Absolute Choice

Studying for exams. Not to be mistaken with the Japanese lightnovel/anime. But yes, he does have an Absolute Choice system.

Title: Absolute Choice, 绝对选项, Jue Dui Xuan Xiang
Author:  梨落秋溪, Pear Lands in the Autumn Spring
Genre: Xuanhuan
Tags: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Stuff…
Synopsis: When the Absolute Choice appears, if he doesn’t make a choice, time will continue to be stopped.
If he makes a choice but is unable to complete the task in the choice, time will reverse and the Absolute Choice will restart.
【Option 1: Single-handedly kill the demon world’s Great Demon King using your strength】
【Option 2: Use three lines to capture the thousand year old virgin’s heart】
Shi Xiaobai chose option 1 and was fancily killed thousands of times; he chose option 2 and was rejected thousands of times in a variety of ways.
Absolute Choice (Already picked 3210 times): “Choose, Boy!”
Shi Xiaobai: “I choose death!”
Shi Xiaobai killed himself in anger and though that he was free.
Absolute Choice (Already picked 3211 times): “Choose, Boy!”
Shi Xiaobai: “…”

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Alternative Source

Chapter 1: Choose Boy

“Burst oh reality, shatter oh spirit, exile this world, comply to the pact of blood, I summon thee here, young Demon King!”

In the evening park, a childish, handsome boy placed his left hand on his chest, his right hand was stretched out with his fingers spread apart, seemingly wanting to release some amazing thing from his palm. His expression was solemn and serious, his eyes as bright as the stars reflected a figure that seemed to contain all of the darkness in the world.

“Big brother, who are you?”

Standing across from the boy was a little fatty about 5 or 6 years old. Currently he was holding a soccer ball/football in his arms, his entire body was covered in dirt and when he spoke his snot hanged down, nearly going into his mouth.


The boy laughed three times, his right hand spun around and then shrank back, stroking his face and instantly covering half of his face and an eye.

Afterwards he sneered and said: “Who am I? I was once called Fairy of the Mountain, Father of the Sun, ancient heroic spirit, the god, demon, and alien of animals. And then God, Devil, demon spirit, alien, extraterrestrial, light particles, quarks. My titles constantly changed, but my name has always been the same!”

“That’s right! I am the master of fate, the messenger of justice, the hero who will save the world — Shi Xiaobai!”

Finishing speaking, the corner of Shi Xiaobai’s lips curved up and he once again threw back his head, laughing out loud.

The little fatty sucked his nose hard and his snot instantly travelled up. His eyes glowed and he said: “So Big Brother is a hero! Mama said that heroes can beat the Havocs and protect everyone, can Big Brother also do that?”

Shi Xiaobai crossed his arms in front of his chest and nodded his head saying: “Of course, there isn’t an otherworld Havoc that I, Shi Xiaobai, can’t defeat with one punch, if one isn’t enough then two punches! This crumbling world will be saved by, I, Shi Xiaobai! And you, young Demon King, from today onwards you will be my servant, banishing the dark night of the world with me, smashing the shackles of fate and becoming an eternal hero!”

“I… I can too?” The little fatty was immediately thrilled and used the back of his hand to wipe the snot that flowed out again.

“You’ve already signed a blood pact with me. As a servant of the King, you will share one one-hundred-millionth of my strength. With this power, you will be able to defeat all Havocs! Young Demon King, laugh, be excited. Your fate has already be completely overturned by me!” Shi Xiaobai pointed at the little fatty, the light in his eyes burned like the sun.

“Big Brother, I really can… defeat Havocs and protect Mama?” The back of the little fatty’s hand that had snot on it rubbed the clothes on his back, his eyes were filled with hope.

“That’s right, the Demon King Soul sleeping in your body for thousands of years has already been completely awakened by I, Shi Xiaobai, you already possess the power to protect all! I now declare, from today onwards, you will be the second member of the Xiaobai Hero Squad!” Shi Xiaobai said solemnly, his expression serious.

“Oh ya!” The little fatty cheered, hugging the soccer ball/football he started running around in the park. He suddenly jumped with all his strength, jumping into the sandpit and throwing up the soccer ball/football. He placed his hands at his hips and laughed out loud, “I’m a hero, I can beat Havocs, Mama will buy a bunch of snacks for me, Little Rat won’t call me Little Fatso again, Xiaolei will definitely be willing to be my girlfriend, hahaha…”

The light of the setting sun dyed the ground a warm, light red. In the little park of which only two people remained, Little Fatso was rejoicing in the sandpit while the boy not far away revealed a satisfied grin on his face.

“The Xiaobai Hero Squad has finally welcomed its second member. The little step that I, Shi Xiaobai took today will be a big step for the world.”

Shi Xiaobai clutched his fist at his chest, his eyes like blazing torches stared at the distant sunset.


A crisp sound suddenly travelled over from his stomach, Shi Xiaobai’s handsome face wrinkled and he sighed saying: “I’m so hungry. In this crumbling world I Shi Xiaobai am already of mortal body.”

Shi Xiaobai was not a person of this world, he came from a different world. In other words, he crossed-over.

Before crossing over, he was raising the Seven Star Holy Sword in his hand, wearing the Golden Dragonscale Armour, his feet stepping on the Eternal Doom Qiling. He burned the last of his life force and used “Excalibur”. Immediately, the mountains and rivers broke apart, the sky fell and the earth opened, the Demon God was erased, but he also died of exhaustion and died — in the game.

Thinking here, Shi Xiaobai sighed with feeling, “I Shi Xiaobai wasn’t playing a game, but life.”

While playing the game he randomly crossed-over to this world, two days had already passed. In these two days Shi Xiaobai wandered around everywhere and was unable to figure out his identity in this world, but he did slowly understand the structure of this otherworld.

This was actually a familiar yet unfamiliar world. Its technological culture had many similarities to 21st century Earth , it also had cars, television, computers.. But its entertainment culture was completely different, day and night there were broadcasts about news related to heroes and Havocs, the shows broadcasted also had all kind of special effects and cool battles.

Moreover, based on Shi Xiaobai’s understanding, the people of this world could also train in spiritual energy, becoming so-called Psykers. And the battles broadcasted on tv were all footage of real scenes, those fighting scenes were even more spectacular than the fantasy movies on Earth.

But after people possessed power, they would also derive a lot of problems, all kinds of criminals and terrorist organizations emerged endlessly. The international situation was also very severe, sparks flashed between the countries.

And the most dangerous thing in this world were the constantly appearing aliens. Astral beasts from the stars, extraterrestrial creatures suddenly paying a visit, and there was also the most terrifying otherworld Havocs who came from a different world.

Havocs belonged to a different plane, but they could rip through space and arrive in the human world at any time. Maybe you were on the toilet and a spatial rift suddenly split open in the toilet, the Havoc crawled out from within and directly gutted you. Of course, the chance of Havocs appearing was not high, if you encountered one by misfortune then you could only consider yourself unlucky.

But since this world was filled with danger, evil and death, then there would naturally also be specialized existences to deal with these dangers, defeating all kinds of evil and saving endangered lives.

This existence was called — Hero.

Hero was not a simple title or honour, it was an international organization, a profession recognized by the public and respected. It was the symbol of the strong, the representation of the brave. Heroes defeated Havocs, protected humanity, protected Earth, this was the consensus of all people.

“Even though right now I, Shi Xiaobai am just a weak mortal, but one day I will become a powerful Psyker, leading the Xiaobai Hero Squad to save the world. All of this, is the decision of the Gate of the Stone of Fate!”

Shi Xiaobai grinned, even though his stomach was still grumbling, his eyes were filled with dreams of the future.

Suddenly, his pupils abruptly shrank and his breathing involuntarily stopped. This was because he saw that a black rift had actually split open about one meter above the sandpit, in just an instant the rift suddenly expanded and turned into a black hole the size of a window.

A black and purple head stuck out from the black hole.

Shi Xiaobai instantly thought of the description strangers had about this kind of strange scene — A Havoc was about to appear!

That black and purple head was truly ugly, the top of the head was bald and three eyes were lined up in a row. A dark horn extended out from the forehead and inverted sharp teeth stuck out from the lower lip, sticky black saliva constantly dripped down, sizzling and burning charred holes into the sandpit.

Little Fatso who was playing in the sandpit was only 2-3 meters away from that head that just stuck out, and the Havoc’s three eyes coldly and cruelly stared at the little fatty in front.

“R, run!”  Shi Xiaobai who had never seen a terrifying scene like this smelled an aura of fear that originated from his soul. His legs started to tremble and he roared in his heart, but his mouth was as though there was something stuck in it and he couldn’t make a noise.

At this time, Little Fatso’s scared yet excited voice sounded.

“I’m a hero now, I can beat you, you big baldy!”

Little Fatso pointed at that Havoc’s head, his tiny body slightly quivered, but his voice exuded a firm courage and confidence.

And after that Havoc heard this line, it released a soul crushing roar of terror.

“It’s over, he angered the Havoc.”

Shi Xiaobai’s vision instantly went black, the fear in his heart was limitlessly magnified and for a moment his mind was completely blank.

Suddenly, he felt that the entire world was frozen, even his body was completely unable to move, it was no longer under his control. Only his mind was still awake and he could still think.

“This… This isn’t an illusion? It’s really… really stopped?”

The instant this thought flashed across Shi Xiaobia’s mind, three rows of giant, black text emerged in the world in front of him.

【Option 1: Save Little Fatso (A level reward)】

【Option 2: Run Away (F level reward)】

【Option 3: Spectate (E level reward)】

At the same time, a burning voice erupted in Shi Xiaobai’s mind, “Choose, Boy!”

Afterwards, this burning voice started constantly repeating in Shi Xiaobai’s mind, as though music played on repeat, shouting again and again, “Choose Boy!”

And in the world seen through the three lines of black text, Little Fatso’s and the Havoc’s body continued to remain still like ice sculptures. The tree leaves in the distant also hadn’t shaken a millimeter more, and his body also couldn’t move.

“If I don’t make a choice, time will be paused at this moment.”

Shi Xiaobai gradually calmed down from his fear and he gauged the current situation, his gaze fell on those three lines of black text.

“Rewards A level, F level and E level… Isn’t the difference a bit big? Do you think that I Shi Xiaobai am a person who can be tempted by rewards?”

“I… want to save Little Fatso, I have to save Little Fatso. If I can’t even save a child, how do I save the world? It’s just a tiny Havoc, how can I Shi Xiaobai be afraid of him? Tremble, despair oh Havoc, your doomsday is here!”


“A level reward, here I come!”

“I choose option 1, Save Little Fatso!”

The instant Shi Xiaobai made his choice in his heart, the sound of wind travelled into his ears and the Havoc’s cruel laughter also sounded. Time started to turn!

“Run! Hurry up and run from there!”

This time Shi Xiaobai screamed out loud, at this same time his body was already rushing towards the sandpit. Veins popped on his handsome face, his eyes were red and it was like he had gone crazy.

“Big Brother!”

Little Fatso turned his head and shouted in surprise, his little eyes carried endless confidence and reliance.

At the same time, the Havoc in the black hole had already stuck out half of its body, two hands also extended out from the black hole. Saying that those were hands, it would be better to say they were two black and purple scythes. Right now the Havoc’s scythe-shaped right hand was already raised up, it flickered with a cold luster in the dim evening like the reaper’s gaze.

“No, don’t!”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were wide open, his sprinting body was already about to arrive at the sandpit. Extending his right hand forward, just a bit and he could touch that round, snot dripping face of Little Fatso’s.


Hot blood burst open in front of Shi Xiaobai, spraying his face and splashing his eyes, dying the entire world the coldest red.

Through the dripping blood, he saw that Little Fatso’s head had already flown high up, his body fell backwards and fresh blood endlessly sprayed out from the chopped neck area. That round face that had flown up became savage and dreadful from disbelief and horror, but Shi Xiaobai clearly saw a trace of extinguished hope from that pair of bleak eyes.

Little Fatso’s eyes were staring straight at him.”

“Big Brother, who are you?”

“So Big Brother is a hero! Mama said that heroes can beat the Havocs and protect everyone, can Big Brother also do that?”

“I… I can too?”

“Big Brother, I really can… defeat Havocs and protect Mama?”

“Oh ya! I’m a hero, I can beat Havocs, Mama will buy a bunch of snacks for me, Little Rat won’t call me Little Fatso again, Xiaolei will definitely be willing to be my girlfriend, hahaha…”

“Big Brother!”


If despair had a colour, it would definitely be the blood red right now.


Shi Xiaobai’s forward sprinting body sprang up, he extended his arms holding Little Fatso’s head and then he dropped down in the sandpit.

“I… hate… being called Big Baldy, hehe…” A cold and cruel voice was spit out from the Havoc’s mouth, it was a dry, torn voice like a saw cutting bones.

Shi Xiaobai hugged Little Fatso’s head and turned around facing the Havoc that had already completely crawled out from the black hole. His height was not even half that of the Havocs, thus he raised his head. At the same time, burning hot tears dripped down from his cheeks.

“Tremble, despair oh Big Baldy! Your doomsday is here! With the wave of a hand, I Shi Xiaobai will turn you into ashes.” Tears covered Shi Xiaobai’s face, even though he was extremely scared in his heart, he still grinded his teeth in anger.

Anger flashed across the Havoc’s eyes, once again he lifted his right hand that was like the reaper’s scythe and swept at the boy’s neck like harvesting straw.

Shi Xiaobai just felt a pain in his neck, all of his vitality was instantly drained away and his eyes instantly went black.


“Choose, Boy!”

A burning voice suddenly rose up in Shi Xiaobai’s head.

“Choose, Boy!”

This voice repeated itself again. Shi Xiaobai awakened in shock and opened his eyes, he saw that it was still those familiar three lines of black text in the sky.

And through the black words, he saw the scene of Little Fatso’s intact body frozen in place, and that Havoc was crawling out from the black hole. Right now it only had a head stuck out that was also rigid and not moving like an ice sculpture.

“Choose, Boy!”

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