AAIAALSS Chapter 27: A happy school life shouldn’t have the demon called tests

My situation right now is very bad, not mentioning anything else, just the fact of me only wearing a bath towel and facing to girls also only wearing a bath towel looking at each other in the bathroom is very bad right?

I must first apologize for me letting down my guard too early before, even though there were more girls before than right now, but up until the Yoruhisa sister’s left my home the atmosphere was always very peaceful.

But after they left, I just wanted to take a bath and the atmosphere actually became this stiff, even the air seems to have frozen a bit.

「I say… Girls? I just want to scrub my body, may I ask what you guys want to do by coming in?」

I really just wanted to scrub my body… With injuries on my body I can’t even take a bath.

「Che, of course it’s because I saw that you can’t scrub your body you pervert lolicon so I took pity on you and came in to help you!」

「Me too, not to mention you can’t scrub your back Oku-kun.」

Awayume and Sena both entered the bathroom one after another with the same thought.

「Then you guys don’t need to both come in!」

The moment the words leave my mouth I know things are about to go down…

「I don’t know either why Awayume-oneesan also came in. Awayume-oneesan, just leave this sort of small thing to me! A pervert lolicon like him will definitely enjoy my service more.」

「There’s no need to trouble you with such a small thing Sena-chan, Oku-kun and I grew up together. Letting me help him with this sort of this is perfectly normal.」

Even though the two people look like they’re getting along very well, their words express their attitude that they absolutely won’t concede. In the end I honestly can’t do anything else and can only let them help my scrub my body together, even afterwards I have to let them apply the medicine and ointment together.

Afterwards Awayume returns to her own room while Sena and Yu are still playing in my room.

「I say, Sena, when do you plan on going back? It’s not good if you go back too late.」

「Go back? I already called home saying I’ll be staying outside today.」

「… When did you call this time?」

「After school.」

… You’re completely treating my home like your own.

「What sort of expression is that you pervert lolicon! With a tender and delicious little loli like me standing in front of you, do you have any complaints!」

「No… No… Sigh.」

There’s less and less that I can do about Sena.

Sleeping together with Yu at night has already fulfilled my “Sleeping together with a little loli and saying good morning to each other when we wake up in the morning” wish, an extra Sena right now doesn’t actually make much of a difference.

So when I wake up the next morning and discover that they’re both lying on me, I practically want to cry!

「Save… Me!!!」

My hoarse voice wakes up Sena and Yu, they use the same eye rubbing posture and sit up yawning.

「Good morning Aoba-oniichan.」

「I won’t say good morning to Pervert Lolicon, hmph!」

「Enough Sena, tsundere has never been your attribute!」

「Che, a pervert lolicon like you should gratefully accept being able to see me enact all sorts of attributes!」


For this two day break, Sena stays at my place the entire time playing with Yu. Yu really does looks happier when she’s together with Sena and better matches the image of a child. During Sunday night, Yu reluctantly waves goodbye to Sena.

「Yu, I’ve got to go to school tomorrow, are you going to stay home by yourself?」

「Thank you Aoba-oniichan.」

Yu doesn’t directly answer my question, at this moment she turns into Miss Natsukawa again, the smile on her face is very reserved.

「I had a lot of fun these past few days, but I must go now, I can’t cause you any more trouble Aoba-oniichan.」

「… If you’re willing you can keep staying here.」

She shakes her head with a helpless smile.

「This time I ran out from my home in Tokyo, Aoba-oniichan, do you remember when we first met in Kandatsu, I had also run down from the mountain?」

That Yu in the grass who was curled up in a corner like a startled rabbit, of course I wouldn’t forget.

「That day it was because I couldn’t stand my schedule still being full everyday while on vacation in Kandatsu, that’s why I secretly ran down the mountain. Originally I just wanted to see the new and interesting things down the mountain, but in the end because of my curiousity I went further and further until I couldn’t get back.」

Yu’s life is not at all as easy as other people think, she’s not even in middle school yet but she’s already carrying on her back too many things she has no control over.

「But at that time I met you Aoba-oniichan, even though at the start when you said you were a lolicon it gave me a fright, because in the education I have received lolicon’s are the most terrifying people!」

「How can that be! It’s definitely that the person teaching you is tricking you! Yup, that’s right!」

「Hehe, sure enough Aoba-oniichan is a complete lolicon. But it’s also precisely because it’s you that I feel like I can definitely find joy by your side Aoba-oniichan. So when I knew you were in Tokyo I really was very happy.」

「I let my family end the vacation early because I wanted to return to Tokyo earlier. After returning I immediately planned my “escape”, but this was actually just my family’s indulgence of me, they’ve definitely also been watching my “escape” the whole time. Even right now, there are definitely people on standby in the surrounding.」

Hearing her words I look at the surrounding but don’t notice anyone.

「To not make me feel troubled, they definitely won’t easily appear like this. Aoba-oniichan, call Butler Ebashi right now, like this the people nearby will also immediately come to pick me up.」

Yu even knows that I have President Ebashi’s contact number? I take out my cellphone and call the number I had saved before.

「Hello, is it President Ebashi?」

「Yes, you are Mister Aoba?」

「It’s me…」

Yu extends her hand to me, motioning me to let her take the call. After giving the cellphone to her, she says a few words with President Ebashi and then very soon knocking comes from the entrance.

「Aoba-oniichan, goodbye, I wonder when the next time we meet will be.」

Yu’s smile has a trace of nostalgia, but she still resolutely opens the door. At the entrance there are already people standing there to receive her.

「Yu, goodbye! If you want you can come to my home whenever you want.」

I believe that this won’t be my last time seeing Yu, some bonds won’t be broken so easily.

I watch Yu get into a black car and gradually disappear into the night. I have a bit of anticipation in my heart, anticipating that one day when I return home again I can see Yu once again saying to me with a bright smile over her face:

「Aoba-oniichan, I got lost again!」

The scenery will definitely be exceptionally beautiful, with dreams of the future I sleep heavily in this boundless night.

When I wake up next morning, I discover that Awayume is already sitting by my bedside, it looks like she’s worried about my injuries which is why she didn’t sit on me.

「Oku-kun, good morning, Yu-chan has already left?」

「Ya… I guess.」

「She’ll come back in the future, right?」

「Definitely, at that time you’d better not have any thoughts about her hair again.」

「You’re so annoying Oku-kun!」

After eating breakfast with Awayume we leave the house walking to school.

「Oh right Oku-kun, how’s your review been going for the midterm tests?」

Tests? What’s this? How come no one’s ever told me about it!

「Midterm… tests?」

「Ya, this week is test week, could it be you didn’t review anything Oku-kun?」

「Ah… About this… Because of this and that…」

「Sigh, in short you didn’t review anything right, Oku-kun you idiot.」

Awayume looks very helpless. Speaking of it since we were young Awayume’s marks have always been a lot better than mine, every time there’s a test I’ve got to rely on her pre-test tutoring to be able to just barely pass. Even the school entrance test for this school in Tokyo was because of her help that I managed to luckily get accepted.

「It’s okay… In any case… Ah! You have help me Awayume!」

「Your attitude is entirely the same as Nobita going to Dor*mon for help Oku-kun! I’ve already said before that you can’t rely on me for tutoring before every test, you need to properly listen in class!」

Well. since entering the school there’s always been this thing or that thing, causing me to be unable to properly listen in class… Okay it’s just me not trying! But even though Awayume says this every time, in the end she still won’t leave me on my own every time, sure enough this time I still have to rely on her.

「All in all, Awayume, I still have to rely on you this time!」

「Sigh… This is the last time, okay?」


Since a long time ago when Awayume started helping me, she always says “This is the last time, okay”, but every time I still have to shamefully rely on her…

After walking into the school and agreeing with Awayume to go to the library to study at lunch, we go to our own classes. When I’m about to walk through the classroom door, I see Kamina Eno who is also just about to enter the classroom door and I suddenly think of a problem.

「Um, Miss Kamina?」


「You know there’s tests this week right? You definitely know!」

「I know.」

「Then that’s where the problem comes.」

I stare at her with a serious expression, her expression is always oblivious.

「How do you plan on doing multiple choice questions?」

Isn’t this problem too cruel for her? You’ve got to choose so many things for multiple choice questions, won’t this make make her choose until she cries!


「Huh? Feeling?」

「Yes, feeling.」

「Isn’t this a bit too unreliable! In short you plan on guessing for every question right?」

「Yes… No?」


Kamina Eno really is an existence that makes people despair, she’s especially a student who will make the teachers despair. There simply isn’t a single teacher who can stand a student whom no matter how you teach her, in the end even if she knows the answer to the question she still has to guess.

「Good luck…」

After saying this to her I return to my seat. Speaking of it, when I walked into the classroom I noticed that the entire class was a lot quieter. Clearly in the past whenever I came in I could always hear them quietly condemning me and whatnot, how come they all look so nervous today?

「Hey… why do you guys seem very nervous looking at me?」

I’m asking the boy beside my seat, he’s also the person who asked me before if I was really a lolicon.

「C… Classmate Aoba! Please let me go!」

Huh? Why does he look so terrified?

「Don’t be nervous, do I look that scary?」

「We all know about what you did… Before it was all our fault, please forgive us!」

Exactly what happened?

「Can I ask you to explain everything to me?」

「E… Explain what?」

「Of course it’s why you guys are looking at me so nervously right now…」

「I… I understand now! We already understand your terror Classmate Aoba… No! Your dominance!」

Do I actually also have a dominating aura that makes people submit without needing to lift a finger? Then how come I was beaten so badly a few days ago?

「Please explain this so-called “dominance”.」

This boy looks like he’s already about to cry.

「Did you beat the crap out of an upperclassman a few days ago?」

「Um… There was indeed a bit of a fight.」

I also had the crap beaten out of me okay? That was multiple people against me by myself!

「And then that senior put out word that he would definitely make you unable to keep staying in this school. In the end after your companion, Student Council President Asakusa-senpai heard this, she made that senior clean the entire schoolyard after school using the reason of school labour, moreover she even personally supervised him. Friday after school that senior kept cleaning the schoolyard until two in the morning and fainted from exhaustion! I heard that right now he’s still lying in the hospital…」

… Asakusa-senpai is definitely a demon! I only knew that she said she would help me take care of this thing, she actually dealt with it like this! I finally understand what the situation is with the “warning” written in that “Conspiring with the student council to give a warning” post I saw on the weekend with Yu.

「Classmate Aoba… Excuse me, are you satisfied with this explanation?」

He carefully asks me, like he’s afraid I’ll also make him go do school labour.

「I’m good… Thank you.」

「Y-Y-You’re welcome! Don’t mention it!」

Seeing that I seem to have “forgiven” him, he exhales a long breath at his seat.

Even though what Asakusa-senpai did to the senior was very excessive, she ultimately did it for me. I naturally can’t say anything about her, in the end I can only say — The power hierarchy really is amazing.

The tests start tomorrow and continue until Friday. Today all of the students are very serious during class time, and I also magically listen to the lesson, but I discover that there are a lot of questions I don’t understand. I write them all down in my notebook and plan on going to ask Awayume. At noon I go to Awayume’s classroom to look for her, planing on eating lunch with her and then going to the library.

「Oku-kun… I heard classmates say that last week you fought with a senior from our school, is it true?」

Awayume actually also found out about this…

「Ya, it’s true.」

「To think that the hooligan harassing Sena was actually a senior from our school, the way Asakusa-senpai punished him really is satisfying!」

Huh? I was already ready to do my best to cover this thing up, who’d have thought this was actually how Awayume understood it…

「That’s right, exactly, I also didn’t think that person was actually a senior from our school!」

「Ya! Oku-kun did a great job! But you have to remember to not be too rash in the future, if you can solve the problem without fighting then please do so, otherwise if something were to happen to you Oku-kun… I…」

Awayume’s soft little hand gently grabs my hand, through the warmth of her palm I and feel her deep care of me.

「Ok, I promise.」

After hearing my promise, the corners of her lips stretch into a beautiful curve and she smiles sweetly.

After finishing eating we go to the library to study together… Or I should say Awayume is one-sidedly tutoring me. I get answers from her for all of the problems I had accumulated from the morning, Awayume is very skilled at teaching people, this probably has a really big correlation with me going to her for help for tests since I was young.

Only when it’s almost time for the afternoon classes do we split up at the library and agree to continue after returning home.

After finishing seriously listening to the afternoon classes, I still copied down the questions I didn’t know, while I was seriously listening to the lessons the afternoon classes passed by very quickly. After school me and Kamina Eno go together to the God Chosen Club’s clubroom, when we arrive there Asakusa-senpai and the others are already there.

「Yo Lo-kun, how’s your body.」

「They’re all minor injuries, adding that the rubbing alcohol and ointment were all very good, I’m already about healed.」

「Then it looks like it wasn’t that serious, and I thought it was serious when I saw you at the time and you looked like you were practically about to die.」

「Huh? You’re hurt Aoba-kouhai? I’m telling you, when you go to the balcony to borrow female underwear you can’t directly jump over it, you have to learn to observe the structure of the house.」

「I wouldn’t be injured over this sort of thing okay! Speaking of it why are you so familiar with this, didn’t you say you’ve never done this sort of thing?」

「I know a little… I just know a little bit, I’ve still yet to put it to practise.」

「If you put it to practise I’ll pretend like I’ve never known you Akiha-senpai.」

「You’re so cruel Aoba-kouhai!」

「Oh right.」

I then look towards Asakusa-senpai and sincerely thank her.

「Why are you thanking me? Is it because I just so happened take you home a few days ago.」

「That’s also included, there’s also the matter of you helping me in school Senpai.」

Askausa-senpai is a bit surprised.

「You know about it Oku-kun? And I thought you would definitely say my method was too extreme.」

「I do indeed think so… But I understand that you did everything to help me and Awayume.」

Awayume waves her hand expressing that I don’t need to think anything of it, she’s just this kind of senior, she will silently help her juniors. Sure enough having a senior like her really is a lucky thing.

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