AAIAALSS Chapter 3: A Loli That Even I Am Unable To Accept

I quite enjoy translating this so I think I’m going to pick it up as a side project. This is exactly what I needed, a nice, relaxing, funny, sort of easy to translate side project.

With the skilled control of the driver, the car used a speed enough to be in a gangster film arriving at the gate of Flat Chop public middle school.

“Be careful little guy.”

After I payed the taxi fee the driver stuck up his thumb at me, I heavily nodded my head responding. If not that he drove quickly, a few more minutes later and I might really be in a life or death situation.

I stood at the school entrance looking at the other side seeing a cold drink store with a colourful sign, the business of cold drink shops like these opening up across a school is definitely very good.

I quickly locked onto a girl within the crowd at the entrance and then walked over to her. She really is very easy to recognize, not because of anything else, just because even though there’s a large group of middle school students wearing the same sailor uniform standing at the entrance, she is the only one that can wear a sailor uniform so loosely. The collar on her slim shoulders was about to fall off, revealing a large section of fair skin.

She also saw me, the sleeves of the clothes clearly a size bigger flapping in the air. After I got close to this petite body I could confirm that this year 2 middle schooler in front of me that possesses the standard loli appearance is Nanako-sensei.

Originally when I first met her I was deeply shocked, I didn’t think that the sensei that I liked the most would actually be a girl in her second year of middle school. Moreover, her who is so petite is a live three dimensional loli ah!

Even until now I am still regretting actually being so obsessed with her when first meeting her! Yeah, without mistake Nanako-sensei is indeed a three dimensional loli, but she is definitely not the type that I like in my heart! I definitely will not admit that I like a loli-sensei that will drool at the lolis in the illustrations that I draw! And what makes me even more sad is for more than just this.

“You damn pervert lolicon are you using your disgusting gaze to look at me?”

Nanako-sensei’s expression of being disgusted deeply hurt me.

“I’m just thinking about why I was so blind at the time and interested in you.”

“What? Do you dare to say to me now that that you are not interested in this loli body that you like the most?”

“Yes, I am a lolicon, but towards you I really don’t have any thoughts, rather let’s say that you’re existence is overturning the glorious faith in my heart.”

“Che, you’re just saying that. Clearly if I give you a slight opportunity you will unhesitatingly push me down, right? A vile lolicon like you cannot resist my allure!”

“You can be assured, even though right now you are purposely wearing a sailor uniform a size bigger and showing large amounts of skin, in my opinion it’s no different from animal hide.

“Ha? What do you mean me purposely wearing a sailor uniform a size bigger, this is just originally in year 1 I though I would quickly grow up so I bought this size, that’s it. Do you think that I can’t see that bestial desire in your eyes?”

“Then you really should properly go to the hospital and receive treatment, or just quietly be a blind person, in any case your eyes cannot distinguish between hatred and bestial desire.”

That’s right, right now I am filled with hatred towards this Nananko-sensei that threatened me to come here and treat her to ice cream.

“Me letting you come treat me to ice cream is entirely a little benefit for you, this pervert lolicon who is immersed in the fantasies in his head all day, okay? What is there for you to complain about being able to see a real life loli stick out her alluring little tongue and licking the snow-white cream this kind of scene that is enough to make you so excited that you won’t be able to sleep for the entire night?”

“Perhaps this scene is very tempting, but as long as I think that the target is you everything is no use.”

“Even though you say that now, but who knows if at night time you will fantasize about my body and do something. Ah that’s really disgusting, thinking of that scene I don’t even want to eat ice cream anymore.”

Nanako-sensei made an expression of wanting to puke.

She really is a person that can completely crush my glorious fantasies towards lolis. When I was first acquainted with her, her existence even shook my firm three dimensional loli faith. And until now I’ve also started to slowly grow accustomed, because as long as I deny her from the bottom of my heart I’ll be able to protect that last last piece of holy land within my heart.

“Since you don’t want to eat ice cream then I can leave right.”

Me who grasped the opportunity turned around and was about to leave, unfortunately I was entangled by her like an octopus.

“How is it? Right now the loli body that you love the most is brushing against your body  separated by only outer clothes, are you already about to be unable to bear you bestial desire?”

I calmly ripped her off from my body and threw her away, I then carefully patted the areas that she just touched, who knows if there’s some kind of strange germ infecting my faith.

“Looks like you really are tired of living, huh? I’m contacting Sejima-sensei right now letting her take over you!”

Nanako-sensei finally understood that everything she said before was all useless, she only needs to pull out this ace and she can make me follow her every command.

“Nanako-sensei no! It’s all my fault! It’s my fault for honestly being to infatuated with sensei’s your body full of charm and still pretending to be a tsundere!”

You’re practically kidding with me, I would rather sell out my character than go draw illustrations for a BL light novel author!

“Tsundere? You damn pervert I only see the tsun, you ate the dere?”

“Please don’t shorten “damn pervert lolicon” as “damn pervert”, you forgot the most important part!”


“Sensei call me whatever you want…”

“I don’t want to eat ice cream right now, I want to go to Sakura Road to eat sakura doughnuts!”

“Holy shit you… Sorry I didn’t say anything.”

I worked hard to hold back the impulse to curse, from here to Sakura Road even driving requires 30 minutes!

“Then sensei, we’ll go by car right now?”

“Car? Why by car? Your school’s teachers didn’t teach you to not be too dependent on transportation vehicles, that you need to use your legs more as a means of transport?”

“You mean…?”

“Of course it’s walk over!”

“I…. I…. I….”

Resist, absolutely cannot curse, or else this life I’ll only be able to draw BL illustrations!

“Let’s go…”

Under Nanako-sensei’s lead we walked for 10 minutes, and then she quit.

“Ah… So tired, pervert lolicon hurry up and crouch down!”

“What do you want to do?”

I said while obediently crouching down, and then she jumped onto my back,  almost knocking me over.

“Didn’t you say that you need to use your own legs as a means of transport?”

“Right now I’m using the body that you love the most to lean on your back and you’re still not thankful to be my two legs?”

“Even if you use this kind of reason it’s useless, I’m calling a taxi.”

“Ah… Sejima-sensei’s number is right here.”

“Nanako-sensei put down the cellphone! Let’s talk things out!”

I hurriedly carried her and started running towards Sakura Road.

“Run pervert lolicon!:

“Run towards more glorious loli bodies!”

Nanako-sensei’s words successfully pulled a lot of hatred for me, the passing by parents all closely looked after their kids. Say your kids a boy why are you so worried?

“Actually I feel that little lolis only need to half reveal their little panties and it’ll already be very appealing.”

“Then in the future you can draw half revealed little underwear for homos then.”

Nanako-sensei’s words were filled with scorn.

“Zennra Saikou…” (TL: Um… Directly it means something like full nude is the best or something, I have no clue since I don’t know japanese. )

I entirely do not know why Nanako-sensei would be so interested in the bodies of the lolis that she writes. Clearly the content of the novel is a moe series light novel entirely about a group of little lolis fighting against aliens for love and dreams! Because the ecchiness of the illustrations she wants me to draw is getting higher and higher, there’s already a decent amount of readers starting to wonder if in real life Nanako-sensei is a lolicon uncle that is fantasizing all day. Some readers even feel outraged, commenting that they can longer bear to continue reading a moe series light novel written by a pervert lolicon.

But the readers will not think that, the light novel that they read is exactly written by a loli whose appearance is at the very least a loli image, and it is the person that draws the illustrations that is a true lolicon.

I carried the not so heavy Nanako-sensei using heavy footsteps slowly walking towards the far away Sakura Road, at this time I felt a slight itchy feeling at the back of my neck, it’s someone blowing air behind me.

“Nanako-sensei stop messing around.”

She did not respond to me, the itchy feeling still continued.

“Nanako-sensei? Na…”

I realized that she had fallen asleep. Even though I can’t see her sleeping face, I can guess that it is definitely very cute, or it should be said that as long as she doesn’t talk she is always very cute. Her light breathing again and again teased my skin, at the same time flipping my heart strings.

I gently smiled, while walking I payed attention to not create too much shaking, just like this walking a long way.

At this time the streetlamps at the two sides of the streets had already lit up, the sky was entirely enveloped by a black veil, two ambiguously affectionate people walked in the sultry night on the road — This is all a lie, this kind of scenario would not happen, because Nanako-sensei woke up.

“Ah! You damn pervert loli you’re finally unable to resist coming after me? Right now do you want to abduct me to your house and then commit some beastly acts!”

“No way! Has your brain gone silly from sleeping? Clearly it’s you who told me to carry you and walk to Sakura Road to eat whatever sakura doughnuts ah!

“I think you’re brains gone silly! It’s so late how can that store still be open?”

“Say this kind of thing earlier! Exactly for what did I this idiotically carry you and walk such a long way?”

“Who knew that you couldn’t even react to such a small thing, ah whatever I’m hungry now take me to a place to eat.”

“I feel that right now I should directly send you back home and then go home myself to eat.”

“No! You have to treat me to eat something today, or else you can draw homo drawings for the rest of your life!”

I’m really impressed, just waking up she can forget anything but how come she can’t forget how to threaten me?

“It’s the middle of the night there’re no stores around here open. There’s a 24 hour convenience store in front, let’s just randomly  buy two bentos and deal with it, okay?”

“Bentos? How come you don’t have any sense of romantic atmosphere? Is treating a girl to bento’s really okay?”

“Then what do you want?”

“I don’t know I don’t know! Anyhow if I don’t eat something else today I’m not going home!”

“Sigh… I get it, I’ll go to the supermarket to buy some ingredients and then go back to my house to cook for you to eat, all right?”

“Is this a new method of abducting little lolis?”


“Is it that after you finish cooking you’ll drug the food and then you’ll be able to do whatever you want?”

“Okay that’s enough, it’s better if you go home, I feel that my illustration life ends here.”

“Huh? No problem it’s okay, Just take me to your house then, if I’m asked to do this and that things then I can’t say anything else!”

“Only towards you I will definitely not do anything.”

“Clearly very touching words but why do I feel so strange?”

“Let’s go, this time we need to take a taxi, if you want me to walk again I really can’t walk anymore.”

Nanako-sensei acquiesced my suggestion, thus we rode a taxi to the supermarket near my house, she also came along inside.When I got all the ingredients and pushed the cart to the checkout counter I discovered that she was pushing over a cart filled with even more items than mine.

“These, together.”

I was already to lazy to say anything. Taking over the cart that she pushed over to me filled with snacks, I payed for them together. If one day I’m so poor that I can’t even eat then that is definitely her fault.

I carried big and small bags in my hands walking in front, Nanako-sensei who was empty handed followed close behind, soon I returned to the apartment. I went to the kitchen putting down the ingredients, and she had already opened up the packaging eating snacks while looking around the apartment that I live in.

“Don’t run around and eat, okay? The crumbs will attract cockroaches!”

“You’re clearly a pervert lolicon would you be afraid of cockroaches?”

“The wording at this kind of time should be ‘You’re clearly a guy would you be afraid of cockroaches”, right?”

“It’s all the same meaning, why are you still caring about me? Hurry up and go cook, I’m already about to starve to death!”

She pushed my out from my room, why is it that it’s clearly my house but I still have to be driven by her…

Even though I don’t usually cook, but this is after all a skill that I was already specialized in  in the past. Very quickly a table of dishes with a pretty good appearance appeared on the table. Nanako-sensei who had smelled the fragrance and came over was already sitting at the table waiting to eat. When I handed the rice over to her she started to eat without any hesitation, completely ignoring me.

“Ah, I didn’t think that the taste of stuff made by a pervert lolicon is actually pretty good!”

“I’ll just treat that as a compliment.”

“Anyway I looked through your room for a long time just now, not only did I not find any kind of loli humiliating H books, I even couldn’t find any hentai related to lolis on your computer! Exactly are you a healthy high school pervert lolicon boy?”

“I’m not going complain about first why you would go through my room without my permission. Exactly what kind of description is your ‘healthy high school pervert lolicon boy’? Just ‘pervert’ this word is completely unrelated to ‘healthy’, right?”

“Sure enough you still need to keep the name of ‘lolicon’.”

My face was a bit red… I was seen through.

“Anyways your room isn’t interesting at all, can’t find anything that should appear! No wonder the ecchiness of the illustrations you draw is so low.”

“Really sorry for you that those things that should appear didn’t appear!”

“At this time shouldn’t you be complaining about my sentence at the end?”


“Oh right, this entire time I’ve always had a question I’ve wanted to ask Nanako-sensei you.”

“What? I won’t tell you the development status of my body.”

“I wouldn’t ask that kind of thing that can be seen at a glance…”

“Try saying that one more time?”

“Please tell me the real name of the well developed Nanako-sensei!”

“Ah! I’ve never said before? I always thought that you knew, and that you were unable to directly call my real name simply because you admired too much the me who possesses talent and beauty, so you always called me by my pen name.”

“I never knew.”

“Actually not knowing the name of your own work partner and still being able to work together for so long? I really am impressed with you.”

“The you that has never told her work partner her true name after so long is the source of the problem, right?”

“Ah whatever, anyways telling a pervert lolicon my name doesn’t have any meaning, if you don’t know then you don’t know.”

“By now you’ve already brought up my interest and now you’re not telling me? Are you Satan!”

“Sigh, since you want to know no matter what then I’ll reluctantly tell you.”

Nanako-sensei put down her chopsticks, carrying a cute smile and staring straight at my eyes.

“My real name is — Yumeno Sena”

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  1. Colin says:

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