Chapter 11: People Usually Call This Sort of Action Stalking

(Potential) Warning, don’t google Awayume… This’ll probably make people google it, but at least I gave a warning. Second warning, the grammar in this chapter isn’t the greatest.

At noon I eat lunch together with Ando-sensei and his family. Lunch is very hearty, I really didn’t think that besides being a good writer, Shimura-sensei actually also has this sort of culinary skill.

「Oku-kun, don’t forget what you just said to me in the future, I’m looking forward to the “faith” that you speak of.」

Ando-sensei says to me seriously.

「I will definitely draw carrying through with my faith.」

「We’re still eating right now, let’s talk about something else, there’s no need to be so serious.」

Shimura-ojisan comes out to mediate.

「Since my father calls you Oku-kun, I’ll also call you Oku-kun, how’s that?」

「Of course it’s okay.」

「Then Oku-kun, I want to ask to take care of Eno in school, I heard her say that you already know she has analysis paralysis. If it’s at home I can still look out for her, but at school I can only ask you to help.」

「Okay, this is natural, as long as it’s something I can help with I’ll definitely help her.」

「Then I’m leaving her to you Oku-kun, I feel very comfortable handing her over to you.」

Shimura-ojisan, entrusting her to me might not be something worth feeling comfortable about for you, after all I’m one of the most “famous” people in the school, is placing her with me really okay?

Due to having analysis paralysis, Eno definitely doesn’t know how to decide a lot of things in school, then she’ll definitely naturally come find me based on her “feeling”. Hopefully she doesn’t need to even ask me whether or not to go to the washroom…

At this time the phone in my pocket rings with the notification of a message sent on Line, I take out my phone from under the table and take a look.

Nanako-sensei 「Quick quick quick, come to my school gates pervert lolicon! There’s a major event!」

… Major event? She doesn’t have money to buy ice-cream again? I remember I was tricked over like this once.

Nanako-sensei「I’m absolutely not teasing you this time! There really is a major event! Come quick or else it’ll be too late!」

She even purposely emphasized it, looks like it really is very urgent.

「Oku-kun, is there something urgent? If it’s very urgent then you can go first.」

Shimura-ojisan sees that I seem to have something to do.

「Ya, there are indeed some things, I’m truly sorry, I can only leave first.」

After apologizing to them, Ando-sensei also stands up and personally sees me off to the door of the house.

「Oku-kun, after today I don’t know when the next time we meet will be, but no matter what you have to persist and continue walking down the path you chose, you’re absolutely not allowed to give up halfway.」

「Okay, I understand Ando-sensei, then I’m going now.」

After saying goodbye to Ando-sensei I immediately find a taxi. This place isn’t that far away from Hirakira Middle School and I arrive in a short while. After I pay the taxi fee and get off the taxi looking around, my phone rings again.

Nanako-sensei「Stay low, stay low, come to the cold drinks shop first.」

… What the hell, I follow Sena’s words and walk into the cold drinks shop, at the innermost corner of the cold drinks shop I see her huddled there.

「What are you doing? And you tricked me saying it isn’t you wanting to eat ice-cream?」

「Shh! This time it really isn’t me wanting to eat ice-cream, look over there.」

Looking in the direction she’s pointing in, there is a little girl also wearing a sailor uniform with hanging black hair.

「Isn’t that Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki?」

「That’s right, it’s Classmate Yoruhisa!」

「You called me over her to see her?」

「What are you thinking about you pervert lolicon? How could I let such a dangerous person like you set his sights on Classmate Yoruhisa?」

「… I’m just a lolicon.」

「That isn’t important, do you still remember me saying last time that I would help you ask if Classmate Yoruhisa has an older sister?」

When we separated at the amusement park last time she did indeed say so, even though I didn’t take it seriously.

「And then, these past few days I’ve been regularly talking to Classmate Yoruhisa. Even though she usually doesn’t speak much, with my hard work she still told me that she does indeed have an older sister.」

「She probably just told you because she couldn’t stand your pestering.」

「You pervert lolicon, you actually dare to say such a thing? I only went to ask because of you!」

「And then what, what’s wrong with her older sister.」

「That’s where the problem is! She just won’t tell me any more information about her older sister!」

「And then what? Does it have something to do with us sitting here?」

「Ya, based on my investigations everyday, at lunch everyday Classmate Yoruhisa will always leave the school and come to this cold drinks shop to sit for a while. Then she’ll leave, but she isn’t going back to school, I think as long… Hey! She’s leaving she’s leaving! Hurry up and follow!」

Sena hurriedly takes my hand and chases out, after going out the door I see that Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is indeed not returning to school. We two maintain a distance from her and secretly follow behind with the cover of the crowd, but at this time I suddenly feel that something’s wrong.

「Sena, what are we doing right now?」

「You don’t even know this you pervert lolicon? Of course we’re investigating and exploring the truth of the matter!」

「No… I think, people usually call this sort of action stalking.」

I take a deep look at Sena.

「This is illegal!」

Why am I following Sena and stalking a second year middle school little girl! This is completely against my principle of protecting lolis! You’ve got to know that those heartless criminals who violate lolis all go astray starting from stalking!

「Che, the things you’re usually thinking in your head are probably a million times worse you pervert lolicon? Right now we’re just following Yoruhisa for a bit and you’re this agitated?」

「I already said that I’m a lolicon who lives with the purpose of cherishing lolis, actions like this are already breaking the rules for me!」

「Do you not want to see what Classmate Yoruhisa is going to do? Maybe she’s going to see her old sister.」

Sena’s words are very tempting, I also really want to know if the older sister of this Yorushia Hatsuyuki who is so similar to the her of the past really is her.

I silently “stalk” Yorushia Hatsuyuki together with Sena. Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki walks out of the relatively crowded street, she arrives in a secluded park and finds a bench sitting down.

「She really is too careless, if at this time there was someone else stalking her, this place would be the perfect place to strike.」

「You seem pretty experienced you pervert lolicon?」

「No I don’t! I’m just speaking a truth.」

Originally after seeing our target sit down we also start spouting witty remarks at each other, but Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki suddenly stands up again and walks towards the washroom in the park.

「Quick quick quick! The target is moving! Follow her!」

「No way! She’s going to the washroom, if I still follow over like this then I really would be a pervert!」

「Che, you’re clearly a pervert lolicon.」

Sena ignores me and follows over by herself. Seeing the both of them gone I find a bench and sit down resting for a bit.

「Excuse me, have you seen a girl in a sailor uniform?」

A voice suddenly travels over from behind me, the voice is cool and ethereal. I turn my head looking over and for a moment I am unable to speak…

She who has grown a lot is now wearing the uniform of Tokyo’s most famous girl’s school. It’s clearly just a uniform with simplicity as the priority, but worn on her body it appears beyond the mundane.

Her facial structure is a lot sharper than her cute baby face from the past, and her little face that can be fully covered with one palm is unparalleled in beauty. Her neatly trimmed black hair hangs at her waist with a ribbon tied around the end, she is about 165 cm tall and she has a curvy body.

She really has grown up…

「Excuse me, have you seen a girl wearing a sailor uniform?」

Seeing my absent-minded, unseemly appearance, she does not mind and still uses a cool and ethereal voice to ask me again.

「Y… Ya, just now there was indeed a girl wearing a sailor uniform sitting here.」

I do my best wanting to calm down, even though my expression is no longer so stunned, the vigorous heartbeat in my chest is unable to calm down no matter what.

「Then what about right now?」

「I think she went over to the park washroom over there.」

「I see, thank you.」

After finishing asking she only leaves to me the image of her back, leaving this bench I’m sitting on she goes to the other side. Even though it was only a brief moment of contact, I’m certain that it’s definitely her, that girl who appeared so stunning under the starry sky.

I walk back to the place we were originally hiding at and wait here for Sena to return.

「It really is her…」

「Is who?」

Sena suddenly appears.

「Don’t scare me!」

「It’s just that you were spacing out and didn’t notice me, who were you talking about just now pervert lolicon?」

「I saw her…」


「That girl I met in elementary school.」

「Huh! Where where!」

「It’s Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki’s older sister.」

「What! It really is her! When did you see her you pervert lolicon?」

「Right when you were stalking Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki to the washroom.」

「You actually encountered this sort of thing by yourself first? What a shame!」


「How come it doesn’t look like you’re happy? You clearly met your dream lover!」

「I don’t know either, but she did talk to me just now, I can tell she doesn’t recognize me.」

「She even spoke to you? Your life is way too good you pervert lolicon! But not recognizing you is also normal, after all you’re a person she met when she was that young, only you would remember her from childhood until now.」

「Overall you just need to know that my mood right now is very complicated.」

「Then you feel complicated first, I’m going to check out what she looks like!」

Sena openly walks out from the hiding spot, she just needs to pretend that she just happened to pass by here and then she can speak to the Yoruhisa sisters. My mood right now is indeed very complicated, even I don’t understand the emotions in my heart. There’s some faint joy, but also a trace of sorrow, there’s also an inexplicable emotion mixed within, it’s a complete mess.

I can’t stop time from flowing, so I also can’t stop the growth given to her by time. In the eyes of the majority, she only appears more mature and beautiful from before, the word angel is probably used to describe the current her. But for me, the deeper impression in my heart is still that immature girl standing beneath the starry sky letting the night wind brush past her skirt.

That night with nothing to do, I discovered that the stars in the sky were particularly numerous and shiny, and so I picked up my pencil and drawing paper and arrived in the park with the best view. But I discovered that someone had already set foot ahead of me in the night park that should have been empty and belonged only to me. That was a girl of which I who was only in grade 4 couldn’t describe using the few words of praise that I’d learnt, grade 4 me really hated myself for not having learnt any graceful flowery language, I could only foolishly stare at her.

「Do you also like this starry sky?」

The girl’s voice was cool and melodious, floating to my ears with the night wind.

「Ya… It’s very pretty, I want to draw it down.」

Facing her I was completely unable to hide my thoughts and feelings, as though the slightest deception was blasphemy against her.

「Is it very pretty, maybe. I really like this starry sky, because each of them is lonely and beautiful, but the lonely them express themselves in our eyes in a different form.」

I didn’t understand the feelings in the girl’s words, I only understood that she likes this starry sky.

「I want to draw it down!」

She officially shifted her gaze from the starry sky towards me for the first time.

「Can you?」

Being doubted by such a beautiful girl I really wanted to prove myself.

「I can!」

I spread out the drawing paper on the flat surface of the park. Staring at the bright starry sky above my head and that stunning girl, I then clearly remembered them in my head, I started to wholeheartedly immerse myself in drawing.

Because I only brought a sketch pencil, I could only draw a black and white sketch, but this really did exhaust all of my skill.

「Very beautiful.」

After finishing drawing I stare stupidly at the girl smile faintly, even my eyes started to become a bit blurry.

「Then I’ll give it to you.」

「Can I?」


I heavily nodded my head and gave the sketch to the girl. That night we sat together, she held onto my drawing and talked to me about a lot of things that I completely didn’t understand at that time. In the middle of the night we ultimately had to part ways.

「My… My name is Aoba Oku, can you tell me your name?」

This was all of my courage, but she sadly shook her head.

「There is no need for me to tell you my name, to me your appearance is just a fleeting meteor.」

The girl quietly left with the night wind, but she left an inerasable mark in my young heart.

Feeling that the corner of my eyes are a bit wet, this must be because I was caught up in my memories for too long causing my eyes to become sore, that’s right. I use my hand to wipe the corner of my eyes.

「Tut-tut… Such a big pervert lolicon is actually crying because his dream lover doesn’t remember him.」

When Sena returns from the distance she sees my action of wiping the corner of my eyes.

「May I ask exactly what this “Such a big pervert lolicon” unclear description of yours is?」

「In any case it’s just saying you’re disgusting.」

I feel like my heart has been severely hurt.

「Speaking of it, you had pretty good taste when you were young, actually falling in love with such a beautiful girl!」

Little stars flicker in Sena’s eyes.

「She really is so~~~pretty! I’ve never seen a girl more beautiful than her!

「Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with her.」

She looks at me with an ambiguous look.

「If I become a lesbian loli in the future it’s definitely because of her, will you give her up for me?」

「First of all my problem isn’t giving or not giving her up, but if it has to involve you then it definitely won’t go as you wish.」

「You’re clearly just a pervert lolicion, you dare to be so arrogant! I’m going to contact Sejima-sensei!」

「Che, I’m not scared of this anymore, at the worst I’ll have Shimura-sensei help me find another author who writes loli light novels.」

Sena’s expression becomes one of disbelief.

「You actually know Shimura-sensei!? The author of that carrier-class masterpiece 《Elf Forest》Shimura-sensei?」

「So you also use “carrier-class” to describe this light novel. Yup, I do indeed know him, before coming to find you I was even eating at his home.」

「You actually went to his house to eat! I’m so jealous! You have to introduce him to me! Is he a high school boy who looks very gentle!」

「Um… If you say gentle then he is very gentle, the gender isn’t wrong either, but high schooler…」

「Could he be a university student?」

「Not that either…」

「Oh my god! He couldn’t be a middle schooler like me, right! I have to meet him, maybe I can find some resonance as two prodigious middle school light novel authors!」

「He’s got a pretty big opinion towards your novel.」

「Sigh… Is that so.」

Sena looks very dejected.

「He is after all the author with the number one sales, moreover I feel like you guys won’t have any sort of resonance either, because…」

I tell Sena a truth that makes her despair.

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