VR: ATF Chapter 4: Made Money

Music Video, English Lyrics. This song, for me, is the peak of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. It’s actually very emotional for me, but I just don’t know what to think about the topic.

“You guys, the Spirit World guild, want to buy this quest?” Li Huailin listened to Ye Hang and asked, “What’s the price?”

“Ask the village elder first whether this is a solo quest or party quest.” Ye Hang was very professional, he didn’t respond and told Li Huailin to go ask first.”

“Oh great warrior, even though you are very powerful, this quest is filled with danger, so I recommend that you should call some powerful teammates to help you.” The grey-bearded village elder responded systematically.

“Looks like it’s a party quest.” Li Huailin turned his head saying.

“Like this, I have two plans. One is forming a party to accept this quest and we’ll help you complete it. Like this you don’t need to pay us, but we’ll also keep the item rewards, consider it the pay. Two is forming a party to accept the quest, and then you give up this quest and we Spirit World will go complete it, like this we will give you a sum of money as compensation.” Ye Hang truly was the vice-president of a big guild, he instantly thought of two practical solutions.

“Oh, who much is the compensation?” Li Huailin did not consider the first plan at all, he didn’t want to have tens of thousands of EXP deducted and he instantly placed his sights on the compensation.

“Our guild just moved into 《Heart of Glory》, we don’t have much in-game currency. Can we use real money?” Ye Hang thought and asked.

“No problem.” Li Huailin nodded his head.

“I see, then 30 thousand.” Ye Hang immediately gave out a price.

“30 thousand….” Li Huailin was very satisfied, but his face still revealed a hint of dissatisfactions. This was after all business, he couldn’t instantly agree, maybe there was still room to increase the price.

“35 thousand, we’ll transfer the money right away.” Seeing that Li Huailin was still a bit hesitant, Ye Hang instantly raised the price.

“35 thousand plus 10 in-game silver coins and it’s a deal.” Li Hualin thought for a moment and thought it would be better to have some game currency in reserve. 10 silver wasn’t a lot, just 1000 copper, a big guild like Spirit World definitely had it.

“Okay, deal.” Ye Hang said crisply.

“Okay, you guys add me and I’ll accept the quest, after accepting it I’ll give up the quest and you guys pay up and transfer the money.” Li Huailin said. He wasn’t afraid of Spirit World cheating him, there were so many players around right now and Spirit World was also a relatively reputable big guild, they wouldn’t screw him.


A party notification was immediately sent over and Li Huailin accepted it. Entering the party and taking a look, Spirit World’s four players Spirit World Ye Hang, Spirit World Fire Head, Spirit World Zhang Hun and Spirit World Hui Ji were all guys.

“Old geezer, hurry up and give the quest to me.” After forming the party, Li Huailin once again talked to the grey-bearded village elder.

“Of course, Warrior.” The grey-bearded village elder said smilingly.

System Notification: The Novice Village’s village elder issued an AA rank hidden quest, Source of Evil, do you accept.


AA rank hidden quest Source of Evil – 1: Find the source of the appearance of dark creatures in the Novice Village, hint, reportedly someone discovered traces of demons at the south side of the village, please head over to investigate. Quest Reward: 2000 EXP, 10 Fame, 1 Silver.

“The reward is this little?” Li Huailin was a bit puzzled.

“No, there’s a -1 after the quest, it seems like a quest chain, this is just the reward of the first part. A hidden quest absolutely wouldn’t have this bit of rewards.” On this side, Ye Hang who had rich gaming experience instantly saw the reason.

“I see.” Li Huailin nodded his head, “Well it’s got nothing to do with me.”

Finishing speaking Li Huailin left the party and then opened the quest page, giving up the quest.

System Notification: Do you really want to give up the AA rank hidden quest, Source of Evil?


System Notification: You gave up on AA rank hidden quest, Source of Evil, you gained 1000 Fame.

“Hm?” Li Huailin was surprised and then immediately understood. Originally he should have lost Fame from giving up the quest, but his character was bugged and now it turned into adding Fame.

“Holy shit, can I accept it again?” Li Huailing hurriedly asked the grey-bearded village elder in front of him.

“Sorry Warrior, this is a hidden quest, you have already given up so you can’t accept again.” The grey-bearded village elder said regrettably.

“Damn it, I can’t farm Fame anymore….” Li Huailin muttered to himself a bit disappointed.

On this side, the people of Spirit World weren’t paying attention to Li Huailin. Ye Hang was discussing the quest with a few people, a financial staff in the guild was already contacted to go offline and complete the task of transferring the money.

“Okay, the money has already been transferred to your account. This is 10 silver.” Ye Hang walked over and traded 10 silver to Li Huailin. “We’re going to complete the quest now. Oh right, Huailin, you’re a solo player, right? Do you have any interest in joining a guild, I can recommend you into Spirit World and into the Group Two that I lead.”

“Hm?” Li Huailin was slightly moved. Spirit World’s Group Two wasn’t just an online group, it was basically a division of a big company, he would get paid every month. Supposedly it was no less than 10 thousand yuan, and there were also bonuses, it was freaking awesome. But considering his current situation, he was logging in illegally. If Spirit World required him to work at the office, or discovered his current situation through some circumstance, then wouldn’t that be more harm than good?

“Sorry, I’m a solo player, I won’t join any guilds.” Thinking of his situation, Li Huailin rejected him very seriously.

“Oh, I see.” Ye Hang nodded his head, there was indeed a group of players who only liked playing by themselves, he did not find it strange, “Then forget it, let’s add each other as friends, maybe we’ll still meet in the future.”


The two people added each other and the people of Spirit World left. The surrounding players were still gathered around, because they were honestly stupefied by what they just saw. They were about to go ask Li Huailin what exactly was going on, but seeing the people of Spirit World talking to Li Huailin they didn’t dare to go up and interrupt them. After all, Spirit World was a big guild, they couldn’t afford to offend them. But seeing the people of Spirit World leave now, the instantly surrounded him.

With a “Fwoosh”, on this side, not waiting for the surrounding players to react, a white light flashed and Li Huailin logged out.

“Damn, Awesome Bro left so quickly.” The surrounding players didn’t catch him and said stumped.

“What a beast, what a freaking beast.” A player at the side shouted madly, he still hadn’t recovered from the shock of Li Huailin madly slapping the NPC.

“He’s won me over, begging on my knees for Awesome Bro’s name, I want to be his lackey!” A man roared.

“Oh right, he seemed like he could get the hidden quest after just wildly slapping the village elder, why don’t we try?” A player suddenly said.

“That’s right!”

The group of players had a sudden realization, pairs and pairs of hungry eyes turned towards the sluggish grey-bearded village elder at the side.

“I’ll go!” A buff man walked out. He raised his hand lifting the village elder’s collar, his right hand slapping over.

With a “Pa”, this player was suddenly like he was hit by a truck. He flew straight away, smashing into the wall of a house a dozen meters away at the side and then instantly turning into a bunch of white light, he died.

“Holy shit, it really was an insta-kill!” The surrounding players exclaimed again.

“How do we play? How come Awesome Bro was okay and we get insta-killed?” A player asked.

“Was the hitting posture wrong, I think I remember that Awesome Bro used this posture.” Thus another player flew away and turned into a beam of white light.

“I don’t think so, I feel like it was this posture.” Very soon another player flew away.

“I think the facial expression’s wrong, I remember Awesome Bro had this expression when he hit him.” Another player with a constipated expression flew away.

“Is it that it only works for virgins.” In a bit a youngster flew to space.


Ignoring that side, on this side when Li Huailin logged out he immediately accessed his online bank and discovered that sure enough, there was an extra 35 thousand in his savings.

“Hehe, making money in this game really is easy, my first day playing and I already made 35 thousand, I really am a freaking awesome super amazing invincible unparalleled god.” Li Huailin said in content. (TL: The original text is just a bunch of words strung together saying how amazing/awesome he was, so I just threw in some random words.)

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  1. miguelmp69 says:

    is this just a teaser? or is it actually being translated?


  2. Angel says:

    LMAO ahahaha 😀 i can’t get enough of this novel, really interesting and funny ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^


  3. War God says:

    I don’t get it. What kind of bad thing happens in the future chapters? He acts like a racists? He rapes npc girls? He becomes too arrogant to the point that, as a reader, you begin to dislike his way of doing things? His way of doing things in the game somehow becomes possible in real life? He kills people in real life that find out his secret? Or….his ability doesn’t work anymore and he quits playing and finds that being a criminal is the way of life and the story progresses that route?


    • sylver135 says:

      One example in regards to an NPC female. He kills all of the males in her family, makes her father kill himself, makes all of the females in the family military prostitutes, and due to the nature of his character, instead of hating him to her guts, she falls madly in love with him and thanks him for doing all these things.

      In a fight against elves, he went around slaughtering villages and making the women prostitutes, he mercilessly slaughters 10 thousands elves and because of this, the elf captain falls madly in love with him and all of the elves love him and treat him like a hero.

      The thing is, he doesn’t just see them as cold, inanimate programs, there are many times where he remarks how lifelike and realistic they are. He is very cold-hearted and ruthless and will do anything to achieve his goals, not caring about any casualties.

      In a tournament with the team of a different country, he kidnaps family members of the other team and using other dirty methods, he forces members of the other team to betray their leader and country. These are just a few things on a pretty long list.

      Liked by 1 person

      • War God says:

        I get what you’re saying, but the author wouldn’t have all this happen and give him a nics ending. Maybe there is a redemption arc where he realizes that he needs to stop his evilness.

        Right now, and it seems like in the future, there will be no story like this ever translated ever. Which is why uniqueness conquers all. Despite all the cruelty that will happen, we all will still tune in and read.

        This is the era of popular crazy media entertainments like:
        Game of Thrones (HBO)
        Westworld (HBO)
        Spartacus (STARZ)
        Vikings (HISTORY)
        POWER (STARZ)
        Breaking Bad (AMC)
        Sons of Anarchy (AMC)
        …and the list goes on.

        Most of them were adapted from novels and true occurrences. Anyways, just endure the craziness of the MC and generously help bring this story to the English interwebz. If the Chinese readers can handle it, so can we. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Florencie says:

    Total party kill! Fun for everyone.

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  5. Favaro123 says:

    Thanks for the chapter~


  6. katanng13 says:

    Yay! Such a treat! Thank you!


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