HN1F Chapter 85 Don’t Want to Bully Kids

This song.
OS:ご主人様,电话が来ましたよ (Sir, your call has come through.)
ご主人様のお电话です (Sir, phone call for you.) (JP translation by Shrimp Samurai)
There’s a phone call for you.
you are needed on the phone
您有一个未接电话,请尽快接听。(You have a missed call, please answer as soon as possible.)
还不接吗?我开始了哟~ (Still not picking up? I’m starting~)

接电话呀接电话 (Pick up the phone yo pick up the phone)
接呀么接电话呀接电话 (Come on pick up the the phone yo pick up the phone)
接电话呀接电话呀 (Pick up the phone yo pick up the phone)
接了电话陪我说说话 (Chat with me after picking up the phone)

【念:打个电话不容易啊 (It’s not easy making a phone call)
现在每个电话要一毛三呢 (Every call now is 13 cents)
何况还要按十一个数字 (Not to mention I have to press 11 numbers)
你要是不接对得起谁呀 (If you don’t pick up you’re letting someone down)
难为本大爷那么好心情 (It’s not easy for me to be in such a good mood)
就接一下嘛 (Just pick up)
接一下又不会怎样 (It’s not like anything will happen to you if you pick up)
何必矫情呢 (Why be a poser)

快接电话 (Quick pick up the phone)
快快来呀 ( Come quickly)
接呀么接电话 (Come on pick up the phone)
铃声响了 (The phone has rung)
那么久了 (For so long)
还不快接电话 (Hurry up and pick up the phone)
对得起谁呀 (You’re letting someone down)

【念:接电话呀 (Pick up the phone yo)
快接电话 (Quick pick up the phone)
铃声都响了那么久了 (The phone has already rung for so long)
快把电话接起来吧】(Hurry and pick up the phone)

The appearance of the Netherworld Bead instantly shattered the enemy’s water class spell.

Xue Chao wrinkled his forehead and then relaxed it. His eyes revealed a look of greed: “Mister Ma, I want this treasure. Please get it for me, there will naturally be a generous gift afterwards.”

Mister Ma who was like a thin bamboo pole sized up Wang Lin and then looked at the Netherworld Bead.

“I don’t want to bully a kid. Young Master Xue, you can capture this kid on your own, I will help you hold back this treasure of his. Young Master, you have the perfect chance to show off your skills.”

Hearing Mister Ma’s words, Xue Chao laughed out loud: “With your word I can relax.”

Finishing speaking, Xue Chao suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a trail of white smoke: “Go!”

The white smoke drifted and flew towards Wang Lin. It looked slow but in reality it had already arrived in front of Wang Lin in the blink of an eye.

Wang Lin’s face was calm and he attentively controlled the Netherworld Bead. The Netherworld Bead burst with light. Upon coming in contact with the pale yellow light, the white smoke stopped moving forward and was unable to overstep the boundary.

At this moment Mister Ma released a dry cough: “Rise!” Before his voice died away, countless vines grew beneath Wang Lin’s feet, wobbling and binding towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was startled. The mystical light of the Netherworld Bead shone towards the dense vines under his feet. Being illuminated by the Netherworld Mystic Light, the vines all withered in succession.

But new vines endlessly emerged from the ground. The rate of growth was even greater than the speed of withering and the number of vines was becoming increasingly greater.

Seeing Mister Ma’s spell tie down the Netherworld Bead, Xue Chao was complacent. He laughed out loud: “Such a treasure is a waste in your hands. Give it to me!”

While speaking the white smoke once again surged towards the Netherworld Bead.

Wang Lin pressed his lips tightly together. His left hand formed a spell sign in front of his chest and his right index finger pointed towards the white smoke.

A black thread shot straight towards Xue Chao’s white smoke.

Xue Chao sneered: “You little shithead, you really think you’re all that?”

Witnessing the power of Wang Lin’s Finger of Hades from before, Xue Chao was already more vigilant. He himself has a cultivation level of qi disciple level 10, moreover with this attack he did not hold back at all.

The Finger of Hades’ mana may still be able to purify and break the white smoke, but the white smoke is incredibly condensed. Only 10-20% of it was purified by Wang Lin’s attack.

Wang Lin’s face was slightly pale. For the current him, the Finger of Hades is extremely mana heavy. For him who is at qi disciple level 2, his mana is truly not abundant.

Xue Chao laughed out loud: “This treasure is mine now.” While speaking, the white smoke was already about to wrap up the Netherworld Bead.

At this moment, a beam of golden buddhist light suddenly lit up, protecting the Netherworld Bead. When the white smoke touched the buddhist light it was immediately unable to advance another step.

The buddhist light turned into a glistening “卍” character pattern. While it turned, it had already deflected Xue Chao’s white smoke to the side and it was unable to pose any threat to the Netherworld Bead anymore.

In the mist, Lin Feng slowly stepped out of it. He carried himself with grace, wearing a wide-sleeved white robe and daoist clothing. He had the demeanor of a sagely master.

Wang Lin instantly breathed a sigh of relief: “Master.”

Lin Feng nodded his head not speaking. Currently he was pondering over the Little Samsara Techniques spell that he just used: “Even though I have the ability analyzer tool allowing me to grasp a spell within a short period of time, if I want to use the spell skillfully I still need to practise more.”

“The best is to fight with people in actual combat. Using it just now I obtained a better understanding.”

While pondering, Lin Feng looked towards Xue Chao and co. He thought: “I’ve got to ask clearly why they turned hostile upon hearing galactic sand. Maybe they know the location of galactic sand?”

Thinking this, Lin Feng asked: You guys know the location of galactic sand?”

But Xue Chao and co. did not answer, instead they all stared at Lin Feng and Wang Lin with a weird look on their faces.

Lin Feng was puzzled in his heart: “Did I wear the wrong clothes? Nothing’s wrong, these are the clothes.”

On the other side, Xue Chao suddenly burst with laughter and was laughing his head off.

He sneered saying: “A mere qi disciple great circle of perfection cultivator actually dares to put on a charade in front of me. It truly is hilarious.”

He stared at Lin Feng and snorted coldly saying: “You’ve got some kind of treasure on your body that can hide your own cultivation level, right? If you didn’t do anything I still wouldn’t be able to see through your depths, but your spell just now completely betrayed you.”

Mister Ma also shook his head in laughter: “You dress as a daoist but you use buddhist spells. So mixed and impure, you are presumably a wandering cultivator?”

The smile on his skinny face gradually faded: “A wandering cultivator with no school or sect and your cultivation level is only just qi disciple level 12. Who gave you the balls to be speaking with such impudence!”

Hearing this Lin Feng was speechless. Beside him Wang Lin looked at Xue Chao and co. with the face of looking at a bunch of idiots.

That tight-uniformed youth who was careless before and nearly screwed up losing to Wang Lin was glaring at Wang Lin the whole time. Seeing Wang Lin’s expression right now he became even more angered. He said coldly: “Ignorant little bastard, this is your master? You’re fucking blind, you think a qi disciple level 12 wandering cultivator can protect you. Take a look at who you’ve messed with!”

The other tight-uniformed youth smiled saying: “This is our young master, Xue Chao, the legitimate son of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s Xue clan. But I wonder if a wild cultivator like you has heard of us before?”

Lin Feng’s expression was calm and he chuckled: “I’ve only heard before that the Great Qin Dynasty has four great clans. As for the Great Zhou Dynasty, well, there were indeed a number of old cultivation families before. There was something to look at, but in recent years the Zhou Dynasty’s royal authority has been unprecedentedly centralized. The majority of so-called old families have all vanished.”

“The Xue clan? Never heard of it, a new upstart family?”

Xue Chao’s expression turned cold: “Just based on your words, don’t think of leaving this place alive.”

Beside him, Mister Ma looked at Lin Feng. He shook his head with a face of pity: “You still dare to spout nonsense here, you truly do not know where you stand.” While speaking, he released his vast mana without any concealment, fully exhibiting his foundation establishment stage cultivation level.

“Young Master Xue, like I said, I don’t want to bully kids. A little qi disciple stage bug is not worth it for me to dispose of.” Mister Ma smiled lightly saying: “This person is so arrogant, he might have some cards up his sleeves. But you don’t need to worry, attack without any hesitation. Whatever cards he has up his sleeves, I will take care of them.”

Xue Chao smiled coldly: “So what if he has something up his sleeves? 3000 of our Zhou Dynasty’s Shenwu Army elites are currently all in the Ancient World Marsh. General Xie is right around here, what can he do?”

“This person is of unknown origin. Even though he dresses as a daoist, his spell is of the buddhist path. He could very likely be a remnant of the Great Thunder Monastery.” Xue Chao said sinisterly: “Capturing such a remnant rebel also happens to be a merit.”

“By the laws of the Zhou Dynasty, all rebels and those who resist arrest must be killed with no pardon!”

Speaking here, Xue Chao clapped his hands together and a sword flew out from his back. It shimmered with light and was astoundingly a foundation establishment stage sword. It arced through the air and circled above Lin Feng.

Xue Chao said coldly: “Get on your knees now and surrender. Offer up that orb and I can just cripple your cultivation prowess and spare your life.”

The two tight-uniformed youths behind him exchanged looks and both started laughing: “This guy dares to put on airs in front of Young Master, he truly is an idiot.”

“Even if he has something up his sleeves, how can he be a match for foundation establishment stage Mister Ma? Stepping on him is like crushing a bug for Mister Ma.”

“Even without Mister Ma he’s still as good as dead. Young Master still has a trump card that he hasn’t used.”

Hearing the chatter on the other side and then looking at the flying sword circling above his head, Lin Feng was a bit speechless for a moment.

He brushed his sleeves and had an indifferent look.

“I don’t wish to bully kids. You are qi disciple stage so when I made my move before I also only used qi disciple stage cultivation level. I did not expect that I would actually be looked down upon by you kids.”

Lin Feng slightly raised his eyes and his gaze turned cold: “Do you know how you’ll end up using a sword in front of me?”

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