AAIAALSS Chapter 23: If I Can Help You Like This Then I’m Willing

Awayume has been very strange lately, since I’ve returned from the training camp she’ll regularly start randomly spacing out by herself, yet when I ask her she won’t tell me.

If I had to say an exact fact to prove that there really is something wrong with her, it’s that since I’ve returned from training camp she hasn’t conducted any “seduction” behaviour. This is very abnormal.

Maybe someone will say that maybe Awayume has started to come around, no longer using this kind of method to try to change me. But it is not so. Sometimes when I return from outside I can even see Awayume waiting for me in my home, but she won’t notice my appearance due to being troubled over something. When she reacts and then “seduces” me, it then appears really strange and she can only give up.

Awayume really has been very strange recently, so this is the reason why I’m secretly following her…

Don’t say I’m some sort of stalker! According to Sena’s words, I just want to seek the truth.

After successfully hypnotizing myself, with a clear conscious I hide in a corner no one can notice and observe Awayume’s class. If people see my behaviour, with my reputation in the school I’ll definitely be sent to the student council to have a talk with Asakusa-senpai.

Right now is lunch break, after sitting for a bit in the class Awayume goes to the cafeteria to eat lunch. Watching her leave I also immediately follow over. Worth mentioning is that while following her, I need make sure I won’t be discovered by her and also have to just be passing by in the eyes of the other students.

Honestly, as long as Awayume slightly turns her head back to take a look, she’ll notice that the students are all looking in the same direction with a malicious look…

Awayume is lining up in the cafeteria, I’m lining up in the line one window away from the window she’s at. Like this I won’t be discovered by her, even though the two people in front and behind of me are both maintaining a distance from me.

She orders a bowl of tamago gohan (rice mixed with egg), my choice is ramen, and then at a place a few tables away from her I bury my head eating my ramen and continuing to watch her. I eat relatively fast, after finishing eating I continue watching Awayume slowly eat. After she finishes eating, I follow her leaving the cafeteria, she is heading in the direction of the classroom again.

Looks like today’s “Seeking the Truth” program ends here.

Right when I’m about to go back, I notice a boy in front of Awayume’s classroom call out to her, Awayume’s face has a clear expression of helplessness. Afterwards Awayume leaves the classroom doorway with him, going to the school flowerbed, for me this place is a place suitable for hiding.

I don’t know what they’re saying, this sort of scenario is usually a confession right? But when does a guy get this angry during a confession? At this time the boy suddenly emotionally grabs Awayume’s shoulder, Awayume looks very disgusted. I think my “Seeking the Truth” activity this time really is about to end.

After seeing me arrive Awayume is clearly stunned for a moment, she then breaks free from that boy and then the following scenario I think will probably be her having me protect her after hiding behind my back.

That’s what I originally thought, but there’s a bit of a deviation in the following script…

Awayume rushes straight to my face, her two hands hug my neck and her warm lips softly print on my face, touching and leaving like a dragonfly skimming water.

「I said already, he really is my boyfriend.」

Awayume boasts to that boy, completely ignoring me who is standing on the spot with a blank look and completely dazed.

「That’s impossible… How could you be going out with this notorious creep Awayume-kouhai?」

I hear him seem to omit something very important and return to my senses.

「Sorry… Even though I don’t know what happened, I’m not a creep, I’m just a lolicon.」

I’ve got to properly correct him about this.

「Hurry up and get away from Awayume-kouhai you creep! Or else I’ll…」

「I’ve already said I’m a lolicon, not a creep.」

「I’m begging you, please leave Awayume-kouhai alone, if you accept I can introduce little lolis to you.」

「Okay, where…」

I accept very happily, but a wave of pain comes from my waist. Awayume’s eyes look elsewhere.

「How could I accept your request!」

Ah, this sudden pain is finally gone.

「You actually still aren’t willing to leave Awayume-kouhai alone?」

「Why do you have to use the term “leave alone”?」

「You must have blackmailed Awayume-kouhai to be your girlfriend!」

His voice is filled with sorrow, pain, hatred, all in all it’s quite rich.

「Awayume is my girlfriend? How come… Ah ouch ouch ouch! That’s right, that’s right!」

「You’re finally admitting it? Exactly what do you want before you can leave her alone!」

「Um… About this question, Awayume, what should I want to leave you alone?」

「Oku-kun you giant idiot! Who asks the girl about this sort of thing!」

「Senpai, she seems to not know either.」

Senpai starts to feel despair, he seems to not know what to say anymore.

「All in all, sorry Senpai, it’s impossible for me to agree.」

Awayume walks out from behind me and says so to him with an apologetic voice. She then drags away confused me, she drags me back to the school building and stops at a place with few people.

「Why are you here Oku-kun…」

Crap… Asking this right off the bat?

「I’m seeking the truth.」

「What? Forget it, you really helped big time by perfectly appearing there Oku-kun.」

I let out a breath of relief after she doesn’t continue inquiring.

「Speaking of it, why did you suddenly kiss me just now?」

「That… That sort of thing… Whimper… Whimper… You’re a bully Oku-kun!」

Huh? Why are you only becoming so shy now, where did your attitude from a moment ago go?

「Don’t make it seem like I’m the one in the wrong…」

「It’s just your fault Oku-kun!」

So Awayume also has times when she’s unreasonable like this? How novel.

「Let’s just say it’s my fault then, even if it’s my fault you’ve at least got to where I’m wrong. 」

「Of course it’s because, you’re Oku-kun… Oku-kun.」

「My existence is a mistake?」

「It’s not like that, in… in any case it’s your fault Oku-kun.」

Awayume turns her head to the side, secretly looking at me from the corner of her eye and thinking I can’t see.

「Why don’t you tell me first about what’s going on with that senpai just now.」

「Then I still have to start from the beginning…」

「Your abnormality these past few days is also because of this matter right.」

「Ya… Sure enough you were able to notice Oku-kun.」

「It’s because it was honestly too obvious, okay?」

「Was it?」

I’m not so thick as to tell her “It’s very strange that you haven’t been properly seducing me these past few days”.

「Just tell me about it, maybe I can even help you.」

「Fine, I understand… The situation is actually very simple.」

The matter is indeed very simple, during the big choir performance at the Kyoto Theater at the end of Awayume’s training camp, due to the original lead singer suddenly becoming unavailable, in the end Awayume was chosen to be the lead singer. And then this performance was filmed by someone and uploaded to the school forum, Awayume immediately had many admirers, but Awayume doesn’t want to go out with them, in the end…

「So you told them “Aoba Oku is my boyfriend”?」

「Ya… I guess that’s the case.」

「”I guess” is too redundant, it should be “That’s the case”.」

「I know I’m being very selfish and will give you unnecessary trouble when you clearly already have enough problems… But I can’t find any other suitable person. No, I should say…」

Awayume buries her head in my chest.

「Only you can make me say this Oku-kun.」

Awayume’s voice is very pleasant, her voice is filled with a romantic tone.

「I will explain things to them, I won’t use you as an excuse anymore Oku-kun.」

「Do you have any other ideas?」

「… I will find one.」

「Awayume, do you know you’ll only make me feel even more guilty like this.」

「Just think of this as me being a bit selfish, please? In any case I also got a bit of compensation just now…」

My cheek is a bit warm, the kissed skin seems to still have the feeling of Awayume’s pink lips.

「Awayume, just stick with it, if I can help you like this then I’m willing, rather I have the obligation to help you block those people you don’t like.」

「Oku-kun… Are you confessing to me?」

The look in her eyes is very complicated, there’s a bit of hope, but even more is a resolution where even if she’s wrong she won’t be hurt.

「No, because I’m a lolicon!」

Even like this I can only honestly telly Awayume my true thoughts.

「I know…」

The slim hope in Awayume’s eyes fades, her forced smile is painful to look at but I can’t hug her. This will only give her even more illusions.

「If something like this happens again in the future don’t hesitate to call me, I will do my best to pretend to be your boyfriend Awayume.」

「Ok, even if it’s just “pretend” I’m still very satisfied.」

Her stiff smile is like a forcefully bent curve, nobody could be satisfied with this sort of thing.

「Then I’m going back to the classroom first Oku-kun, please take care of me in the future then, boy… friend.」

I watch Awayume walk absently back to the classroom, but I’m unable to comfort her in any way. The reason I’m helping her is primarily because Awayume is one of my few friends, I don’t want her to become misfortunate due to the disturbance of others. But I never thought that actually, it is my existence itself that will bring even more misfortune to her.

After the afternoon classes I go the the God Chosen Club’s clubroom.

「Lo-kun, you’re here, little sis sent her investigation results to me, I’ve already filled in the report form right now!」

「I think it’s not “little sis”, Utsukushi-chan isn’t your little sister!」

「You’re that stingy?」

「No big brother would generously hand over his little sister to someone else!」

「Che, when I steal her over it won’t be up to you.」

… I feel like Asakusa-senpai is a very terrifying person.

Today in the clubroom is still desperately making up for the missed work during the training camp. The speed of Sena’s light novel is honestly too quick, the characteristic of half text, half illustrations naturally increased my workload. When I finally finish today’s work, I’m already the only person left in the clubroom, the sun outside the window is already setting behind the mountains.

I originally planned to go buy a bento at the convenience store to take home, but when I walk out of the school gate I discover a familiar figure.

「Aoba Oku, come have a talk with me.」

It’s that senpai who was talking with Awayume at lunch time.

「I don’t think I have anything to talk about with you Senpai?」

「I feel like I ultimately need to settle things with you about Awayume-kouhai’s matter.」

It looks like he won’t give up, I can only go with him to an alley.

「Aoba Oku, can you give up on pestering Awayume-kouhai?」

「I don’t think I have a reason to do so for you.」

「I should say, I’m advising that it’s better for you to do so.」

A sly smile suddenly surfaces over his face, I discover two strangers walk out from both ends of the alley, staring at me with unfriendly expressions.

「Do you understand now what the situation is? If you promise you won’t pester Awayume-kouhai anymore I’ll let you off the hook today.」

From the very start he didn’t plan on talking things out with me, his full intention was simply to bully me using this kind of method.

「I think this is a bit different from the talk you said at the beginning?」

「Of course I can’t use common sense to talk with a pervert like you, only after being taught a few lessons can you fully understand, right?」

The people at the two ends of the alley surround me, there isn’t any chance of escape. Under this sort of situation there’s only one method I can choose, right?

「Sorry Senpai, it’s all because of my immaturity that I would do such a thing. I definitely won’t pester Awayume anymore.」

My voice immediately becomes humble, making him a bit stunned. Then he walks over to me, with a smile of disdain and contempt he looks down at me while my head is lowered.

「You really are a piece of trash, a pervert like you doesn’t even deserve to be Awayume-kouhai’s dog.」

His words become more and more unbridled. After getting close to me, a fierce light flickers in his eyes. I know very well that it’s impossible for him to let me off the hook today, no matter what I’m going to be getting a beating, so…

「That’s right, so I’ll trouble you with one thing Senpai.」

I suddenly walk forward on my own and use all of my strength, punching him in the face, the sound of my fist smashing into his face clearly travels over in the air.

「Just treat it like you were bitten by a dog.」

Since I was a kid I’ve almost never gotten into a fight before, naturally I wouldn’t understand any fighting techniques. The punch just now not only knocked him onto the ground, I also fell onto the ground with the momentum, but I absolutely can’t be satisfied like this.

My chest is filled with blazing anger, I sense that my body is trembling right now, but it’s definitely not because of fear. With a twisted face I throw myself onto his body that has fallen to the ground and tangle together with him. I know very well that it’s already too late for me to run away, every punch I get on him is a win. As I expected, the people surrounding me quickly rush over, attempting to pull us apart, but I’m grabbing him very tightly. Seeing that they can’t pull me apart, they heavily kick me while I’m lying on the ground.

Right now there isn’t a single place on my entire body that doesn’t hurt, but with the rush of blood in my head I can’t give it much thought. In my eyes there’s only him alone, but my consciousness slowly starts to blur, I don’t even know if my fists are hitting him.

With blurry vision I subconsciously swing my fists, again, again, and again. I can no longer feel the pain in my body.

I don’t know how time passed and I don’t know how much time had passed. Maybe it was a short ten seconds, maybe it was 5-6 minutes, or maybe even longer, but up until before I lost consciousness I was still mechanically swinging my fists.

And before I lost consciousness, I think I also heard a different voice. That voice sounded very familiar, the tone of the voice was filled with urgence.

But it was all over right? Just think of it as retribution for the things I’ve done that hurt Awayume for all these years?

I won’t fall in love with Awayume, because I am a lolicon, I will only like lolis.

But… I greatly treasure Awayume.

Because she is my friend who has always been by my side since I was young, for her I’m willing to commit this sort of barbaric act that I clearly look down upon the most.

For her, I want to fight with those whom will harm her.

This is the only thing that, I, the person who has hurt her the most can do…

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