AAIAALSS Chapter 9: I’m Taking Him To Meet My Parents

Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon Lolicon… No lolis in this chapter either. That was weird to type out. I’ve wanted to post some loli videos a few times, but the videos I found were a little… Not loli friendly.

「Inamori-oneesan, are there any new bentos today?」

After club activities end I come to the convenient store again to buy dinner. These past few days I’ve been regularly working in the clubroom, Because I can also use the clubroom’s computer at lunch, the amount of time I need to work at home everyday has also gone down a lot, but coming here after school everyday to buy bentos has already become a habit.

「Aoba! Why are you coming to buy bentos again! You didn’t come for several days last week, and here I thought you finally knew to eat some healthy foods, but this week you’ve been coming every day again!」

Last week was just because I was taken to the police station every afternoon, that’s why I didn’t come…

「That… The taste of your bentos here is honestly too good, moreover, moreover I also buy corn juice now too! Didn’t Manager say that getting vegetable nutrients is very good!」

While speaking I pay the money for the chashu bento and corn juice and start heating up the bento with the microwave in the convenience store.

「But eating these things everyday like you do is definitely no good!」

「Inamori-oneesan, don’t always be worrying about me so much, you’re clearly still a first year university student, shouldn’t you be talking more about stuff like your boyfriend everyday?」

「B… Boyfriend, I don’t have one!」

「How can that be, Inamori-oneesan is so pretty, how could you not have a boyfriend?」

「What does it have to do with a little brat like you! Anyhow, don’t keep coming to buy bentos for dinner!」

「Okay, okay.」

「That’s way too half-hearted!」

After exiting the convenience story I immediately return home and immediately devour the bento while it’s still hot. Maybe you’ll ask me why I’m in such a rush, then you just have to go to the convenience store to buy a bento when it’s five o’clock and then eat it when it’s two in the morning and you’re starving to death, then you’ll understand.

People always learn to value something only after they’ve lost it, I learned this from that unbelievably cold and hard chashu bento that I finished eating with tears in my eyes.

After finishing eating I decide that I will take a bath first and then start working, it’s about the same anyways. I really like bath time, because through the bathroom’s dense steam I can always imagine the hazy figure of a little loli bathing. But this kind of state is very dangerous, it’s easy to accidentally faint in the bathroom.

Placing my clothes in the basket, I then enter the bathroom. I first start showering to wet my body, originally there should only be the sound of the shower, but I keep getting the feeling that I’m hearing something else besides it….


The sound is still very soft.

“Bubble bubble bubble…”

Seems like it’s becoming louder.

“Bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble!!! Splash!” (TL: I hate onomatopoeia)

Did the Loch Ness Monster jump out from the bathtube!?

I do my best to calm down and discover that this “Loch Ness Monster” is wrapped in a towel and doesn’t look very scary.

「Awayume, does your choir end that early.」

「Ya, I think it’s a bit earlier than you.」

「I see.」



「Oku-kun, isn’t your reaction a little too plain!」

Awayume who is incredibly embarrassed shrinks into the water, let me think about what I should say right now.

「The mist in here is heavy, I can’t see anything.」

「Huh? Oku-kun you’re directly skipping over asking me why I’m here?」

「You definitely wanted to hide here to “seduce” me, what is there to ask.」

「Even though that’s how it is, having you say it out like that is too pathetic, my value as a female is completely gone!」

「Only little lolis are true females.」

A bottle of shower gel hits my head.

「It hurts you know?」

「My heart hurts even more!」

Even though I can’t see Awayume’s expression through the mist, her expression right now is definitely mixed with embarrassment, anger and sorrow. Speaking of it, with facial expressions of this level wouldn’t it be better to go act in movies?

「You should go act in movies Awayume.」

「Why are you randomly telling me this!」

「Ah, no… That, how should I say it… Anyhow, oh right, I’m going to the bathtub too.」

With that I stand up, I’m also wearing a towel anyways.

「Can you not act and speak at the same time?」

The bathtub isn’t very big, but it’s just barely big enough for me and Awayume to sit down back to back.

「How come you sat inside so naturally Oku-kun?」

「I don’t know… I feel like the script is just supposed to develop like this, at any rate… I remember that didn’t we bath together in elementary school too.」

「You also know that it was in elementary school?」

「It’s actually all the same.」

「Forget it…. Then, Oku-kun, do you… like me a bit more right now?」

「I feel like if right now the one leaning against me was a loli I would definitely be more excited.」

「Sigh… Forget it, I’m going, you take your time by yourself.」

I feel that there is no longer anything to lean against behind me. With some splashing Awayume’s hazy body is outlined in the mist, the girl’s beautiful curves appear even more mysterious, something doesn’t seem right?

I feel another towel in the water…


A disrupting scream travels over from the outside of the bathroom. Awayume must have gotten a little dizzy from soaking in the bath which is why she didn’t notice that her towel had already dropped.

「Don’t scream.」

「Oku-kun, did you see!」

「Don’t worry, it’s all mist, I can’t see a thing.」

「Really? Why do I feel like kinda sad…」



Afterwards I hear the sound of the apartment door being shut. Speaking of it, she doesn’t even have a towel, how did she leave? Finishing showering I get my answer — She wore my blouse.

The next day in the morning, she is sitting on my sleeping self wearing “only” the blouse that is already washed clean, and I do not freak out. Afterwards I attract her displeasure again and in the morning I’m going to school alone.

After a day of classes, a girl comes to my seat after school.

「Classmate Aoba」

I raise my head looking and keep getting the feeling that I’ve seen her before… Oh right, isn’t she that girl who confessed to me last time? I still don’t know her name.

「Is there something you need from me?」

「It’s nothing much… I just want to ask Classmate Oku if you’ve got a schedule for Sunday?」


「That’s great, I actually want to invite Classmate Oku to go karaoking with us.  」

「I don’t want to go.」

「Ah… Don’t reject me like that Classmate Oku, I want to apologize to you for the thread posted on the school forum last week! Please, you have to come!」

「There’s no need, I don’t even care.」

「But… But if you don’t come I really feel bad about it!」

This girl won’t stop asking me to go, and I honestly can’t get her to give up so I can only agree.

「Then it’s agreed Classmate Oku!」

She leaves after arranging the time and place with me, and I still didn’t ask her what her name is.

After she leaves I stand up and am about to go to the clubroom to work, but I am then stopped again by Kamina Eno.

「Sunday, go to my house.」

「This line of yours really is short and explosive.」

「Sunday, come to my house.」

Kamina Eno’s current way of speaking of not giving up until she reaches her goal is about the same as saying “competition” a few days ago.

「Changing “go” to “come” will only make it appear more dubious, okay? I’ve already got plans on Sunday.」


And so I tell her about the invitation just now from that girl whose name I don’t know, she even has to ask for the location of the karaoke box.

「After you’re done, come to my house.」

「In short it’s not okay if I don’t go to your house, right?」


「I understand, then are you going to the clubroom next?」

「Go… Don’t go?」

「Forget it, come with me.」

I accidentally ask this sort redundant question again… I bring her along to the God Chosen Club’s clubroom, besides us they’re all here, currently sitting around with nothing to do.

I go straight in front of the computer and start drawing on the tablet, Kamina Eno watches at the side and after watching for a while.

「Very amazing.」

「Why do you say so?」

「Smooth lines.」

「Really, thank you for your compliment.」

This is freaking Kamina Eno’s compliment.

「Is there no draft?」

「These things are all in my head.」

「Directly replicating what’s in your mind?」


Her using the word replicate really is very accurate.

「So amazing.」

「Thank you…」

Afterwards she doesn’t speak at all. I stay in the club until very late, only after they’ve all left do I finish my work. Like this I don’t need to work again for this week.

The next two days pass by very quickly, after resolving Awayume’s various surprise attacks Sunday arrives.

I arrive at the door of the karaoke box and discover that there is already a group of people standing there, amongst them is that girl whose name I don’t know.

「You’re here Classmate Aoba」


After saying hello the group of people enter the room. Activities like this always have nothing to do with me, I just quiety drink juice at the side waiting to quickly leave. At this time that same class classmate comes by to find me.

「Um, Classmate Aoba, you’re just sitting here by yourself, you’re not gonna go sing a song?」

「No need, also, I’ve always had a question I’ve wanted to ask you…」


「What’s your name?」


She’s clearly stunned.

「Indeed, Classmate Aoba has never noticed me before, naturally you also don’t know my name, my name is Kousaka Emi.」

「Um, Classmate Kousaka, there was actually no need for you to invite me here.」

「Hahaha, Kousaka Emi you’re actually chatting with that lolicon?」

A girl in heavy makeup suddenly starts laughing, Kousaka Emi talking with me seems to be very funny for her.

「Classmate Koeda, what do you mean by that?」

Kousaka Emi looks a bit unhappy.

「Kousaka Emi, I’m saying when did your taste become so bad? I hear that you actually confessed to this creep lolicon a few days ago and even got rejected? It really is interesting!」


「And that lolicon actually also came here together with you? It’s clearly you who caused his name in the school to become like this!」

「… But I didn’t do that.」

「But if you didn’t tell this to your friend, your friend wouldn’t have spread this to the school forum, right? Hey, you, lolicon classmate, it’s entirely the fault of this girl in front of you that you’re like this right now.」

Kousaka Emi lowers her head, not daring to look at me.


I ask her flatly.

「Huh? What’s the meaning of this “So” of yours? You’ve already become like this and you’re still asking me so?」

「Okay, so?」

「You truly are a creep.」

Her gaze looking at me starts to become filled with disgust.

「This classmate, your face is too twisted, your foundation’s falling off.」

This line of mine is naked mockery, her gaze looking at me becomes vicious.

「I can tell you that it’s me who told Classmate Kousaka and her friend to do so」

Kousaka Emi raises her head looking at me, the other girl is also in disbelief.

「It is indeed me who told her and her friend to say that I’m a lolicon.」

「You’re actually protecting her at this sort of time? It’s clearly her who caused your name in the school to become like this, could it be that you suddenly discovered that you like her?」

「No, I’m not protecting her, I’m simply describing a truth, I am a lolicon. No matter who comes to ask me I will tell them that my love towards lolicons is definitely deeper than the foundation on your face.」

「You… You! You’re just a creepy lolicon! How are you so arrogant? A disgusting person like you, probably only that Kousaka Emi over there would like you!」

Her face becomes increasingly twisted, and the other people in the room all have the attitude of watching the drama. I don’t want be a clown with her to please others, so I’m prepared to not retaliate anymore, but at this time the door to the room is opened…

Wearing a pure white dress with her pink hair hanging down, Kamina Eno just quietly appears like that. Her light brown eyes scan the room and after seeing me, a smile appears on her soft little face.

「Aoba Oku, you’re really here.」

Her appearance blows away the atmosphere in the room that was originally filled with gunpowder smoke. (TL: You know, because shots were fired!!!)

「Classmate Kamina… Why are you looking for him?」

A boy in the room asks with a tone of sucking up to her.

「I’m taking him to meet my parents.」

Kamina Eno says so.

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