and dodge, don’t get caught by the light!”

Lin Feng had a calm composure, he chanted in a prolonged voice: “24 Heaven Arhat Formation, open!”

The sariras that were released before shined brightly. The golden light became increasingly more radiant and blended together, turning into a heavy haze and covering the entire tunnel. The scent of sandalwood permeated the air and thunderous buddhist chanting shook the ears.

A giant hand poked out from the golden light haze and slapped away three rings of light.

Afterwards, an arhat light figure covered in golden light stepped out from the light haze. With its massive hundred foot tall figure it had already arrived in front of the fine-clothed middle-aged man with two steps. Its fist the size of a house came smashing down on his head.

The fine-clothed middle-aged man let out a cold snort. The spell sign of his two hands changed and the nine rings of light suddenly connected together as a line in mid-air, stabbing down towards the arhat’s head like a sword.

The golden arhat chanted the name of Buddha in a low voice, its two palms coming together and clapping towards the center, catching the rings of light that had linked together into a line.

The rings of light changed again. The nine rings of lights slipped over each other, linking together like a chain and then arced through the air tying up the golden arhat.

At this moment the nine rings of light were connected end to end, turning into a giant ring of light and enclosing the golden arhat in the middle, bounding it and causing it to be unable to move.

The golden arhat exerted force to break free but it was as if the ring of light was made of elastic. It constantly expanded and shrank, neutralizing the arhat’s great strength and causing it to be unable to break free.

The fine-clothed middle-aged man laughed coldly: “And I thought you would be quite skilled, you’re nothing but so!”

The five cultivators of the Five Elements Sect also revealed smiles of disdain on their faces. The yellow-clothed old man stroked his white beard and smiled saying: “So it’s a scum of the Great Thunder Monastery, too bad your dao technique has yet to reach a sufficient level…”


Another pair of giant palms poked out from the light haze and a second golden arhat revealed itself. Following closely behind it was also a third one…

The laughter of the cultivators of the house of the Marquis abruptly stopped.

“Ouch!” Under his great shock, the yellow-clothed old man accidently pulled off a few hairs from his beard causing him to grimace in pain.

The fine-clothed middle-aged man stared in terror at the two massive golden arhats that were also 100 feet tall that rushed out together. They stood separately at two sides and together grabbed the ring of light binding the first golden arhat.

“Buddha is merciful!”

With a low shout the three arhats exerted force together, working from inside and outside and directly tugging to pieces the ring of light.

His soul-bound magic item destroyed, the fine-clothed middle-aged man spit out a mouth of vital blood and then fell backwards towards the ground without making a sound.

Lin Feng smiled asking: “Who is it who is nothing but so?”

One Five Elements Sect cultivator shouted: “Three against one, what is there to be proud of? We five people here will destroy your arhats!”

Lin Feng chuckled: “Your meaning is that you’re going to bully me with numbers?”

The cultivator shouted asking: “So what if I am?”

“Not much.” Lin Feng lightly clapped his hands and then one after another golden arhats emerged from the light haze.

A 100 foot tall arhat, its head bumping straight into the ceiling of the tunnel. Looking at it it possess a peerless pressure.

And when 24 of such massive arhats appear together in the tunnel they instantly created a type of terrifying pressure the covered the skies.

Lifting their eyes and looking, in the entire tunnel the cultivators of the house of the Marquis could not see the stone walls and the ceiling of the tunnel, they could only see the colossal bodies of the golden arhats.

24 golden arhats, 24 foundation establishment stages, this kind of line-up appearing in front of the cultivators of the Five Elements Sect virtually made them completely breakdown. They blankly watched as the golden arhats surrounded them.

Lin Feng’s soft laughter rose up in the light haze: “Bullying me with numbers? Hehe…”

The yellow-clothed old man’s face was ghastly pale but he could still maintain his composure: “Don’t panic, this should be a formation, just charge out of the area of the spell formation!”

The other four people also calmed down. The five people cast a spell together and five-coloured divine light flashed in the buddhist light formation.

Different from the formation when fighting the Society of the Strong Gale before, this time the five people were completely serious. The five people all spit out a mouth of vital blood filled with their own vital energy. The vital blood landed in the five-coloured divine light and rapidly evaporated while a change occurred to the five-coloured divine light.

At this moment, the originally distinctly separate fives colours of the pillar of light had mixed together and turned into a beam of black light.

The black light was like a slit that had suddenly split open in a piece of black silk.

Brown soil slowly seeped out from the slit, gathering together and spitting out a tender green bud. It rapidly grew in the wind and the surrounding air magically congealed into drops of glistening water droplets, sprinkling down on the bud and giving bloom to a gorgeous and burning flower of fire.

A faint golden glow flashed from the stamen of the fire flower. The next moment a tiny golden sword shot out from the stamen, arcing across the air like fleeting swan.

The sword aura was subtle, it looked unassuming but it was filled with destructive power. The lethality of this beam of sword aura is not the least bit weaker than an aurous core talisman!

Lin Feng who was hidden within the light haze was indifferent towards it. With a thought, buddhist light flickered above the heads of the 24 arhat light figures and blended together, turning into a golden disk and smashing towards the sword aura.

Just like a thin and delicate sword encountering a giant axe that could split the world, in moaning sounds that sounded like crying the long sword was humorously but also tragically split into broken pieces!

The five people coughed out blood in unison. The yellow-clothed old man howled: “Run! Every man who get’s away counts!”

Hearing this Lin Feng laughed saying: “Nobody’s getting away.”

“The glaring eyes of the arhat suppress the heavens!  Crush! Crush! Crush!”

The 24 golden arhats opened wide their eyes and shouted out together, 48 giant, shiny golden hands pressed down together.

In the sound of shouting and screaming the cultivators of the Five Elements Sect were all killed by the golden arhats.

The purple-fine-clothed middle-aged man who had fallen to the ground unconscious before suddenly jumped up from the ground and ignited a talisman in his hand. He roared hoarsely: “You will pay.”

The talisman was lit ablaze, flickering with the light of fire in the air. The fine-clothed middle-aged man extended his finger and wrote a giant “Buddha” character in the air. (TL: This is the character, 佛)

Pausing for a moment he then wrote the character “Yu”.  (TL: This is the character, 于)

A thought rose up in Lin Feng’s heart and he did not stop him at the first moment. Pausing for a moment, only after the two characters “Buddha” and “Yu” were lit ablaze together with the talisman and turned into a beam of light piercing through the air did he control the arhat formation and also kill the fine-clothed middle-aged man.

Using unmatched power to sweep away six foundation establishment stage cultivators, Lin Feng was pleased in his heart.

Even though he’s already dealt with two aurous core stage cultivators before, those two times were both achieved under near-death circumstances using trickery. They weren’t like this time, completely fair and square, using his own strength to crush the enemy and winning with great satisfaction.

Lin Feng said in his heart: “Sure enough increasing one’s own strength is the absolute principle.”

These 24 sariras really are good stuff. They themselves can provide sufficient mana to supply the spell formation and don’t need to waste Lin Feng’s mana, allowing Lin Feng who is at the qi disciple stage to be also able to use the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation this kind of overpowering formation.

Retracting the sariras and formation, Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian walked over and greeted him again: “Master!”

Xiao Budian flattered Lin Feng with a giant grin: “Master is so amazing!”

Lin Feng smiled and patted his tiny head, turning his head and looking towards Zhu Yi who had a quiet expression.

Right now Zhu Yi has already completely calmed down. He bowed towards Lin Feng: “Thank you for saving me.”

Lin Feng’s expression was calm. He didn’t now say anything, he knows that Zhu Yi still has something to say.

Sure enough, after being silent for a moment Zhu Yi continued saying: “I have one question, I hope that you can answer it for me.”

Lin Feng waved his sleeves: “Speak your mind.”

Zhu Yi inhaled a deep breath and slowly asked: “May I ask in your heart, in this world is reasoning the biggest or is strength the biggest?”

Lin Feng looked closely at Zhu Yi. The green-clothed scholar’s eyes were calm and resolute, clearly he has his own answer.

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