AC Chapter 6: Hurry Up and Sign a Contract with This King

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A simple dialogue, two children hugging each other and crying, with some slight assembly it was like you could compose a tear jerking story. That sound of crying mixed with happiness and grievance would presumably be the most beautiful note and the most elegant script.

A trace of gentleness flashed across the bald heroes eyes. He gently sighed and walked towards that girl who was complaining while walking.

“Che, it was actually an F-Class Havoc, this tiny bit of points isn’t even enough to plug my teeth.”

The girl was around 15-16 years old, she had a delicate face and skin like snow, with a ponytail she looked very cute and charming. Wearing a white t-shirt and black hotpants, her chest propped up a full curve and her slim, straight legs had a graceful curve, her perfect figure was displayed in full.

Hearing the girl’s complaining, the bald hero smiled faintly and asked: “What’s your ranking right now Little Riko?”

Riko slightly furrowed her brow, “One-Pun-Sensei, you can’t add ‘Little’, please call your student — Riko.”

A faint smile flickered across One-Pun’s dull eyes, he nodded saying: “Okay, Little Riko.”

“Hmph!” Riko gave an unhappy snort, but she didn’t fuss over the matter of her name anymore, presumably she’d already failed a number of times before.

Thinking of the question One-Pun just asked, she lowered her head looking at a certain watch-like object on her wrist. She immediately sighed powerlessly and complained saying: “E-Class hero, rank 321. Ahhhh, I’m about to go crazy!”

Afterwards she pitifully looked at her bald sensei at the side and said petulantly: “One-Pun-Sensei`, help me capture a S-Class Havoc and let me get the last hit, please, pretty please`”

One-Pun said seriously: “Don’t be like that, it’s really sickening.”

“Che!” Riko’s face instantly turned from clear to cloudy and she said hatefully: “Other people don’t even have the chance to see me act coy, One-Pun-Sensei you don’t know the blessing that you have, hmph! You deserve to be single your whole life.”

One-Pun rubbed his round, bald head and was silent. He turned his head looking at the two children who were still crying.

Following One-Pun’s gaze, Riko instantly saw Shi Xiaobai. At first glance she determined that Shi Xiaobai was not a Psyker, with her second glance she determined that Shi Xiaobai had no serious injuries.

“Isn’t it just being scared by a Havoc, it’s not like he was seriously injured, is it necessary to cry so sadly? Hmph. I hate this kind of cowardly, crybaby boy the most.” Riko who was in a bad mood was as venom-mouthed as always.

“That child, is very brave.” One-Pun who had his back against Riko said so. When he said this line his expression was no longer dull, and he had a very rare seriousness.

Unfortunately Riko did not see One-Pun’s expression. She retracted her gaze and said: “Let’s go, we came out to look for people, not to comfort a scaredy cat. Reportedly those guys in【Creation】found an esper, but this time we 【Destruction】don’t even have a newcomer who can get an A-Class evaluation.”

One-Pun nodded his head but was still staring at the two children not far away.

Riko stomped her feet and said angrily: “Hurry up and go you big baldy sensei! As a part of 【Destruction】, 【Destruction】’s honour is our honour, even in the yearly recruitment quality comparison we can’t lose to 【Creation】! We have to find a newcomer who can completely oudo【Creation】!”

Seeing One-Pun ignore her, Riko sighed saying: “This year 【Creation】got an esper, but we don’t have even a single one, we’ve got to find an esper newcomer with this trip. Even though espers are one in a million and once they awaken they will be taken away by all kinds of organizations and wanting to find one who slipped through the nets is virtually even harder than winning the lottery, but I absolutely won’t give up easily!”

While speaking Riko thought of some unknown thing and she suddenly got very emotional, “God, why is my life so miserable? Why I did I have to make a bet with that devious bitch! I absolutely can’t lose! Esper oh esper, if you appear in front of me right now I’ll give my first kiss to you!|

At this moment One-Pun suddenly turned his head over, his expression became extremely strange.

“What’s wrong?” Looking at One-Pun’s expression, Riko had a bad feeling.

“That child.” One-Pun pointed at Shi Xiaobai who was not far away.

“Ya?” Riko was puzzled.

“Is the esper you want.” One-Pun said so.

Riko was instantly dumbfounded.



Shi Xiaobai cried his eyes out. In the other world called Earth, he who was only 13 years old lived a peaceful and carefree, but boring life.

Suddenly crossing over to this different world with a similar level of technology but with a completely different culture otherwise, he was very excited at the beginning. Especially after he knew about the existence of heroes and Havocs from the mouths of passing pedestrians, he was filled with longing for the future.

And yet, this short experience of not even one hour made him suffer a torment that felt as long as a century.

At first he was determined to save Little Fatso because of the A-Class reward and the guilt in his heart, after all it was his lies that gave Little Fatso false courage.

The second time he still chose to save Little Fatso because he still hadn’t realized that the Absolute Choice he encountered would cause time to reset, he thought his first death was a dream.

And the third time he chose, he struggled for a long time in his heart. His rationale told him that he should choose 【Run Away】, but Little Fatso’s soccer ball that hit the Havoc told him a reality, when he encountered danger Little Fatso did not run away. Adding the knowledge that a hero would come and the understanding that even if he died he could start again, only then did Shi Xiaobai who was not brave difficulty choose 【Save Little Fatso】.

But he was very scared the whole time, if he still failed the third time, would he still have the courage to continue picking 【Save Little Fatso】the fourth time.

“I’d probably run away, I’d definitely run away. I Shi Xiaobai am already a mortal.”

Shi Xiaobai thought this and his tears couldn’t stop flowing down, until a burning voice rang in his head.

“Absolute Choice complete, congratulations Host has obtained ‘A-Class Reward’ — ‘Ability Awakening’.”

Shi Xiaobai immediately fully relaxed, that terrifying nightmare was finally over. Even though he didn’t know what “Ability Awakening” was, but an A-Class reward presumably couldn’t be too bad.

For some reason, Shi Xiaobai who had relaxed wanted to cry even more, thus he hugged Little Fatso and cried, for a while he cried without stop and it was like he wanted to cry all of tears in his lifetime dry.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai glimpsed the bald hero and invincible girl not far away walking towards them.

“Babump! Babump! Babump!”

Shi Xiaobai felt that his heartbeat was very fast, that invincible girl was a person who easily cut Sahaden into a million pieces.

“If I can learn a move or two from her, maybe I Shi Xiaobai can become a hero!”

Carrying this kind of thought, Shi Xiaobai’s sobbing had not yet vanished and he lifted his finger pointing at the girl who was walking towards him, he shouted: “Girl, hurry up and sign a contract with This King!”

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  1. Nyururin says:

    This mc is too freaking cringy for me god I can’t bare his dialogues


  2. cheesepit says:

    Lol what in the world is his true identity? and thanks for the chapters!


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    Oh god, literal Chuuni kid. Literal!


    Thanks for the chapter!


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    yep..sorry for doubting the critics..this is totally from one-punch man.


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    Yay! Shi Xiaoshi gets a free kiss with his power-up!


  7. Wah so arrogant while sobbing, I admire the skin on his face.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

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  8. I thought he was a guy??


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