Jin Yong Martial Arts Otherworld Rampage

This is one novel that I’m thinking of translating. I’m still looking around for other novels. I’m curious what type of novels you guys are most interested in. It won’t really affect me that much but I’ll look around and see if anything catches my eye. There will be a Shura’s Wrath chapter tomorrow. And I will continue translating Shura’s Wrath. 


Title: Jin Yong Martial Arts Otherworld Rampage, 金庸武学异世横行, Jin Yong Wu Xue Yi Shi Heng Xing
Author: 御剑斋
Tags: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance
Synopsis: The vast Kunwu Mountains, one hundred and eight thousand.
Spiritual ethereal sword rising, sweeping the summits of the nine provinces.
A modern day otaku is reborn in a wuxia world, becoming the little shishu of a little sect. Unexpectedly discovering he has the martial arts trade system of a garbage web game. Through it he can actually exchange for all of the martial arts in Mr. Jin Yong’s novels.
And so, Nine Yang Manual, Nine Yin Manual, Nine Swords of Dugu, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms… All kinds of amazing martial arts started to dominate the jianghu of another world…

Chapter 1: Family Slaughter

The moon hangs high in the sky.

The bright moon in the sky shines as bright as daylight.

August, in a couple of days it will be the mid-autumn festival. (TL: I say August but it’s really just the eighth month, I thought it would be better to say August instead of the eight month.)

The hanging lanterns compete with the glow of the moon.

Yet the nights here are still so sultry that it is hard for people to fall asleep. But the light rain that just fell completely swept away the heat in the air and also made the air this night become exceptionally fresh.

The frogs clamored in the pond, the summer crickets chirped in the night, the fragrance of sweet olives covered this old street. The sweet olives after a shower mixed with the scent of soil was especially intoxicating. (TL: Sweet olives)

Too bad in this sweet fragrant air it is mixed with wave after wave of a fishy smell.

That is the smell of blood, the smell of fresh blood.

The dogs on the street barked furiously, seemingly warning people of the abnormality here.

Such a beautiful night makes it truly unable for people to connect it with murder. A dark moon and high winds are a night for murder, but the night right now it honestly too silent, too beautiful.

…I am a dividing line…

Bodies laying in every direction covered the courtyard.

In the low-lying areas of the courtyard the fresh blood merged with the rain water forming one after another little ponds.

There are a lot of people that died. Looking at their attire some of them are just regular workhands, and occasionally some of the ones with more luxurious clothes are the owners of this courtyard. On a flight of stairs, a young woman was down in a pool of blood. She’d already stopped breathing for a long time, the fatal blow is on her back by a sharp object that pierced her heart when she was running away, dying on the spot.

In the woman arms is a baby still in swaddling clothes whose sex cannot be determined.

The murderer clearly didn’t have the slightest bit of mercy in his/her heart. Right at the infant’s chest a mass of blood gradually expanded on the swaddle blanket…

That place, is the baby’s heart. He was also pierced through the heart by a sword just like his mother.

Strangely though, that child that had received a mortal wound was actually still alive.

The child in the swaddle blanket had clear and bright big eyes, only right now in this pair of beautiful eyes radiated a deep sense of despair and confusion.

This is a pair of eyes that made the hearts of all people break, so bright, so cute, so mesmerizing. If not that this pair of eyes was radiating a deep despair and confusion, then not a single person would not like a child who possessed a pair of eyes such as these.

But there was also nobody that could believe that an unworldly infant could have such a pair of eyes that could talk. In this pair of eyes there revealed too many feelings, this is definitely not what an infant can possess.

But it is the way it is, appearing on the infant’s face.

Able to possess a pair of eyes with such rich emotion, of course he is not a baby. He’s called Ye Feng, he comes from another world.

Ye Feng used his little hands to tightly clutch the sword wound on his chest. Unfortunately his strength is too weak, crimson red blood still stubbornly bubbled out. Feeling one’s own life slowly tick away is such a horrifying matter.

“Death” itself is not painful, what’s painful is that period of waiting before dying.

Right now Ye Feng is thoroughly tasting this pain, this horror.

If he really was a baby how great would that be. Slowly dying like this, at most he would just feel a bit uncomfortable, right? Maybe he would feel pain, be he definitely wouldn’t be so scared… How can a newborn baby understand fear and feel regret and attachment to a never before experienced life?

That dog on the street barked even more crazily.

The desire to survive had already gradually faded. Even if it was just a dozen minutes ago, Ye Feng had still hoped that this crazy, noisy dog could use its furious barking to attract one or two people…

Even a watchman would have been okay.

But, a dozen minutes have passed by. Yet Ye Feng who sensed that the loss of his vitality had reached the end felt that, turns out when you’re waiting to die, time passes by so slowly, so slow that he’d already given up the hope to survive.

Fate, always likes to play a little joke on you when people start to ignore it.

Right when Ye Feng had already given up hope and prepared to calmly accept dying again. In a place that little Ye Feng couldn’t see, on his tender chest a red light slowly appeared. This red light was so weak and because of the obstruction of the clothes it could not be seen… That is a series of words, the very first row of words are 4 words that never changed… Heavenly Ethereal Library Pavilion… Below it are a string of lines like a computer game’s program, constantly flashing different words:

“Sensed unknown vital energy, absorbing…”

“Completed linking with host, Jin Yong martial arts data…”

“Martial arts loading complete, all features unlocked…”

“Host’s vital energy is dropping too quickly, life support system initiated, consuming energy…”

Following, the wound that pierced through his entire lung started to slowly heal, his speed of losing blood decreased… Only, all of this was silently happening while Ye Feng was completely unaware.

But this unknown healing process only occurred for a moment and then the weak red light started to flicker non-stop: “Heavenly Ethereal Library Pavilion system energy too low, about to enter sleep mode…”

1, 2, 3. After silently flashing 3 times the red light swiftly vanished as if never having appeared before. Everything returned to its original appearance. And Ye Feng’s wound that was originally about to recover started to slowly seep out bright red blood again…

Hope, when you most need it, arrives late; And when you’re about to give it up, arrives unexpectedly.

After a series of chaotic footsteps the entrance door was pushed open with a loud squeak.

With a clatter something fell onto the ground.

“Oh my god…” Seems like the person that came also fell onto the ground.

After a moment, a horrified cry pierced the night sky.

“M… Murder — Come, hurry up — Murder –”

The shrill cry not only overshadowed the croaking of the frogs, even that rabid dog on the street also tucked its tail between its legs and hid in fright.

Hearing the sounds around him of footsteps running over, Ye Feng relaxed his mind and almost fainted.

Although if he faints at this time he might truly be not too far away from dying.

Forcibly holding back his tiredness and sleepiness — That is the call of death. Sensing that a decent amount of people had walked near the courtyard, Ye Feng used all of his strength yelling, raising up high his tiny arms and yelling loudly: “Help, save me, I don’t want to die, I’ve only just time-travelled — ” (TL: I say time-travelled but I actually mean appearing in a different world.)

But what came out of his throat was just a series of babbling crying sounds.

Detective Huang who had just walked into the courtyard lead a bunch of officers from the county and shakily searched through the bodies. And then in a series of infant crying noises he found a heavily wounded infant.

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  1. Michael Agosto says:

    why did you stop this????


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  3. demonbxl says:

    Are you gong to translate this ? It’s a very good novel ^^ You chosing a novel is always good how do you do xP


  4. I LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OU GOT ME WHEN I READ JIN YONG


  5. Alice says:

    Seems really interesting! I ould be really happy if you decide to translate this but it would depend on you.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Have you finished reading this novel?
    I’ve given up around end of volume 2.

    The premise is interesting, but the author is just too inexperienced. He spends a lot of time creating characters but does nothing interesting with them. Just when you think “oh, this might be an interesting character”, that character won’t appear anymore in the volume.

    The way he jumps from scene to scene with longwinding conversations is really confusing. Not to mention that nothing interesting really happened in the volumes… the plot of a rising demon clan is just so poorly executed…

    The only interesting was the JinYong martial arts, but they just happens to be there. The author never really makes them interesting…


  7. seems really interesting…


  8. Fuzzy Logic says:

    This one seems pretty good. Rebirth + cheat sounds like fun.

    Another one is Rebirth of the Thief. The author is the same person as Tales of Demons and Gods.

    Virtual reality game where the MC is one step ahead of everyone.Good pacing and fun as well. The MC dies getting revenge for his parents and is “reborn” into his teens. Just read the first few chapters. Since you like Shura’s wrath and seemingly like this then you’ll probably like this as well.


  9. anonofthesea says:

    translate a novel with no harems or novels and have the mc a stone cold bad ass.


    • sylver135 says:

      Well, the novel I’m going to translate, History’s Number 1 Founder, is not a harem, and he gets pretty badass. I’m about 1000 chapters in and so far a female prospect for the MC hasn’t even appeared yet, except for two girls. But the amount of times that he’s talked to these two females can be counted on your hands, and although the author places some emphasis on them, if things progress as they are it seems highly unlikely to me that they would end up together. In fact, it seems highly unlikely to me that the MC will end up with anybody, except I’ve never seen that happen before…


  10. Jamz says:

    This looks like a good project but I like the classic Jin Yong martial arts so to incorporate that into a new way is pretty cool. Hope this gets picked up here or by someone else. Thanks for the first chapter though!


  11. forgotitall says:

    is this an erotica, like the SW???!!


  12. Seems interesting! Thank you~


  13. Daisy says:

    Have you consider this novel?


    Demon King Luruslia Nord; defeated by the hero, and someone who should have died.
    He had a number of things left undone, and a number of problems left unresolved, but following the slogan that ‘evil will be destroyed’, he should have disappeared.
    However, for some reason, he had miraculously gained a second life as a human.
    This details the life he leads from then on.

    (The original Translator dropped it but it’s worth picking up)


  14. King says:

    Very interesting more more


  15. Tappymaru says:

    O god! Ill be waiting for more!


  16. just take your time (reading several chapters ahead ) and choose well (several novels and their genre) maybe you can find the one that you like 😀


  17. Fä11ēñ ∅ñë says:

    Thnx for the chap..!!
    Looking forward for the next release..!!


  18. shura's wrath says:

    Do what you want
    but personally I would stick to one novel
    and I really like shuras, but thats me


  19. shura's wrath says:

    Do what you want
    but personally I would stick to one novel
    and I really like shuras, but that me


  20. Brian says:

    Seems like a good novel go for it:)


  21. JizzDefender says:

    ….what the hell? So you just quit a translation series after 70 plus chapters because reasons…. yea go fuck yourself. Writing a bad review for the site, next time stick with a novel or don’t do it at all. Scrub..


  22. Jem1k0 says:

    Do something you will like -_- and please focus on one novel 😦 it will be hard translating several and in the end we will get much fewer releases 😀 ( Selfish :3)


  23. ???? says:

    Looks like Kungfu. Interesting


  24. Taku says:

    Sorry I don’t really find this interesting, It’s like the story is limited within other stories with no new ideas at all.

    Please check out http://www.piaotian.net/html/5/5028/ (Mo Tian Ji)
    A huge story with new concept of combat and story plot involving a escape prisoner trying to go against the whole world by having a new identity. Gravity was translating this but not anymore since they are to busy, so it’s pretty much free to the taking.

    Please Check out http://pikatranslations.com/side-project/perfect-world/

    This is such a hidden gem, it’s basically a whole new world filled like one piece it’s only translated with 5 chapters but since the main translator might be busy translating ST he might drop it and it would be a waste to. Only with 5 chapters in you can tell the story is amazing since it’s so lively and refreshing just reading 1 chapter. (Raws http://read.qidian.com/BookReader/2952453.aspx)


  25. Stranger says:

    *Screams in your mind*
    “DO IT!!!!!!”


  26. shadowtrap2010 says:

    seem very interesting a mix of all the nice thing… (sound like powerpuff!!!)
    i hope you start to translate this i getting bore of all the usual stuff this one a new dimension XD
    sory im bad at expressing myself that y i dont write book 😛


  27. Yume says:

    Instant Kill

    1 chapter was translated by AsherahBlue’s Notebook but it was dropped. Perhaps you might be interested in it.


  28. Graysmith says:

    Thanks for translating, this novel synopsis already attract my curiosity to read more.
    I vote for this one and please continue translate SW. Thank You So Much


  29. JIN says:

    Aye do what you do, but this does look interesting. Not too much to go off of, but I could definitely get into this.


  30. Anonymous says:

    I like this. Continue.


  31. libraryaddict says:

    What about ‘Beseech the Devil’?

    Same author as “I Shall Seal The Heavens” and “Xian Ni”.
    Just don’t know what its about..


  32. JustAGuy says:

    Don’t ask us what we want. ABSOLUTELY don’t ask us what we want. DO WHAT YOU WANT. DO SOMETHING THAT WON’T FEEL LIKE DIGGING A HOLE. DO SOMETHING EXCITING. Because we hate excuses, and then it gets blamed on us for telling you to choose it. CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT THAT YOU THINK IS GOOD AND YOU CAN COMPLETE. PLEASE.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That Guy says:

      Tacking on to what he’s saying:

      “If you translate it, they will come.” – That one baseball movie 😉

      It’s a hobby, not a job. Don’t worry about appeasing the readers so much.


  33. Firestorm says:

    Sounds interesting. Look forward to reading more


  34. thejum says:

    Okay this looks really good to me. I totally support you translating this and SW.

    I just don’t want you to get burnt out. If it would help, you should drop down release days of SW to a day a week, and then release whatever you manage to translate at once.

    Or, you could also save a chapter or two that you have translated extra and give yourself some wiggle room for a week or two off if need be.

    Of course, more SW is better! But if you are really struggling, I would rather one or two chapters a week instead of 3 or 4 and then you getting burnt up and quitting.

    Just sayin’. I’ll continue to follow your translations regardless of your decision. Thank you for your hard work! It enriches the lives of myself and others, so I am truly thankful…

    P.S. Have you thought about contacting Gravity Translations? Both of these series would fit right in over there. And even if you didn’t want to collaborate, being able to link to their site to up readers and have access to moral support from fellow translators would be a big boon to you, I’d think. Well, it’s just a thought. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  35. abyan says:

    Update shura pliss 🙂
    2 Chaptee pliss


  36. tresluk says:

    http://shushu.com.cn/zhanxian/ Beheading Immortal (Zhan Xian) 6 ch translated https://thatguywhosthere.wordpress.com/tag/beheading-immortal/ no update since june 2


    • linklight2 says:

      Zhan xian is very good. Id like that one or this one to be translated. Although i heard that is was very hard to translate. Although i wouldn’t know i dont do chinese. 😛


  37. brooooo says:

    U should totally do Jin Yong Martial Arts Otherworld Rampage seems very intersting thanks for everything


  38. Leylin says:

    Do this one, seems very interesting.


  39. anhrefn says:

    ah, choose well the next novel, so when you aren’t in the mood to translate Shura’s Wrath, you have another option. It’s good to do “other” things sometimes.


  40. Anonymous says:

    Translate this novel, pleeease! 😀


  41. ninthlite says:

    the quality of the nove lcant be told from the first chapter since it seem to be only setting up the story. Hopefully this will be good, hopefully it wont be a twenty girl harem novel ;p

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  42. shadyxlr says:

    Looks good but still hoping to see more of sw…


  43. e94allen says:

    Seem interesting, I want to see more. Take your time.


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