AC Chapter 4: Hero! Hero! Hero!

Is it just me, or is the anime/manga community bigger/more active with the Hispanic community. I find when I search up anime/manga related stuff, a lot of it is in Spanish. Or maybe it just stands out a lot from all the English results.

“Hero’s can’t save this rotten world, His Excellency the Great Sahaden will destroy it and kill those useless heroes while he’s at it!”

“Big Brother…”

“I’m not your Big Brother, I am Sahaden’s most loyal servant, everything I said to you was all false lies. Foolish mortal, your punniness has never changed before, you are just a snot-nosed fatty despised by his friends! You are the lowliest being in the world!”


“Let me shatter your fantasy, let me trample on your dignity, your disrespect towards His Excellency Sahaden will suffer this world’s cruelest punishment!”

“Little Rat, Xiaolei…”

“Tremble, despair oh mortal, His Excellency Sahaden has arrived! Your doomsday is here! The end of this world is here! Your friends and the little girl you like will all die, they will all die a graveless death because of you!”

“Sob sob sob sob….”


Shi Xiaobai stepped on Little Fatso who was on the ground, his face was twisted and he constantly roared. While he cried, Little Fatso beneath his foot constantly shouted, his voice was sorrowful and he looked utterly helpless.

Sahaden watched this scene with interest, when had it that was of lowly status in the Demon World ever heard of such admiration. Furthermore this act called “despair” being performed by this human right now was not boring, being able to witness a despicable human lose his humanity to save his own skin and fight each other was a rare enjoyment for it.

“So the best way to torture humans is to make humans experience despair.” Sahaden liked this kind of understanding, a burst of cold light suddenly appeared in its three eyes staring at the boy with his back against it.

“Foolish human, you think that by pleasing me I will spare your life? By the time when you torture to death this little fatty, I will then torture you to death and make you go from the hope of living to complete despair. Haha, despair, how great, I will definitely relish in your despair.”

Sahaden thought this and anticipated it more and more in its heart. But very soon it became impatient, because it noticed that besides constantly using words to torture the little fatty, this boy in front did not do anything else. Besides the first kick dealing physical damage to the little fatty, afterwards it was more like he was putting on a show.

Thus Sahaden said angrily: “Enough! I’ll personally torture him!”

His back to Sahaden, Shi Xiaobai’s face instantly changed. An intense struggle flashed by in his eyes and he suddenly kicked Little Fatso’s stomach hard. Little Fatso instantly yelped and curled up holding his stomach.

Shi Xiaobu continued kicking Little Fatso hard a few times before turning around and saying respectfully to Sahaden: “Please give this Humble One a chance Sahaden, allow this Humble One to personally kill this foolish human who offended you. To be able to contribute a meager effort to Your Excellency is the entire meaning of this Humble One’s existence in this world!”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were filled with respect, madness and unbreakable loyalty.

After a moment of silence Sahaden nodded its head agreeing. For it, this inhuman scene of humans willing to kill their own kind to drag on their ignoble existence made it the most excited and pleasured. Moreover… The greater the hope, the stronger the despair when the hope is shattered. For this it was willing to cooperate with this boy and construct the most realistic illusion.

After seeing Sahaden agree, Shi Xiaobai turned his body kicking Little Fatso hard a few more times, afterwards he respectfully said again: “Your Excellency Sahaden, this Humble One knows a secret art that once cast, it will definitely be able to make the target feel as though they were on the edge of an abyss and hell and begging for death!”

A trace of vigilance flashed by in Sahaden’s eyes, but he couldn’t feel a trace of spiritual energy fluctuations from the boy’s body. Due to this, even though it was on guard, it was also quite curious and thus said: “Hurry up, my patience is running out.”

“Yes!” Shi Xiaobai nodded his head in excitement. He immediately brought his hands together in front of his chest and chanted.

“Pitch-black flames! Burn my body! With the key of darkness, open the door of the Burning Abyss! When the sky is draped in a red veil, me and the earth will prostrate to you! Awaken, awaken, awaken, with my blood form the most ruthless Cursed Flame!”

Shi Xiaobai spread his arms shouting, he raised his head staring at the sky, as though summoning some sort of dark power.

“Fragment of the Demon King, command of the God of Torture, let the endless nightmare descend, scatter the boundless bones, impose the soul devouring wraiths upon the sinner before me…”

Shi Xiaobai was vehement, his movements constantly changed, his appearance was devout and crazed, he seemed to really be summoning some terrifying existence and releasing some amazing spell.

But after a few minutes, Shi Xiaobai was still chanting. Sahaden instantly snorted, “You are ridiculing me?”

Shi Xiaobai turned his head, his face had an expression of respect and fear and he said with a forced smile: “I’m almost done, the only flaw of this secret art is that its chant is too long. But please rest assured Your Excellency, once cast, this secret art will definitely allow you to witness the world’s cruelest torture method!”

A cold light flickered in Sahaden’s eyes, its patience was already completely worn out. It suddenly raised its leg kicking Shi Xiaobai’s chest, Shi Xiaobai instant screamed and flew backwards, landing heavily outside of the sandpit.

“I’ll leave your pathetic life for now, you take a look at how I torture humans. The world’s cruelest torture method? I’ll let you see it right away!” Sahaden’s eyes looked towards the little fatty beneath it whose face was covered in tears and snot. It revealed the cruelest smile.

“Stop!” Shi Xiaobai’s chest was about to crack from this kick, but hearing Sahaden’s words he immediately cried out.

Seeing Sahaden raise his right hand scythe, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were about to pop out. He suddenly raised his head and started shouting towards the hazy world: “Hero! Hero! Hero…”

Sahaden was surprised and then revealed a teasing smile: “So you were stalling for time you foolish human, unfortunately there are no heroes in this world, and you won’t be able to wait for a hero to come. Once I torture to death this stupid pig, I will bestow upon you true despair.”

Shi Xiaobai ignored him, he looked like he had gone mad and he continued constantly yelling “Hero”. Every yell tore his throat and resounded in the park, seemingly wanting to break through this haze of despair.

Hearing him Little Fatso also started yelling with him, that yelling carrying a weeping accent intertwined with Shi Xiaobai’s roaring, turning into the most bitter wail.

“Hero! Hero! Hero…”

“Silence!” Sahaden roared in rage, it didn’t hesitate anymore and swung its right arm scythe chopping towards Little Fatso’s neck!


A moonblade glowing with a silver light blocked Sahaden’s scythe!

A not so tall figure suddenly appeared between the Havoc and Little Fatso.

A deep voice containing gentleness, regret and anger rose up.

“Heroes cometh!”

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4 Responses to AC Chapter 4: Hero! Hero! Hero!

  1. Chronos5884 says:

    Whaaaat!? A hero came? Useless hero, you’re always late.

    Oh wait, that sounds like something an ungrateful wretch would say to drag a hero down into despair.


    THanks for the chapter!


  2. Jyindo says:

    more people speak spanish in the world than english, with easier worldwide access to the internet its becoming more apparrent

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  3. linnilalartyr says:

    Ohh!! hero has come~~~~


  4. asadlinguist says:

    Yay for heroes! Boo for timing! All in all, it did nothing for my emotions.


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