AAIAALSS Chapter 28: The second date after test week

This really was a tiring week, everyday I repeated the painful cycle of test, study, test, study.

Your average person has subjects they’re good at or bad at in terms of learning, only a rare few people can conquer the subjects they’re bad at and achieve dominance in every subject. And in reality I don’t have a subject I’m particularly bad in, if you’re asking why, it’s because before every test Awayume will tutor me in everything… Causing me to basically not be particularly weak in any subject, of course, there also isn’t any subject where I get high marks.

Awayume is really amazing, regardless of liberal arts or sciences she’s virtually good at them all. I once asked her how she could accomplish the learning of so many subjects, at that time she said with a joking tone– “It’s all to help you face the tests”, recently I no longer feel like she was joking.

Finally, with the ring of the bell the final physics test is finally over, a lot of students lean over their seats in relief. There are also some students surrounding the students with better marks in the class, asking about the answers to questions they’re uncertain about, after obtaining the answer some are happy and some are sad. In my opinion this sort of action is actually completely meaningless, no matter what the answer is, the fixed reality won’t change. Maybe some people will rejoice when knowing that the correct answer matches their own, but more people will start to mope and lament.

I look towards Kamina Eno and nod my head to her, then I walk out of the classroom. Five minutes later, I notice that she still hasn’t left the classroom, so I go in to check up on her and discover that she is still sitting in her seat.

「Didn’t I tell you to come out to go to the clubroom together?」

「Did you?」

… And I thought that if I nodded my head to her she would be able to tacitly understand my meaning, turns out that I was just thinking too much of myself.

「Okay, let’s go now then.」

This time Kamina Eno finally comes with me together to the God Chosen Club clubroom. The inside of the clubroom is still as quiet as usual, Akiha-senpai is examining a pair of white spotted underwear, Asakusa-senpai is reading a bunkoban, and Amamiya Kotosuzu is wearing her personal maid outfit with a relaxed smile and holding a teapot, prepared to pour tea for me and Kamina Eno who just came. (TL: Bunkoban, small paperback book. Could be a normal book, could be a manga.)

「Lo-kun, you guys are here, how’d the test go?」

Asakusa-senpai puts down her bunkoban and asks about how I feel about my test using the dependable appearance of a senior looking after her junior. This really isn’t like her at all…

「Asakusa-senpai, right now are you thinking of me saying that I did very bad, and then you can take the opportunity to ridicule me?」

「… Che, I was actually seen through.」

She curls her lip, sure enough her appearance just now was an act.

「I did okay, but you should be asking Kamina Eno, I think she should be in a lot of trouble…」

Even though Asakusa-senpai and the others still don’t know yet that Kamina Eno is afflicted with analysis paralysis, Kamina Eno’s usual unreliable performance is obvious to everyone.

「Feel, pretty good.」

「You can’t use your feeling as an excuse to avoid the test results.」

「Speaking of it, how’d you do Senpai.」

Asakusa-senpai seems to have been anticipating the entire time for me to ask this question, she reveals a confident smile.

「If the pervert over there didn’t misperform, number one for the second year section this time is definitely mine again!」

This sentence seems to have some sort of special meaning…

「That pervert is referring to … Akiha-senpai? How come you have to say if he didn’t misperform?」

「Even though I don’t want to admit it, this pervert’s marks are indeed better than mine.」


I didn’t think that Akiha-senpai who is never serious actually has such good marks…

「You seem to not believe that I have good marks Aoba-kouhai, know that I’m a person who’s received an elite education before!」

「Then how come you say that if he didn’t misperform then you’re number one Senpai?」

I don’t get it at all, if Akiha-senpai didn’t misperform shouldn’t his marks be higher than Asakusa-senpai’s?

「Hehe, because as long as he performs as normal on the tests, he can definitely correctly answer all of the multiple choice questions on the tests, and then write answers related to underwear on all of the subjective questions!」

「It’s actually like that…」

「It’s nothing really.」

「We aren’t complimenting you Akiha-senpai!」

Right now I really feel scared of Akiha-senpai’s obsession towards underwear, after all if it was me I wouldn’t be able to write views related to lolis on my test.

「During the last test, there was a question about Japanese bridge designs, in the end this pervert forcibly drew the bridge as underwear and was kicked out on the spot from the test room by the supervising teacher.」


「Actually I drew it this time too, but I didn’t let the supervising teacher see it!」

「Don’t be so proud of yourself Akiha-senpai!」

I finally understand why Asakusa-senpai is so confident…

「Then, how’d you do Classmate Amamiya?」

「Speaking of it, Lo-kun, why do you always call me senpai but not her?」

「Huh? What do you mean…」

「Amamiya’s a third year senior.」

… This really is the first I’m hearing of this, Amamiya Kotosuze has always looked like a very shy little girl who very easily blames herself, her cute appearance makes people entirely unable to tell that she’s actually a third year senior!

「This sort of thing… is okay, anyhow… anyhow I’m not the slightest… sob… slightest bit… like a third year senior… sob sob sob…」

She’s gonna crying! She’s really about to cry!

「Don’t cry Amamiya-senpai! It was all my mistake! I’ll call you Senpai from now on!」

「Huh? Really?」

「Absolutely yes!」

I once again stop her.

I work as usual in the clubroom, when time’s about up dusk has already dyed the entire clubroom, at this time my cellphone receives a text.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Are you free this weekend, can you continue dating Hatsuyuki?」

Aoba Oku 「Ya, I do have time this week, are you deciding the time?」

A while after I sent the text, she once again texts back.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Then how’s about tomorrow at 10, the location is that amusement park closest to your home.」

Isn’t this the place me and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki first met?

Aoba Oku 「I understand, but I have a request.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Request?」

Aoba Oku 「Ya, I hope that tomorrow I can date her by myself, and not decide on what to do according to your help.」

This time she is silent for even longer.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「I understand.」

Aoba Oku 「Ok, then that’s it, goodbye.」

Originally I thought the texting would end here like before, but very soon my cellphone rings again.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Goodbye.」

… She would never respond to me again in the past.

The next day.

I’m already at the amusement park at around 9:30, this time I’m finally here a step before Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki. But not waiting for over 10 minutes, a black-haired little loli in a black dress gradually appears in my vision.

「You’re here Yoruhisa, then let’s go in?」

She slightly nods her head, her calm expression doesn’t look like she’s opposed against me in any way.

Me and her line up together buying two tickets, there’s no child ticket because Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is a bit taller than Sena, one is just perfectly below the 150cm height line and the other is a bit taller.

Right now is already the middle of autumn, there is a slight chill in the air. I’m a bit worried if she’ll be a bit cold because she’s wearing just a black dress.

「Um, Yoruhisa, will you be cold wearing just a dress?」

She shakes her head expressing that she’s fine, she doesn’t look like she’s pushing herself. I think for a moment about what we should play first, we definitely can’t head straight for the rollercoaster like with Sena. that’s simply an inhuman behaviour.

I don’t plan on asking Yoruhisa what she wants to play, she definitely won’t say anything. So after thinking about a lot, I ultimately choose the one I want the least — The carousel.

I take Yoruhisa to line up at this attraction that is very popular with children and couples, only after seeing that the person in front of us is a female do I let Yoruhisa line up behind her, and then I line up behind Yoruhisa. Even though I say I don’t need Yoruhisa Shikyuki’s help, I still remember the reminders she gave me from the last date.

Very soon it reaches our turn, she expressionlessly gets onto a wooden horse while I sit in the position beside her. Even though this is also an attraction popular with couples, during the entire ride me and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki don’t have any interactions such as going around holding hands like other stupid couples.

We just silently sit on these constantly turning wooden horses that also sway up and down, I think in the eyes of others we definitely look like two strangers? This is the result of me coming in after resisting my konibyo. (TL: See chapter 5 for konibyo)

After leaving the carousel ride, I take her to a ride countless times less thrilling than the roller coaster– The West Japan train ride. This is actually just sitting in a cart similar to a roller coaster’s, and then travelling on a track without any ups and downs, looking at the greenery on the two sides of the cart.

Speaking of it, how could West Japan have so much vegetation?

Me and her each sit on one side of the cart, looking at the greenery on the two sides. The train moves very steadily, there isn’t any shaking, this is probably good for visitors who have just finished riding the roller coaster to come calm their nerves.

We still silently finish this ride, not only this one, the following few rides are basically all passed like this. I’m starting to slightly regret not wanting Yoruhisa Shikuyuki’s help, without her I don’t even know what Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki likes to play. But since I’ve already said so, I’ve got to take it to the end. After thinking back and forth, I decide I should directly ask her what she wants to play.

「Sorry, the rides we rode before were all very boring weren’t they, can you tell me whatever you want to play from now on?」

Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki looks very hesitant, but this makes me feel hopeful, if she didn’t want to say she would have just expressionlessly stared at me. After thinking for a long time she suddenly points at a tall structure.

But luckily… It’s not the roller coaster, it’s the ferris wheel.

「You want to ride that?」

Yoruhisa Hatsuyki nods her head.

「Okay then, let’s go.」

Under normal circumstances there are relatively few visitors who ride the ferris wheel at noon, but since she wants to ride it I obviously don’t have a reason to refuse.

If it was later, a popular attraction like the ferris wheel would have had a very long line up, but right now we only line up for a bit before getting on the ferris wheel. After getting in the cabin, I’m still about to sit on the opposite side from her, but at this time I notice that Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki’s expression isn’t quite right.

「Are you okay?」

After hearing my question she lowers her head, seemingly unwilling to look at me. But I feel like it’s not because she’s afraid of me, there should be another reason.

「If something’s wrong, we can still get off on time while the ferris wheel hasn’t started turning.」

She lightly lifts her head up a bit and looks at me timidly, she then says a sentence to me with a stutter.

「I want… to go to the washroom.」

It’s actually this reason! No wonder she feels embarrassed to tell me this sort of thing, any girl would feel embarrassed right? Of course, if it was Sena then it would be uncertain.

「Then let’s get off right now, okay?」

After all we’ve only just gotten on, the ferris wheel hasn’t started yet, it’s not too late to get off right now. If it starts then it’ll be about half-an-hour before we can get off.

「If we get off… then we can’t come back on right?」

It is indeed so… The ferris wheel ride has already been checked off on our tickets, we can’t ride it again unless we run out again to buy new tickets.

「It’s okay, if you really want to ride it then we can just go out again to buy new tickets.」

「… It’s okay, I will… do my best.」

Huh? What does this “do my best” mean?

「Do your best for what?」


She’s not speaking again, but from the looks of it she doesn’t plan on getting off. In that case her doing her best is probably to– hold on for half-an-hour.

At this time the ferris wheel slowly starts moving, I know that at this time there’s no way to go back now…

Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki has her head lowered the entire time, right now it looks like she can still hold on. I am entirely not in the mood to look at the scenery from the ferris wheel, right now I’m cheering for her the entire time in my heart…

The ferris wheel slowly turns, with the visitors outside the window becoming smaller and smaller, where we are also becomes higher and higher. I gradually notice that the legs of Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki who has her head lowered the entire time are starting to restlessly wiggle, this shows that she’s already feeling somewhat unable to hold it in.

「Um… Can you still hold on?」


Her nearly inaudible response I guess is expressing that she can still hold on. A long time later when our cabin is already at the peak of the ferris wheel, Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki already looks very uncomfortable, her legs are tightly squeezed together.

Telling her to hang on at this time is asking too much of her right? I’m also very anxious in my heart, my mood right now is no less relaxed than when I was surrounded in a small alley a few days ago.

After thinking about it for a long time, I finally boldly open my mouth saying to her:

「If… If you honestly can’t hold on, just do your business… here? I absolutely won’t look, and I absolutely won’t tell anybody!」

This bold suggestion of mine makes Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki who is sitting on the other side quiver, she slowly raises her head that has been lowered for a dozen minutes and looks at me. The tears are already flowing non-stop in her eyes, with just a soft blink they will flow out. Her small lips are tightly shut, I can tell she’s already about to reach her limit…

「No… I will… do my best.」

After difficulty saying this she lowers her head again, at this point she actually still wants to hold on?

With the passage of time, the ferris wheel is slowly about to reach the ground, and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki’s situation is already very bad. Her body is trembling the entire time, quite evidently she’s about to be unable to hold it in!

From my perspective the final 2-3 minutes pass by unbelievably slowly, I pretty much think that every single second is too much. When the observation cabin finally opens, I immediately pick up Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki. At this time I simply don’t have the time to ask for her permission, I can feel how violently her little body is trembling.

After getting out of the cabin I rapidly walk towards the nearest washroom in the amusement park, as for why I’m walking? Because right now Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is simply unable to bear the shaking caused from running!

I rapidly walk to the washroom, only at this time do I think of a problem– Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is a girl, how should I enter the women’s washroom? But after thinking for just a few seconds I no longer hesitate!

Go lolicon! Bestow upon me strength Lolicon Spirit!

I resolutely carry Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki and calmly walk into the women’s washroom, completely ignoring the gazes like looking at an alien of the female visitors in the washroom. I fortunately find an empty stall and then after putting down Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki with a suitable posture, I’m about to leave right away. But right when I turn around, I feel a nearly imperceptible force grab my clothes. I turn around and with a glance I discover that it’s her shakingly extending her hand.

「Under… wear.」

Pu! I actually forgot about this, right now she doesn’t even have the ability to take off her own underwear!

To… To think that I’ll actually fail here? In the end Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki will still wet herself? As a lolicon can I only manage to do this much?

No! I am a lolicon with the duty of loving and protecting little lolis!

After a moment of clarity, I inhale a deep breath and extend my two hands towards the inside of Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki’s skirt. With my action arises the cries of surprise of the female visitors in the washroom, but it’s already too late! Along her soft skin I find the two sides of her underwear and then firmly pull them down. I once again ignore the gazes like looking at an alien scumbag of the female visitors and calmly make my exit.

At this moment, I feel that my Lolicon Spirit has risen to a higher level.

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