AAIAALSS Chapter 22: Is It Really Okay To Only Be Thinking Of The Topic Now?

Waking up in the morning the room I’m in gives me a fright, and then I slowly remember that right now I’m in the Natsukawa family’s villa. After washing up in the washroom in the room and walking out of the room, there is already someone waiting for me at the door.

「Good morning sir, please follow me to the dining table.」

「Um… Good morning, let’s go then.」

I’m still very unused to having people always calling me sir. Following her into a room, the so called “dining table” inside is honestly a bit ridiculously big, and Natsukawa Yu is already seated. It looks like she’s waiting for me.

「Big Brother, did you sleep well last night?」

「Pretty good, how’s your ankle right now?」

「It’s fine, it was just a slight sprain. Speaking of it I still haven’t asked what your name is Big Brother.」

I keep getting the feeling that there’s something different about Natsukawa Yu, if I had to say it’s probably that she no longer makes a fuss like yesterday. Speaking politely like this is the grace that the young misses of the Natsukawa family should have, sure enough she was just too scared yesterday so she lost her composure.

「My name’s Aoba Oku.」

「I see, yesterday you said you are living in Tokyo Aoba-oniisan?」

「It’s like this, Kandatsu is my hometown, I’m currently going to high school in Tokyo.」

「Which high school?」

Natsukawa Yu seems to be very interested about my situation in Tokyo. Not only does she ask where my highschool is, she even asks about the location of the apartment where I’m living at.

Breakfast is simple and delicious., there are a lot of dishes but only a bit of each. I’m basically 80% full after eating everything. I look at Natsukawa Yu’s plate, she basically only took a small bite of everything and then stopped, I can tell that she doesn’t have a big appetite.

After finishing eating she sees me off to the entrance of the villa and watches the butler bring me down the mountain. She was very well-mannered, there’s no signs at all that she’s that little loli last night who was punching and kicking me.

「Mister Aoba, can I call you that.」

On the way down the mountain, the butler starts talking with me.

「Yes, of course, if you could not use “you” to address me that would be even better, after all I’m a lot younger than you.」 (TL: There’s a more polite and respectful way of pronouncing/writing the Chinese word for “You” in Chinese. Respectful version,您, casual version,你.)

「I understand, then may I ask a favour of you Mister Aoba?」

「Please speak.」

「I hope that you won’t tell other people about the matter of The Young Misses getting lost last night.」

She’s ultimately the young misses of the Natsukawa family, if this matter was to be known by others if would have a bad effect on her.

「I understand.」

「I truly am very thankful to you Mister Aboa, if you have any troubles in the future you can call me. Even if you are in Tokyo it is okay, please do not be shy.」

The butler uncle takes out a business card from the pocket of his suit and hands it over to me, on it is his basic profile — Ebashi Yamaoka, President of the NK Group, behind there’s also his personal contact number.

「So you’re the president of the NK Group…」

「Mister Aoba also knows the NK Group? This is actually a family business the Natsukawa family handed over to me to take care of.」

The NK Group, a company basically all light novel authors know of, because this is a company dedicated to anime adaptations. Moreover the majority of works the company decides to adapt are all top-quality in the industry. Basically any work that catches the NK Group’s eye can obtain very high ratings.

「Actually I’m also an illustrator, I have some contact with all of this stuff, that’s why I know the NK Group… 」

「So that’s how it is, then do you want to consider coming to our company to work Mister Aoba?」

This is a very tempting invitation. You need to know that the illustrators working at the NK Group are all very amazing, only like that do they deserve the NK Group’s pay that is far higher than the average level in the industry.

「It’s okay… I still haven’t reached the standard of the NK Group’s professional illustrators, I’m just an amateur compared to them.」

I’m not just saying that, the NK Group’s illustrators are basically proficient in all types of illustrations, and I’m only confident in drawing illustrations related to lolis.

「You can actually consider it a bit more, even if your skill isn’t up to par right now, as long as you learn from other illustrators you’ll definitely be able to get better.」

President Ebashi’s meaning is that I can totally get in, receive a high wage, and then I can even have the opportunity to learn from other illustrators? Isn’t this too awesome!

「Thank you for your kindness, right now I’m still primarily studying in high school, I can’t completely devote myself to work so I’ll have to decline.」

「Is that so? Hm… It is true that it is better for Mister Aoba to treat school with priority right now, but if you have the intention you can call me at any time, even if you work part-time at the NK Group we will still give you the same pay as everyone else. Of course, if you have anything else you need help with please don’t be polite either.」

Isn’t this treatment a bit too good? If you say another two words I’ll definitely be unable to help agreeing!

「Okay, if I need help for something in the future I might come to trouble you President Ebashi..」

「You are too polite Mister Aoba, it is no trouble at all. After all you are the person who safely brought back Miss Natsukawa. This is a very great debt to us.」

Afterwards President Ebashi brings me to Ando-sensei’s home and picked up Kamina Eno. Speaking of it, she isn’t surprised at all at the suddenly appearing luxury car and calmly sits inside. Afterwards he takes me to the entrance of Tamaki Inn and after helping me bring down from the trunk the old-fashioned bicycle Asakusa-senpai got from god knows where, he says good bye to us.

「Um, Kamina, in a bit if Asakusa-senpai asks where I stayed last night, just say that I stayed the night with you at Ando-sensei’s home, okay? Say okay.」


After all I promised President Ebashi before I wouldn’t tell anyone about the matter of Natsukawa Yu getting lost. If Asakusa-senpai knows I stayed somewhere else last night, she’ll definitely get to the bottom of everything.

「Tamaki-obaasan, we’re going back today, thank you for your care these past few days.」

I meet Tamaki-obaasan at the entrance and go up to greet her. These past few days she really has taken very good care of us, the meals she prepared everyday were all very hearty.

「We’re all family, there’s no need to be so polite. You’ve got to come back to Kandatsu more often in the future Oku-kun.」

「Okay, when I have the chance I’ll definitely come back.」

At this time I see Asakusa-senpai with the others and Utsukushi-chan walking out with their luggage, but I notice Utsukushi-chan covering her eyes the entire time. And then with a glance I understand why she needs to cover her eyes.

「Akiha… Senpai… Where’s… Your pants?」

A piece of equipment is clearly missing on Akiha-senpai’s body, exposing his two legs he walks at the very front without any care. The vibrant look on his face seems to be very smug.

「Pants? Of course I lost them all!」

「Even the two pairs I lent you?」

「Hahaha, that’s right, don’t mind it Aoba-kouhai, I’ll pay you back after we return.」

「What is it that gave you the courage to walk out wearing a top and underwear Akiha-senpai! Most importantly why do you look so happy?」

「Hahaha, do I look very happy?」

Right now Akiha-senpai is as happy as though he won the lottery.

「You’re laughing like you’re asking to be hit.」

「Is that so, hahaha!」

Oh my god, I don’t even dare to imagine what kind of scene it’ll be like of Akiha-senpai having a delighted smile on his face, walking on the street and even the train not wearing pants. I look towards Asakusa-senpai, her expression right now is very calm.

「Senpai, can you explain things to me?」

「The reason is actually very simple, he finally beat me once so I gave him a pair of my underwear.」

… No wonder Akiha-senpai can still be so happy even after losing all of his pants.

「Don’t you care Senpai?」

「Of course not, in any case it’s just a pair I just bought and still haven’t worn yet.」

Hearing Senpai’s words, the smile on Akiha-senpai’s face abruptly disappears.

「You… You actually gave me an unworn pair?」

「It’s not like you said it had to be a used pair you pervert, anyhow isn’t it all underwear.」

「Y-Y-Y-Y-You… Used and unused underwear are two completely different things! Unused ones are just a piece of cloth!」

「It’s not like you said anything before, I’ve already given it to you now so it’s too late to go back now.」


Akiha-senpai completely breaks down, I honestly can’t watch on anymore and stand out pleading to Asakusa-senpai.

「Senpai, Akiha-senpai is too pitiful like this. How’s about you switch things back with him, otherwise we’ll have to sit together on the train with a pervert who doesn’t wear pants….」

「If you put it like that you’re pretty right, if he’s willing to return to me that pair of underwear I can give back to him all of the pants he lost to me before.」

「Akiha-senpai, Asakusa-senpai has already given her word, just switch things back.」

In the ends Akiha-senpai finally puts on his pants and goes out with us, making it so that we won’t be surrounded and stared at.

「Actually… I’ve worn that pair of underwear before.」

Asakusa quietly says beside my ear while Akiha-senpai isn’t paying attention.

「Good thing Akhia-senpai didn’t hear what you said, otherwise he’d definitely rather take his pants off and find you to take back that pair of underwear…」

「Of course I know that pervert could do such a thing, but I have to thank you for helping me get my underwear back. Honestly if it was just a pair of underwear I wouldn’t care, it’s just I can’t stand the recipient being that pervert. Although if it’s you Lo-kun I can consider giving it to you~」

「No thanks.」

I decisively reject Senpai’s “kindness”.

「Utsukushi-chan, you don’t actually need to see us off to the train station.」

Today is Saturday, Utsukushi-chan doesn’t have classes so she came over to see us off, but I’m scared she’ll be like last time and see us off with a face of tears.

「Onii-chan, I definitely won’t cry this time, because… you’ll still come back in the future, right?」

Utsukushi-chan squeezes out a warm smile, telling me not to worry.

「I’ll definitely be back.」

「I’ll also study hard and get into Onii-chan’s high school next year!」

「Then I’ll be waiting for you to come Utsukushi-chan!」


The brother and sister theater between me and Utsukushi-chan seems to be too dazzling, causing the others to all distance themselves from us.

「Ah, speaking of it, what did we come to do for this training camp.」

Asakusa-senpai suddenly asks a question.

「What are you saying, of course it’s to study the topic.」

「Topic? Now that you mention it I think there was that, then what was our topic?」

「Of course it’s examining the styles and materials of female underwear.」

「Don’t talk nonsense Akiha-senpai… It’s not this at all.」

「I remember now, it’s examining the site of God. 」

「Not that either! It’s examining local theology and local life!」

「So that’s what it is.」

Asakusa-senpai is enlightened.

「Why are you asking this Asakusa-senpai?」

「No reason, it just crossed my mind that we haven’t written any of the report yet, hahaha.」


This totally isn’t something funny okay! The training camp’s already over and you’re telling me this now?

「It’s fine, isn’t it just a report, just say our memories were all erased after we encountered an act of God and it’ll be fine.」

「Don’t randomly give yourself a seemingly very amazing setting!」

「You really are a busybody Junior!」

「This is entirely your fault Senpai, okay? Actually forgetting what you even came for!」

「Then what do you propose we should do now?」

「If it’s this then I can write it for you guys Onii-chan.」

Utsukushi-chan suddenly chips in, making all of us turn our attention towards her.

「Huh? Indeed letting you write it is okay Utsukushi-chan, but that’s too much trouble to you. You don’t need to force yourself, this is all our mistake.」

「It’s okay… I’m already very happy that Onii-chan and you guys could return to Kandatsu, leave this sort of small thing to me!」


「Be my little sister Utsukushi-chan! Bis Sister will definitely love you a lot!」

Asakusa-senpai steals the lead and hugs Utsukushi-chan with a moved expression, not giving me a chance at all.

「Utsukushi-chan wouldn’t let you!」

「So stingy Lo-kun! You’re clearly already a lolicon, just throw away the siscon attribute!」

「But Utsukushi-chan is also a little loli!」


Utsukushi-chan lowers her head, her shoes rubbing against the ground. I can tell that she is very embarrassed.

「Sigh… Sure enough I can’t steal her.」

「So just give up Asakusa-senpai! Speaking of it, is it really not a hassle to leave it to you Utsukushi-chan?」

「Actually with things like reports all I have to do is ask around in the area, when I’m done I just have to send the findings to Onii-chan, right?」

「No need to send it to him, Utsukushi-imoutochan, I’ll give you my cellphone number, just send it to me!」

Asakusa-senpai seems to have not yet given up, want to get Utsukushi-chan’s contact info through this sort of method?

「Forget it, just send it to her then. Take it easy then Utsukushi-chan.」


After finally dealing with the problem of the report, we arrive at the bullet train station with a peace of mind and prepare to get on the train back to Tokyo.

「Utsukushi-chan, I’ll definitely be back in the future, don’t miss me too much.」

「You have to take care of yourself in Tokyo Onii-chan, don’t keep eating snacks like fast food or cup noodles because you think it’s too troublesome.」

「…. Okay.」

She really is my little sister, my eating habits in Tokyo are crystal clear to her.

Sitting on the train, outside of the window Utsukushi-chan is waving to us the entire time. Asakusa-senpai is also waving to her and even makes the handsign to contact again… Exactly how badly do you want to steal my little sister from me?

“Ding Ding Ding”, the departure notification sound rings in the train. Utsukushi-chan’s figure outside of the windows grows further and further, very soon she disappears in the horizon. We’re finally on our way back to Tokyo.

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