Accel World

No… not that Accel World. It’s a teaser, I say the same thing for every teaser, so you guys can just go check out my comments in previous teasers if you’re curious about what would have been here. Although, teaser’s really not the right word to use for these, but I can’t think of a suitable word. Or is teaser the right word??? BTW, is that Kirito, I can’t tell.



Title: Accel World, 遁界, Dun Jie
Author:  先飞看刀
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Tags: Action, Chinese Metaphysics, Comedy, Lighthearted, School Life, Teacher
Synopsis: “Don’t judge me by my appearance, no matter what you say I’m still a P.E. teacher!”
The youth who came out from the deep mountains became a P.E. teacher in the period of the great collision between the eastern accel world and western special abilities. What kind of surprise will he bring to us?
In the fictional city the opportunity lies with the ghost: The Nine Accels of Guigu, changing the world! (TL: google guiguzi)
Vampire, werewolf, red-haired banshee: “Why are your accel skills so strange?”
Students: “Our P.E. teacher taught us!!!”

Chapter 1: I’m Just a Delivery Guy

The night view of Luofeng City.

A city forged by iron and steel, like the interlocking teeth of a giant beast. Countless high-rises rise up from the ground, rows of square shaped lights slotted into the dusky night.

At a certain secluded part of the city, on both sides are abandoned buildings about to be demolished. Not a shadow of a person can be seen on the 10 meter wide avenue. Only the lamp posts using septium crystals as an energy source emitted a not too bright light at the ends of the dark street. Due to not being maintained for a very long time, the light bulb of one lamp post flashed and released crackling noises. (TL: This is not in The Legend of Heroes world.)

A beautiful figure walked forward below the malfunctioning light. What the girl is wearing is a jasper red dress jacket, her waist is slim and her face is beautiful and elegant, it was like she walked out from a painting.

Standing in the middle of the street, with a “Crack” the light bulb turning on and off with a septium crystal as its energy source could not light up anymore. Only in front of her were there still lamp posts lit, pulling out a long shadow behind her.

On her intricate face, a cold but beautiful curve formed at the corner of her lips. Her voice, even though it was slightly cold, was as sweet as an oriole’s: “Still not coming out?” (TL: Some sort of bird that I assume sounds really nice.)

A charming laughter that rang throughout the entire street sounded from above.

Blue lightning crackled and flashed between the buildings on the two sides, just like a group of interlocking fire snakes. A girl of about the same age spun and floated downwards from diagonally above her. Her hand is holding an intricate folding fan and she is wearing a western aristocratic style light yellow waist skirt. Her long beautiful hair is rolled into spirals at the tips of her hair.

“If you already arrived then don’t make poses here. This kind of menial conduct is just as boring as your fashion taste!” The jasper red dress jacket girl said coldly.

The light yellow waist skirt girl landed on the ground, playing with the opened intricate fan and doing an elegant turn, mocking back: “What age is it already and you’re still dressed like this, you still don’t know what old-fashioned is you old fossil.”

The two people’s gazes interweaved in an instant, there seemed to be sparks colliding in the space between them.

“Nie Chengyan!” The light yellow waist skirt girl swung her fan, arcs of lightning gathered around her body: “Tonight I’ll make you know that compared to my “Violet Thunder God Palace” that pitiful accel skill of yours is not worth mentioning.”

The mockery at the corner of the lips of the girl called Nie Chengyan in the jasper red dress jacket became increasingly evident: “Besides the name of your Su clan’s “Violet Thunder God Palace” being a bit flashy, how can it compare to my “Enshrouding Flower Waltz” in any other area?”

“You speak as though you’ve beaten me before!”

“Right back at you!”

The sparks created from the mingling of the two people’s gazes swelled even more: “Tonight I’ll have you know my might!”

The two people who decided to truly settle things before the start of school simultaneously activated their accel skills.

The light yellow waist skirt girl’s body released a strong light. The strong light formed a bear-bodied snake-tailed creature, its white tail curled into a ball, this is the avatar of the thunder beast. The thunder beast further released a lightning glow that carried faint rumbling sounds, crackling and forming a big, beautiful ball of light harboring streaks of violet lightning.

The girl called Nie Chengyan did not back down. First a violent wind swept up countless tree leaves, densely dancing around her. In the fluttering sound the wind and leaves mixed together, turning into thousands of colorful flying flowers. Different from the strong opponent across from her, of the 9 accels “Violet Thunder God Palace” belongs to the divine accel while her “Enshrouding Flower Waltz” is the combination of the wind accel and cloud accel.

Crack! Behind the light yellow waist skirt girl, there seemed to be something exploding within that lamp post that could still continue working. After releasing firecracker like sounds, the light bulb on the lamp died.

The violet lightning sphere and colorful flower cluster constantly swelled, colliding between each other, creating black chains in the air. The abandoned buildings on the two sides were lit up by the light emitted from the accel skills, the windows covered in dust reflected the violet-white light, like numerous portals opened in the night.

The corner of the lips of the girl in the jasper red dress jacket called Nie Chenyan formed a mysterious smile: “Wait a second!” Taking out her phone and putting it by her ear: “Is it the Proud Wen Jiao Restaurant? Send a delivery here, ya, set 2, send it to Tai Bao Street!” After finishing her order she put away her cellphone.

“You still have the mood to order delivery at this time?” The girl in the violet lightning said with an angry note.

“This is called confidence,” The girl in the dress jacket acted indifferently saying: “The last one standing here will only be me, after I wrap things up and finish eating a midnight snack I can just perfectly go back to sleep. As for you, in the end you’ll be sent to the hospital anyway so I won’t call your portion for you.”

The other party’s disdainful tone made the light yellow waist skirt girl even more angrier: “The one who’s wasting their time is you, looks like your set meal will need to be sent to the hospital.” Letting out a cold snort she also took out her cellphone, after it connected she said gracefully: “Is it the Proud Wen Jiao  Restaurant? Send a delivery here, set 6, a large portion, send it to Tai Bao Street too!”

Putting away the cellphone she snorted haughtily: “Hmph, don’t worry, not only will I help call an ambulance for you, I’ll also help you pay for your order, but too bad you won’t have the chance to eat it.”

Still a retard! Nie Chengyan silently judged in her heart.

She knows that the power of the light yellow waist skirt girl’s “Violet Thunder God Palace” is stronger than her “Enshrouded Flower Waltz”, but it’s endurance is a bit worse. For her getting through the early phase of the battle is extremely important. Thus she took advantage of the other party’s easily stimulated personality to trick her into using her cellphone together with her. Her “Enshrouded Flower Waltz” is a combination of wind accel and cloud accel, the process of using her cellphone to make a call does not have any effect on the strength of her spell while the other party’s “Violet Thunder God Palace” is different.

Sure enough, in the process of the other party making a phone call, so as to not let the cellphone be destroyed by the spell that used lightning as an outer appearance, the girl in the violet lightning subconsciously split out a portion of her concentration causing the strength of “Violet Thunder God Palace” to weaken a bit.

The dress jacket girl whose trick succeeded felt pleased in her heart, but on her face she still showed an expression of coldness and ridicule.

In their gazes of mutual hostility the two people started to turn in circles. The violet lightning and flying flowers ascended even further, it’s a good thing that they purposely chose this kind of secluded location and picked such a quiet night, or else the spell showdown between these two prodigious school beauties who both possess shocking popularity in their respective schools would definitely attract countless onlookers.

Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam !

The glass of the buildings on the two sides simultaneously broke, bursting into countless broken pieces like ignited firecrackers. The collision of the lighting sphere and the colorful flower cluster was like a squashed 3D image, bursting out lightning and spitting out flowers.

In the collision between the light and flowers the two girls were rapidly approaching each other, raising up their strong fists wrapped in their energy and hitting towards each other. This will be an earthshaking battle, this will be a showdown that will shake Jiangmei City, this is the symphony of fate where two equals are finally about to determine the victor. They can even already see the moment when the other person has fallen by their feet, that blood boiling feeling.

“Delivery has arrived!” Yet a loud shout suddenly rose up above their heads.

Originally they thought that besides them there wouldn’t be anyone else appearing at this time. A calling voice barged into the crackling sounds made by the accel skills. Moreover the chain reaction created from the spells being broken through made them develop a strong sense of danger. They unanimously raised their heads and closely afterwards they saw a human figure rapidly approaching them as if it flew over from outer space.

The violet lightning that burst forth from “Violet Thunder God Palace” and “Enshrouded Flower Dance” crackled wildly between the abandoned buildings on the two sides, beautiful flowers danced between the lightning. A small figure carrying a black comet tail charged in from the opening between the corners of two buildings, “embedding” itself between the dreamy scene of the flowers and lightning.

“What’s happening what’s going on? Why is there so much electricity? Who’s spreading flowers here? Owowow, I got shocked, I got shocked, it hurts it hurts!” The screams of a boy with a childish voice rose up.

The spells that were forcefully interrupted resulted in the collapsing of the energy. The lightning chains snapped, only leaving behind arcs of leftover currents wandering on the walls of the buildings. The out of control flower petals fell from the sky and were then pushed away by the wind brought up by the tiny figure that flew over.

In the wild flowers and residual currents, a boy who was at most 12 or 13 years old held a food container in his left and right hands, electric sparks flashed on his body and he yelled in pain. The broken glass crashed downwards but the instant that the flower petals touched the ground they disappeared like an illusion.

“Delivery… Delivery’s here! Where’s the people? Why is there nobody? Hello, is anyone here? Your delivery is here!” The boy looked around in confusion but did not see anybody. He shouted out another two times until angry muffled grunts came from under his feet. He lowered his head looking, saying in surprise: “Whoops, my bad my bad!”

Under his feet, left and right, he was stepping on the faces of two girls.

The boy hastily jumped aside. In front of him, the jasper red dress jacket girl and light yellow waist skirt girl sat up together, each of their faces printed with a footprint.

Their eyes glaring at this little boy who was at least 3 or 4 years younger than them were practically about to spew fire.

The boy lifted up the food containers in his hand: “These… Did you guys call them?”

The next moment, on the crisscrossing streets of the city, a boy carrying a food container in both of his hands ran for his life. Behind him, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, flowers and leaves flew in a flurry, constantly smashing towards him. Two campus belle level girls chased in fury, the boys two legs were very fast. He said with a scream: “I’m sorry I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose… Save me, I’m just a delivery guy!”

This… is the first day of our main character, a certain little boy who runs deliveries, in a normal but also special city, a city call Luofeng.

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  1. spur says:

    ehh why does this look like the gosu manhwa except the MC starts out weak


  2. cybir says:

    This may turn out better than Accel World (Japanese).

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  3. Lolohohalala says:

    Kirito? Lol.


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