AAIAALSS Chapter 14: The Older Sister Wants Me to Capture The Little Sister

Chinese words of wisdom, if you don’t want people to know, don’t do it. That’s right, I know, I know exactly what you did, and I never forget… You may think I’m bluffing, but let if be known that that cookie was supposed to be mine… I’m so fucking bored.

「Hahaha, Aoba, have you understood my awareness! This is the awareness called “Love”!」

「I also saw that Senpai you really have a very deep attachment towards female underwear.」

This Senpai’s fixation towards female underwear is already entirely in the same league as my love towards lolis. I have to say that in my opinion, he is already a respectable senpai.

「Having said that, exactly how did that pair of underwear you forced onto me last time come to be, you couldn’t have flipped over onto a girl’s balcony to steal it, right?」

If it’s him, there’s really nothing he won’t do for female underwear.

「How could I do such an unprofessional thing? These things are all done by underwear thieves.」

Ah, sure enough this Senpai still has a moral baseline.

「I took my little sis’ underwear from my own house’s balcony and gave it to you.」

「That’s even worse! What little sister can stand her own old brother stealing her underwear!」

I take back my approval of him just now, this Senpai absolutely does not have a moral baseline!

「No no no, my little sister’s freshly washed underwear is a treasure that can be ranked at tier 2!」

I absolutely won’t ask you what the other tiers are.

「By the way, tier 1 is my little sister’s original flavour underwear, tier 3 is the original flavour underwear of bishoujos, and tier 4 is the freshly washed underwear of bishoujos.」

「Enough you damn pervert siscon underwear thief! I don’t want to know at all!」

「Huh? So I’m a siscon? Actually my relationship with my little sister is pretty bad, haha.」

「No shit? That your little sis can allow you to live until now is already showing mercy okay!」

「Who says that, last night when I wanted to borrow her underwear that she just took off while she was going to take a bath and was discovered, she had a towel wrapped around her and chased me around with a katana for half an hour!」

The scene of Akiha-senpai being chased by his little sister in a violent rage gradually surfaces in my mind.

「Serves you right.」

「Aoba you honestly have no sympathy!」

「I have more sympathy towards your little sister, may she chop you to death at an early date.」


At this time the sound of a shattering cup suddenly travels over in the clubroom. Me and Senpai looks towards the source of the sound and discover that it’s Amamiya Kotosuzu wearing her maid uniform who accidentally hit the corner of the table while pouring tea for us, she staggered and pushed Kamina Eno’s cup onto the ground.

「S-s-s-s-s-s-sorry! It’s all my fault for being too stupid! It’s clearly just such a small thing…. This is clearly the only thing that I can do and I still failed, s-s-s-s-s-s-sorry! Are you okay, are you okay!」

Amamiya Kotosuzu looks at Kamina Eno timidly.

「Not okay…」

Me and Akiha-senpai cry out “It’s over!” in our hearts! Sure enough after hearing her say so, Amamiya Kotosuz immediately bursts into tears.


After hearing Kamina Eno say she’s okay, Amamiya Kotosuzu’s crying face immediately weakens a bit.

「You’re really okay?」


Amamiya Kotosuz feels slightly relieved.

「Not really?」

Instantly another wave of crying! I honestly can’t watch any further, letting Amamiya Kotosuzu encounter Kamina Eno is virtually a disaster of epic proportion. If one day we leave the two of them alone together, Kamina Eno will definitely make Amamiya Kotosuzu cry herself hoarse.

「Don’t cry anymore Classmate Amamiya, she really is okay. Look, she doesn’t even have a drop of water on her.」


Amamiya Kotosuzu looks at me pitifully. This appearance of hers really is very easy for boys to have a desire to tease her again, but I suppress this feeling.

「That’s right, really.」

She smiles happily. Me and Akiha-senpai exhale a long breath of relief and the culprit, Kamina Eno stares blankly at us.

After school I receive a message of Sena calling me over to treat her to ice cream, after all I still do indeed owe her a triple scoop. Because there is still a decent amount of time to spare, I don’t call a taxi and instead take the bus over.

「Ah! You actually came so late you pervert lolicon? Sure enough with a new flame you don’t have any interest anymore towards this body of mine!」

「I think there’s a bit of a problem with your way of speaking? When did I ever develop an interest in your body?」

「You were clearly still thinking about my body everyday not long ago, even the illustrations you draw use me as the model you pervert lolicon!」


Holy shit, how does she know? I don’t have a choice either, there simply isn’t anyone else around me who can be used as a sample, and character designs must have a familiar body scale map to be able to be easy to draw, so I can only use her as my sample…

「Hmph, admitting it aren’t you, you pervertlolicon, you’re fantasizing about my body everyday, right!」

「That’s still better than you drooling over the illustrations with you as the model.」

「… You perverted lolicon, you dare to say so!」

「Hurry up and go inside to eat so I can go home earlier.」

「Sure enough you’re starting to lose interest in me after having a new flame!」

Yumeko Sena who is complaining the whole time walks into the cold drinks shop with me and orders a triple scoop ice cream and a cup of orange juice.

「Eh! Hide quick, hide quick!」

Sena suddenly becomes very nervous, she pulls me and finds a position in the corner sitting down.

「Why so nervous!」

「Look over there!」

In the direction she is pointing towards I see a big and little sister whom besides having different heights and uniforms, everything else about them is virtually exactly the same.

「Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki and Yoruhisa… Shikuyuki.」

「That’s right! They’re actually also here!」

「So what if they’re here, they’re just coming to eat some stuff after school.」

「You idiot lolicon, did you forget about us following Hatsuyuki last time? We were both exposed!」

「So what, even if we’re discovered you can just say that that day I brought you to that park to play.」

「… How come when you put it like that I suddenly feel like the situation isn’t that serious anymore.」

「It’s not anything big to begin with.」

At this time Sena suddenly stands up and walks over to the table of the Yoruhisa sisters saying hello. I don’t know what they say and then the three of them walk over together to my table…

Seeing her again I still feel that she is exceedingly beautiful, after growing up her every move seems to possess a sense of beauty.

「Let me introduce to you guys, this is my cousin, Aoba Oku.」

My heart skips a beat, Sena actually directly says my name, I told her my name that night. I secretly take a glance at Yoruhisa Shikuyuki, her face looks very calm, she doesn’t have any reaction towards my name.

Hehe, sure enough after so long she’s already forgotten my name.

「This is Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki, this is her older sister Yoruhisa Shikuyuki.」

I slightly nod my head and then Sena sits in the seat across from me. I have to say that Sena really is very smart. This is a four person dining table, if Sena sits across from me, then only the two seats on the outside can be sit in. At this time as the older sister, Shikuyuki will definitely let her little sister sit together with her classmate and then she’ll only be able to sit with me.

I’m a bit nervous in my heart, but Yoruhisa Shikuyuki doesn’t do as I think. She goes first sitting in the space beside Sena, and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki stands at the side hesitating for a long time before timidly sitting beside me.

The atmosphere right now is very stiff, the Yoruhisa sisters both don’t look like talkative people, and Sena also can’t do anything. At this time Sena seems to think of something and suddenly stands up.

「Hatsuyuki! Do you have any ice cream you like to eat, my cousin promised me to let me pick another flavour of my choosing. Since you’re also here then let my cousin treat you too! Are you okay with that Cousin?」

「Huh… Ya, whatever you guys want.」

I’m a bit slow to react but Sena has already left her seat. Beside me, Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki also immediately stands up and goes with Sena, I think she doesn’t want to sit with me.

After they leave the atmosphere becomes even stiffer. Right now I completely do not dare to look at Yoruhisa Shikuyuki who is sitting diagonally across from me, but to my surprise she speaks first.

「Come to that park from before later.」

What? That park from before? Is it that one we met in a few days ago? Why is she calling me to go there? My heart is full of questions.

Afterwards we don’t speak again, not long later Sena and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki come back carrying two servings of ice cream. Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki sits in Sena’s original spot ahead of her and Sena can only sit beside me.

During this time Sena tries many times to start up a conversation, but she is casually dealt with each time. This makes Sena feel very helpless, in the end after silently eating our ice cream I go the the counter paying the bill and then leave with Sena.

「I say, you couldn’t have said nothing at that time, right?」


For some reason, I don’t want to tell Sena that sentence Yoruhisa Shikuyuki said to me before.

「Sigh, aren’t you a bit too useless you pervert lolicon.」

After letting out a sigh Sena stops a taxi and goes home, she really is a bourgeoisie. After she leaves I start walking towards that park, after arriving I see that Yoruhisa Shikuyuki is already standing there.

I exhale a soft breath and walk over.

「Sorry, did I make you wait here for a long time?」

My way of speaking is like going out on a first date.

「No, I just sent Hatsuyuki onto the car, after coming here and waiting for a moment you came.」

Her voice is still cool as usual.

「So why did you call me here?」

「I want to ask you for a favour.」

「A favour?」

Based on Yoruhisa Shikuyuki’s personality, she actually has a favour to ask from me whom she’s “only met once”?

「Yes, it’s about my little sister.」

Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki?

「What is it, go ahead and say it, if it’s something I can help with I’ll definitely help.」

Ah… Did I say that too quickly, isn’t me being like this like I’m chasing after her and that if I can do it I’ll definitely complete her request.


Her words make me think of her doubt towards me under that starry sky.

「Can you?」

I answer her as firmly as that time.


For an instant I seem to see Yoruhisa Shikuyuki smile slightly, like the thawing spring.

「I hope…」

I wait for her request to me.

「That you can go out with my little sister.」



Are my ears ringing?

「That… Can you say it again?」

「I hope that you can go out with my little sister.」

This sentence sounds like this, but maybe there’s some different meaning, right? It must be like that.

「Does this line have some other meaning? Is the meaning of the term “go out” about the same as “help”?」

「If I have to say it is indeed to help her.」

What’d I say, how can there be a big sister making her little sister go out with a stranger.

「I hope you can go out with my little sister to help her.」

「You’re… Serious?」


What kinda plot is this? My mood right now is like in a shitty script where the hero makes his way to the demon king in the end and then the demon king tells the hero 「Hero, I am your father!」.

「This meaning of this go out is?」

「Become a couple.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki so concisely conveys to me the most essential meaning of going out.

「Sorry, I don’t quite understand.」

「Are you refusing?」

Hearing her words my heart suddenly feels waves of pain, this is the pain brought about by condemnation given by my heart for being unable to complete my promise.


I remain silent, encountering this sort of thing no normal person would be able to immediately accept it, right? Even though I’m a lolicon, and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki is also an ultimate loli with amazing looks, but as the older sister, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki suddenly asking me to go out with her little sister, it’s completely impossible for me to agree right away, right?

「I understand, sorry, I was too much, just pretend like you didn’t hear what I said today.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki turns around and is about to leave. I have a feeling that if I just let her leave like this, then it will be very difficult to have the chance to meet her again in the future. Just like how it’s been so many years from when she left that night, I don’t want to experience the feeling of that night again.

「I agree!」

No matter what I have to first make her stay, no matter what, no matter what…



Seeing her turn around again, my heart that was tightly gripped a few seconds ago suddenly relaxes.

「It’s just… I don’t understand why you want me to go out with your little sister, you say it’s to help her?」

「Yes, my little sister, she, is very afraid of boys, I hope that she can change this point through going out with a male.」

It suddenly dawns upon me, so that’s how it is. Like she said, when I first met Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki at the amusement park, even she didn’t have a look of fear towards my approach, but even after Sena who is her classmate came she still didn’t say a word and then left very soon. Also in the cold drinks shop before, why she appeared so hesitant at the start to sit with me and was so scared after she sat down, even having to sit in Sena’s original spot afterwards.

「Before you purposely sat beside Sena to make your little sister sit with me didn’t you.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki mildly looks at me.

「You’re very clever. I did indeed do it on purpose, I mainly wanted to see my little sister’s degree of opposition towards you.」

She was already scared out of her wits, looks like she’s quite opposed!

「My little sister doesn’t seemed to be quite opposed against you, that’s why I would call you here and ask for your help.」

「No matter how I look at her she’s very scared of me…」

「No, Hatsuyuki sitting with you is already considered very stable. If it was someone else she couldn’t have sat for so long and maybe would even be so scared from the start that she wouldn’t dare to sit down.」

Hearing her say it like that I’m a bit complacent, looks like I’m not that annoying.

「Then what should I do? Right now even getting close to her will make her feel scared, don’t mention going out with her, right?」

「I will help you, let’s exchange contact information first.」

And then Yoruhisa Shikuyuki pulls out her cellphone and exchanges phone numbers with me. What’s the situation right now? As the older sister, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki will help me chase after Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki, her little sister?

My heart is uneasy.

「I’ll contact you about the stuff later, if I don’t go back for too long Hatsuyuki will be afraid by herself.」

「Ok, bye then.」

「Good bye.」

After saying goodbye to each other I watch Yoruhisa Shikuyuki once again turn around and leave. This time my heart does not feel melancholic, but I suddenly want to ask her a question.

「May I ask why you would come to me for help!」

I loudly ask this question to her after she has walked a distance. She doesn’t turn her head and says with a slightly louder voice.

「Because Hatsuyuki isn’t very afraid of you.」

After finishing speaking Yoruhisa Shikuyuki completely leaves, leaving me alone on the spot. My last bit of hope is also shattered, I feel a bit depressed, sure enough it’s still because of this reason…

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki walks out of the park, arriving at the street she stops a taxi and gets inside. Leaning against the seat she thinks of that question the youth asked when they parted.

「The reason?」

Even Yoruhisa Shikuyuki herself doesn’t notice the faint smile on her face.

「Of course it’s because your name is Aoba Oku.」(TL: Something about this line really gets me.)

That drawing is still lying well-preserved in the picture frame in her room.

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