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Chapter 25-30 and Afterword Update Post

Chapter 25: This is the life together with a loli? Chapter 26: Even if girls are gathered together it won’t necessarily develop into a scene of carnage Chapter 27: A happy school life shouldn’t have the demon called tests Chapter … Continue reading

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Song: Darabungba

Original version Cover This is a Chinese vocaloid song, the light blue and green are two different vocaloid singers, the dark blue is them singing together.The original creator of the song asked that for any covers, the names of the characters and … Continue reading

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I’m not dead… But I’m not exactly alive either (No I’m not a ghost)

So, it’s been a few months since I went AWOL. My greatest apologies. There’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened in the Chinese web novels translation circle and with how busy I’ve been I just decided to stay away … Continue reading

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Whoops, Thriller Paradise is already being translated

It’s already being translated here as Terror Paradise. Well, time to find a new project.

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I’m dropping HN1F and changing the format of my blog (try not to swear)

So, I know this came out of nowhere, I know I’m gonna get a lot of backlash from this (I have experience from Shura’s Wrath), and I know a lot of you are fed up with me, but this idea … Continue reading

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The Post to End All Questions (Sort of)

Xiao Yan – Battle Through the Heaven Xiao Budian – Perfect World Wang Lin – Xian Ni (Renegade Immortal) Zhu Yi – Untranslated novel called 阳神, Yang Shen.

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HN1F Chapter 50: Keep Silent

Sorry about the long period of silence. I’m focusing fully on school so I’m not really going to be doing much translating. This will continue on for the next two months, but when May comes around I will enter into full … Continue reading

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