AAIAALSS Chapter 15: The Strongest Dating Guide In The World Is The Date’s Older Sister

Let it be learned, the best wingman is not your best friend, it is your target’s older sister… Younger sister too maybe… Father?

Aoba Oku 「Sena, I feel like there’s something I need to tell you.」

Nanako-sensei「You pervert lolicon, you can no longer suppress your bestial desire towards me?」

Aoba Oku「If it’s this sort of thing I feel like there’s no need to tell you.」

Nanako-sensei「What do you mean this sort of thing! Is there something else other than this body of mine with a greater allure to a pervert lolicon like you!」

Aoba Oku「I’ve never seen your so called “allure”, I’ve got serious business.」

Nanako-sensei「In any case the serious business of a lolicon is nothing but being about to lay his hands on a little girl by the street.」

Aoba Oku「Um… If you’re saying lay my hands on then it is indeed so, but you also know the target.」

Nanako-sensei「You’re finally about to lay your hands on Classmate Yoruhisa!」

Aoba Oku「How do you know?」

Nanako-sensei「Sigh, from the day you saw her I knew this sort of thing would happen. How could a pervert lolicon like you let go of such a perfect loli like Classmate Yoruhisa.」

Aoba Oku「No no no, there really is a very deep reason to this.」

Nanako-sensei「Criminals all say they have a reason before committing the crime.」

Aoba Oku「This reason is that Yoruhisa Shikuyuki wants me to go out with her little sister Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki!」

Nanako-sensei「So criminals will all try to hypnotize themselves before striking.」

Aoba Oku「It’s true! Last time after you left I met Yoruhisa Shikuyuki, and then she asked me to help.」

Nanako-sensei「You’re serious? You’re dream lover asked for your help? The content of this help is to have you go out with her little sister?」

Aoba Oku「Absolutely true, she hopes that through going out with her little sister, I can cure Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki’s androphobia.」

Nanako-sensei「Classmate Yoruhisa actually has androphobia? No wonder she’s never ever gotten near a boy in class.」

Aoba Oku「That’s how it is, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki hopes I can cure her androphobia by going out with her little sister.」

Nanako-sensei「But since Classmate Yoruhisa has androphobia, how do you go out with her?」

Aoba Oku「In regards to this Yoruhisa Shikuyuki will help me.」

Nanako-sensei「The older sister helping you chase after the little sister? You really do have a good life you pervert lolicon!」

Aoba Oku「Anyhow that’s how it is, I feel like I do have a need to tell you.」

Nanako-sensei「Why do you want to tell me? The declaration of breaking up and abandoning your old lover?」

Aoba Oku「Me and you have never had the concept of “breaking up”.」

Nanako-sensei「You pervert lolicon, you actually want to have a foot in two boats, you don’t want to give up on me nor Classmate Yoruhisa? You’re clearly just a pervert lolicon but you actually still dare to be so arrogant, considering that you honestly told me I’ll reluctantly agree!」

Aoba Oku「Your idea was wrong from the start. I don’t have any thoughts towards you, so we haven’t even reached the precondition of “breaking up”.」

Nanako-sensei「What a two-faced pervert lolicon!」

Aoba Oku「Then that’s all.」

I’m just about to put down my cellphone when a text is sent over.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Sunday 10 in the morning, that park near Hirakira Middle School, date.」

The text she sent really is concise, she’s already clearly said the time and location, but I’m very clear that my date is her little sister, Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki.

Aoba Oku「I understand.」

Afterwards she doesn’t respond to me. Speaking of it, since I was a kid I think I really have never gone out on a date with a girl, who’d have thought my first time would be going out on a date with capturing as my goal.

“Knock Knock Knock”

Someone is knocking on the door, I open it and see that it is Awayume.

「Don’t you always come in using the key? Why are you knocking?」

Right now I already start feeling that Awayume regularly knocking on the door is what’s strange.

「Most people would think that knocking on the door is what’s right!」

「But for you my home is already no different from yours, right?」

After I finish saying this, Awayume’s face clearly turns red.

「I… Idiot, this sort of thing, that’s not true, a… After all, we… Still haven’t gotten married yet.」

「What? I couldn’t hear the end.」

Awayume’s voice at the end is entirely unhearable.

「It’s nothing, I’m calling you to my house to eat, anyhow Aoba-kun you’re definitely prepared again to randomly eat some stuff to get it over with!」

As she says, at night I usually just randomly eat a bento or something and get it over with.

「Who… Who says, I was just about to go out and buy ingredients to make dinner.」

「There’s no need for that, just come to my home.」

Since Awayume says so, I of course have no reason to refuse. I follow her walking into the room next door.

「Oku-kun hasn’t come to my place in a long time.」

「I’m not like you who has the key to both rooms and can drop in whenever I want.」

「W… What do you mean! If you want I can give my spare key to you.」

「It’s okay, in any case there’s no point in me taking it.」

「I keep getting this sense of failure right now.」

I sit at the dining table and wait for Awayume to cook. But Awayume does not go to the kitchen and instead chooses to go to her bedroom.

She cooks in her bedroom? But after a while I know what she went to do.

「Awayume, you’re dressed like this because?」

「Stupid Oku-kun… Don’t keep staring like that…」

Awayume whose face is completely red with embarrassment walks out from the bedroom. That dress of hers she was originally wearing has now been changed into an apron, the girl’s beautiful figure is hidden under the apron.

「Since you’re embarrassed please don’t come out wearing only an apron and underwear, okay?」

「But… This is the new “seduction method” I thought of.」

So Awayume still remembers the innovation she spoke of last time.

「But you’re already this embarrassed, is there still any meaning?」

「I… I’m going to cook now.」

Awayume who has her head lowered not daring to look at me walks into the kitchen, a dozen minutes laters she’s already made a couple of normal dishes and brings them out.

「Isn’t this dish a bit salty Awayume?」

「Ah… That one, when I was cooking just now I suddenly felt very ashamed… And added too much salt.」

「Then why does this one not have any taste?」

「I was too embarrassed, my mind was completely blank and I didn’t add any seasoning.」

Overall all of the dishes of this meal have all sorts of reasons for straying from their original flavour.


「What’s up?」

「How… Do you think I look in this?」

You say how? Even eating right now I’ve got to avert my gaze from you!

「Affects my appetite.」

「Huh!? You’re too much Oku-kun!」

「But there’s really no point to you being like this.」

「No… Point.」

Awayume puts down her chopsticks and stares at the floor in low spirits.

「You don’t need to be like this either, Awayume just has to be the original Awayume and that’s enough.」

「Original? Do you mean waking you up every morning?」

「The even further back original! Where did you throw your integrity away to!」

「Sob… Oku-kun’s mean.」


Overall I finish eating this meal while doing my best not to look at Awayume.

The time of this week passes by very quickly as I look forward to Sunday, in the blink of an eye it is already Sunday. I arrive at the appointed park, right now there are still 20 minutes until 10 o’clock. I originally wanted to come earlier to wait for them, but in the end I discover that when I arrive Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is already sitting there.

「Um… Did I make you wait for a long time?」

I originally thought Yoruhisa Shikuyuki would also be here, I didn’t expect for it to be Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki alone. At this time my cellphone vibrates, before this I changed my cellphone to vibrate.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「I’ve already told little sis that today you will take her to see a movie. Right now I’m pretending that I have something to do and have to leave, just take her to the cinema.」

I see…

「Yoruhisa-san, your older sister has already told me everything. She’s got some business and she asked me to take you to the movies, is that okay?」

Even though Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki’s head is lowered the entire time, I can still see a slight nod.

「So that’s a yes, let’s go then.」

I turn around first and start walking towards the exit of the park. Turning my head back and taking a look, Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is already following me from a long distance. At this time my cellphone starts vibrating again.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Don’t be so far away, just maintain a distance of half a meter.」

Has she been nearby watching us the whole time… I act as she says and walk to a position half a meter away from Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki, she doesn’t look against it. This place is not too far away from the cinema, after walking for about five minutes we arrive. At this time me cellphone vibrates again.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Choose the latest horror movie, buy three tickets.」

So we’re watching a horror movie… Is it really okay to take a girl to see a horror movie on the first date? Not to mention it’s Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki. Although since she says so I simply have to do as told. Speaking of it why three?

Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki「Buy a bottle of milk coffee, Hatsuyuki likes to drink it.」

Is that so? I go buy a bottle of milk coffee and give it to Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki. Her hand timidly stretches out and receives it.

「Thank… You.」

Woah! Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki spoke! Her first time talking to me is actually to thank me! I’m in an oddly good mood at this moment, milk coffee tactic success!

Because the movie screening I bought is relatively close to the current time, very soon the theater starts checking tickets. I hold the three tickets giving them to the ticket inspector and he uses a strange look looking at us who are only two people. Don’t look at me like that, I don’t know either why it’s three tickets. I originally thought Yoruhisa Shikuyuki would also come in, but now it looks like she doesn’t have this thought at all!

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「After going in look at the genders of the people on the two sides of the three seats. If there is a female on one side then let Hatsuyuki sit in the seat next to that female, leave the middle seat empty and you sit in the other seat. If both sides are males, you sit in a seat next to one of the males, let Hatsuyuki sit beside you and leave the spot next to the other male empty.」

So the three tickets are used like this? That’s some intense planning! Like this the worst result is just having beside her me a male whom she can still manage to accept, so that Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki doesn’t become too scared. I am completely amazed by Yoruhisa Shikuyuki’s intelligence.

After observation, I discover that there are males on both sides of the three seats. Then it looks like I can only go with plan B, I first sit in the seat beside a male.

「Yoruhisa-san, you sit in this seat beside me.」

Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki doesn’t refuse. In regards to sitting with an unknown male, sitting with me is clearly more acceptable for her.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Help Hatsuyuki open her milk coffee, she can’t open it.」

I hurriedly do as she says and have Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki give her milk coffee to me. I open it and then lightly screw it on, with this amount of strength she can also twist it open.

The movie starts playing. This is after all a horror movie, even though Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki was not against coming in together to watch it, from her expression I can tell that she is very nervous.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Put your right hand on the right armrest, no matter what happens next don’t move, also don’t comfort Hatsuyuki on your own.」

I continue to do as she says and place my right hand on the right armrest. As the movie slowly progresses, some scenes are already starting to become scary. Whenever these scenes appear, Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki will be startled. I do as Yoruhisa Shikuyuki said and don’t say anything to her, but I can notice that her body originally leaning on the right side of the seat is gradually leaning towards my side.

With the appearance of a very terrifying scene, a lot of people in the theater scream. Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is also badly scared and she grabs the sleeve of my right arm with one hand. I feel my sleeve tighten, Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is grasping very hard and her little face is ghostly pale. Afterwards with the constant progression of the movie Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki has already completely shrunken to my side, her two hands are both tightly grasping my sleeve and only until the movie finishes does she slowly let go. When the lights in the theater turn on I discover that there are already some tears in her eyes.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Hatsuyuki is already crying right, now you can slightly comfort her and ask to eat lunch.」

She even foresaw this? Yoruhisa Shikuyuki knows her little sister a little too well.

「Um… Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have taken you to see a horror movie, but that you could watch the whole movie is really also very amazing. Let’s go eat some stuff next.」

Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki heavily bites her lip not letting her tears fall, she nods slightly while staring at the floor.

Yoruhisa Shikuyki「Go eat lunchat a place with less people.」

Following this requirement, I do a search around the cinema and discover that a family restaurant doesn’t have much people.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Help Hatsuyuki order a glass of juice and a small hamburger steak.」

After entering the family restaurant I order these two things for Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki while I randomly choose some stuff to eat.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「For the seats first choose to sit diagonally across from Hatsuyuki.」

This is indeed a position that can let her relax the most. After sitting down and waiting for a moment the ordered food gradually starts coming. Even though Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki still looks timid, she still starts to slowly eat. If I was sitting directly across from her or beside her, I think she wouldn’t even have the courage to eat?

At this time customers at the other table leave after finishing eating. The restaurant’s waiter starts walking over to clean up and accidentally bumps Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki who is in the seat behind him. Her body instantly trembles, the juice in her hand falls on the ground and a bit of it also splashes on her skirt.

「Ah, sorry sorry, I’ll wipe it for you right away.」

The panicking waiter hurriedly goes to bring paper towels wanting to help Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki wipe where her skirt has gotten wet.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Stop him, take the paper towel and sit beside Hatsuyuki, you wipe it for her.」

「There’s no need, give the paper towel to me, just let me wipe it.」

I practically rob the paper towel over from the waiter’s hands. Bearing the weird look the waiter is giving me I sit beside Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki and help her wipe her skirt. She remains silent.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「Next up tell Hatsuyuki that I’m coming right away to pick her up, and then you can leave first.」

Is this date over? Thus I stand up.

「Yoruhisa-san, your older sister will be here soon, then I’ll be going back first.」

Same as usual she doesn’t have any reaction, not even a slight nod, and so I turn around leaving my seat.

「Good… Bye.」

An imperceptible good bye, but I hear it loud and clear.

「Haha, good bye.」

At the last moment Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki bids farewell to me on her own, like this I’d say I’ve gotten some points with her.

Sure enough, this all depends on Yoruhisa Shikuyuki’s comprehensive assist, there probably isn’t a better guide in this world than the existence known as the older sister, right?

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